Vung Tau tour in April and May


If you are still concerned about the tour for family in Vietnam in April, we highly suggest you travel in Vietnam with family tour in Vung Tau.


Vung Tau

Vung Tau is a coastal city in the tropical monsoon climate. Accordingly, Vung Tau has two distinct seasons which are the rainy season lasts from May to October and the dry season starts from November until April.

Because it is only 125 kilometers from Ho Chi Minh City, Vung Tau climate is similar to that of Ho Chi Minh City. The area average temperatures are from 24 to 28 Celsius degrees, high hours of sunshine and occasional storms.

With the temperature fluctuations not too large, the weather year-round is stable. Therefore you can go to Vung Tau at any time but the most beautiful moment is from April to May. In this period of time, Vung Tau welcomes visitors with magnificent natural sceneries, the peaceful atmosphere. Vung Tau has something that catches the eyes of the people whenever come to this land. Referring to the peaceful atmosphere, people cannot leave the pagodas here. Annually, there are many meaningful festivals which are still preserved by the young generations.

Going to Vung Tau, you will have the opportunity to relax on the beach under the golden sunshine of the tropics. At here, some people like wandering on the coastal road, hearing the wind carrying the salty sails of the ocean. This small city makes many people think about the poetic things of life.


Vung Tau beaches

You can come to Vung Tau from April to May to find the quiet space of the blue sea, white sand, sunshine. Vung Tau is always the great choice.

Many choose the summer time to travel to Vung Tau. This is the time when the northern and central provinces are in winter. The temperature is extremely low, sometimes it makes people numb. Nevertheless, Vung Tau is still blue today, the water is still clear and the sunshine is welcoming the new day from the busy city to the small fishing village nestled beside the beaches.

Then people would like to swim in the clear waters of the ocean, lye on the sand for morning sunshine. Sometimes, people choose an afternoon when the sun is falling down behind the mountain range from far away. The landscape is strangely peaceful. Then, on the extremely hot sunny days. The sultry and cramped atmosphere of the city sometimes makes people want to choke. They again find Vung Tau to be comfortable in the dreaming atmosphere of the sea.

In particular, you should not travel to Vung Tau on the weekend or holidays. The number of tourists is quite large. It leads to the situation of the hotel out of space. Moreover the prices of services increase significantly and of course, you will find it hard to find the comfort of ordinary days.

It seems that in the continuous development of the city, people still find the wild beauty of the beach. Choose for yourself an ideal time, excursions to Vung Tau to enjoy the beauty of the land and people.

Vung Tau is beautiful like that, but where to stay in Vung Tau?

Homestay is now the first choice of some people as it’s cheap and nice. Some of the homestay in Vung Tau can be said are:

  • An Yen homestay: The space is quite simple but comfortable. At there, the homestay also provides enough furniture from television to refrigerator.
  • Bach Cuc homestay: Not too modern but here is also one of the homestays with the pretty interior. And especially if you are a quiet and peaceful lover who want to forget the chaos of life, Bach Cuc is an indispensable choice.


An Yen homestay

Some people choose a hotel or resort for their stop during their Vietnam family packages.

The Imperial Hotel: The Imperial Hotel is the leading 5 star Vung Tau hotel in the beautiful coastal city. From the rooms, guests can look out to the sea or the greenery of the hotel. Each room is fully equipped with wifi, TV, TV cable, mini bar, other international facilities and private balcony.

Pullman Vung Tau: All rooms have sea or city views and are equipped with free wifi. The Pullman standard bedding system will provide guests with a comfortable bed with soft cotton pillows. The rooms are fully equipped with standard European equipment.


Pullman Vung Tau



Vietnam tourism is becoming more attractive in the eyes of international travelers because of its cheap price, the long history, rich culture and rich identity. Spreading along the S-shaped land is a combination of natural landscapes and exquisite architectures which are worth to experience at least in your life. However, many foreign tourists before traveling to Vietnam have not the best preparation for their discovery here. This article will help but also the foreign visitors not only Vietnamese people when traveling in Vietnam with some Vietnam travel guides in the below.


Vietnam tourism

The foreigners, or even Vietnamese travelers, when arriving at tourist destinations need to be equipped with travel knowledge, what should do and what should not do to avoid trouble.


Foreign tourists to Vietnam

The first thing to do when traveling is not drinking water directly from the tap, especially after occurring floods. Water quality is deteriorating, organic matter is increasing, and dissolved oxygen levels are reduced. Even the groundwater in many places in Vietnam is also heavily polluted, so this affects the quality of water supplied to the taps. Floods not only damage people but also severely affect the lives of people. After floods, water sources are often dirty and polluted by the waste from many things such as sewage, mud, dead animals which are mixed into the water of rivers, streams, and lakes. The travelers do not drink water directly from the taps when traveling to Vietnam after floods.


Do not drink water directly from the tap

When visiting the home of the indigenous people or the spiritual places such as the pagodas, the temples, the tourists should choose the fit, suitable clothes. What visitors should wear when going to the temples is one of the sensitive issues that must not everyone also knows, especially the international visitors first come to Vietnam. According to the concept of Buddhism, the sacred place, the simplicity, the sanctity is always placed on top. Colored clothes courteous would be the ideal choice.


The polite clothes when going to the temple

The next thing that this post wants to remind guests is not to bring valuables when going out at night or go swimming at the beaches in Vietnam.


Do not bring valuables when going swimming

The travelers do not carry the value things such as watches, jewelry, necklaces when going to the sea because waves can strike at any time. There are a lot of property thefts taking place in tourist areas, so it is important to enhance the awareness of self-protection against theft. When leaving the room, guests should send valuable property such as money, gold, silver, gems, jewelry at the hotel reception to ensure safety. When checking-in procedure, check the door carefully. If they are broken, immediately notify the business establishment to be replaced it.


Sending valuables at the hotel reception before going to the beach

When traveling in areas where many ethnic people live, tourists should not give money directly to the ethnic minorities. Instead of donating to local charities or give them a small gift such as a pen.


H’Mong girls and foreign tourists in Sapa

The above are a few remarks for travelers which should not do in Vietnam and below are the things to have to experience when discovering here.

This first advice is that visitors should stay overnight on Ha Long Bay. Some Vietnam local tour operator offers a very enjoyable experience. It is to discover the mysterious beauty of natural wonders with the harmonious combination of rock and water, hidden in beautiful caves to surprise, sleep on luxury yachts with interior harmony. Tourists have a chance to experience a true travel itinerary.

Hanoi Old Quarter is the usual name of a long-standing metropolitan area in Hanoi located outside of Thang Long Imperial Citadel. This urban area is home to small-scale industrial and commercial activities, which form the characteristic streets of the city. Many monuments, shopping points in the old town such as 87 Ma May Old House, Kim Ngan temple, Quan Do Temple, Dong Xuan Market are the ideal stopover for visitors to experience at least.


An exciting night in the old town in Hanoi

Once a month, on the 14th day of the lunar month, Hoi An old town becomes beautiful with the Lantern Festival. From 16 o’clock, the roads along the Hoai River in the Old Quarter have banned traffic, and up to 18 o’clock, the lanterns have been lit. The visitors should miss the opportunity to attend the full moon festival in Hoi An ancient town.


Lantern festival in Hoi An town

Besides, there are many things to do when traveling in Vietnam such as visiting, buying at the largest market in Saigon – Ben Thanh market, watching traditional water puppet show in Hanoi, drinking stem wine.

Traveling experience to Nam Du Island in 3 days and 2 nights


Nam Du is located 250km from Ho Chi Minh City. Currently, Nam Du Island is considered as one of the “hot” destinations in Kien Giang, where many young people would love to check-in. And to get to this “land in heaven” you need to move to Rach Gia, then from here “float” in the sea for about 2 hours. If you want to have Vietnam tour packages from US to Nam Du self-sufficiently, please consider the article about Nam Du travel experience below.

The most beautiful time to visit Nam Du Island

Like other beach destinations in the South, the best time to travel to Nam Du is from December to March. Although the beach of Kien Giang is not directly affected by the storms, there might be a large proportion of rain and prevent you from having the best tour in Vietnam. The rainy season usually starts from April to November every year. To make your trip favorable, you should avoid traveling in the summer or the fall though this is the peak tourist season.


Renting a boat to visit Nam Du

How to get to Nam Du?

– If you come from Hanoi or Northern provinces, you may want to reserve a round-trip air ticket to Ho Chi Minh City. Depending on the time of your booking, the ticket will cost differently. If you are an early bird, you may only have to pay 1 – 2 million VND for a round-trip ticket from Hanoi to Ho Chi Minh.

– If you are in Ho Chi Minh City, you will have to drive to Rach Gia – Kien Giang because Nam Du lies in the territory of Kien Giang.

After arriving in Rach Gia, coming to Rach Gia Ferry Pier and it will take you to Nam Du Island (also called Cu Tron Island). Besides, you also have another option of renting an entire boat if traveling in large groups, however, the price is a little bit higher. 


Nam Du Pier

Recommended plan for a Nam Du tour in 3 days and 2 nights.

Day 1:

While waiting for the boat, you should have breakfast in the market at the pier always. There are beef noodles, vermicelli along with rice, etc. with the price of only 25,000 VND per servings. After reaching Nam Du Island, you can move to a hotel to check in, rearrange the luggage and take a short sleep to regain strength after a long trip.

For lunch, you can order the hotel to cook some favorite seafood dishes such as fried fish, stir-fried squid, blue-bone fish hotpot, grilled scallops, crabs, etc. with the price ranging from 70,0000 – 100,000 VND/person. After eating, you can rent a motorbike at the hotel to visit the island. It costs about 180,000 VND for a whole day/a motorbike full of petrol.

The landscape on the island is very scenic. You can totally take a bunch of beautiful “check-in” photos while wandering along the famous beaches such as Co Beach, Cay Men Beach, Ngu Beach, Soi Beach, etc. You can play outside till you feel tired, then return to the hotel in the evening or come to the pier and have seafood as dinner. At night, the vibe here is very dynamic and full of visitors, the seafood is also fresh and affordable.


Beautiful beach on Nam Du Island

Day 2:

According to many Vietnam travel agencies, on the second day, you are advised to wake up early in the morning to go to Nam Du Lighthouse and watch the sunrise. Then, you can return and have a light breakfast. You can eat fish cake soup or noodles for 25,000 VND/bowl. When finished, you come back to the hotel, get dressed and rent a boat to visit the big and small islands in Nam Du.


Nam Du Lighthouse

You can ask the hotelier or contact Vietnam local tour operators to rent a boat. Traveling in groups will cost you cheaper, only about 1,500,000 VND/boat. However, if you are in a small group, you can use the same boat with other groups. In particular, do not forget to bring water and swimsuit to go swimming and watch coral reefs in Mau Island and Hai Bo Dap Island. At about 5 pm, the boat will take you back to shore.

Coming back to the hotel, you should bathe again in fresh water and then go out to eat dinner at the pier. In Nam Du, there are some famous specialties that you definitely have to taste at least once, such as blue-bone fish, squids, snails, shrimp, etc. After finishing dinner, you can have a short walk around the island and return to have a sleep.


Fresh seafood

Day 3:

On the last day of your Vietnam tour packages from US, you can freely sleep more and wake up late at around 9 am, prepare luggage and check out. After that, move to the pier to Rach Gia, find something to eat and then get on the coach back to Ho Chi Minh City.

The Beautiful Homestays And Resorts In Con Dao


Possessing pristine islands and beautiful beaches, Con Dao Island is considered as the paradise resort which is most worth visiting, which you cannot ignore. Con Dao is an archipelago off the southern coast in Ba Ria- Vung Tau province. It is far about 97 miles from Vung Tau city to here. Over the past years, Con Dao Island has been one of the familiar tourist destinations in best tours in Vietnam, owning many beautiful and pristine beaches.


Con Dao Island tourism- the beautiful tourist attraction

Con Dao is associated with the painful past of the wartime. Besides, it is an attractive tourist destination with wild romantic nature. If visitors are also planning to visit this place, visitors remember resorts, hotels, and homestays in Con Dao tour which is beautiful and cheap.


Con Dao prison- the hell has made the whole world be shocked for a long time

Uyen’s house homestay

Firstly, Uyen’s house homestay in Con Dao has the extremely unique architecture. It is combined with both the exquisite classic and luxury modern style.

Uyen’s house is an ideal place for families to do a Con Dao tour at the weekend. Modern rooms with hot color mainstream create the warmth, peace for visitors when resting here. Besides, this hostel has a spacious car park and high-speed wifi which is free.


The beautiful homestay not to be missed when traveling to Con Dao- Uyen’s house

Con Dao Camping

Con Dao Camping is built in the center of Con Dao, near the sea. This homestay facilitates the movement of visitors. Moreover, from the guest house to An Hai beach is only about 200m, travelers can stroll around the beach in the afternoon.


The homestay with the beautiful sea view

Therefore, it has become one of where to go in Con Dao. This motel is built with extremely comfortable huts.

Six Senses, Con Dao

This next accommodation in this post is Six Senses, Con Dao. Six Senses in Con Dao have modern and luxurious space with modern equipment such as television, refrigerator, and air conditioner. The rooms here have bright color mainstream, which creates a feeling of comfort and lightness when staying.


The paradise resort in Six Senses Con Dao

Six Senses in Con Dao have a restaurant area on the top floor of the guesthouse with a beautiful space, especially sparkling in the evening.

This hotel has become one of the hotels which cannot be missed in Con Dao tour.


Six Senses Con Dao – the paradise of happiness

ATC Resort Con Dao

The next living mentioned in this list is a luxury resort named ATC Resort. ATC Resort Con Dao is a luxury guesthouse with modern facilities. The airy, spacious rooms and width balcony create an ideal space for visitors.


The swimming pool at ATC Con Dao Resort

Not only relaxing while staying at ATC Resort Con Dao, visitors also experience exciting activities. Travelers can take a stroll to enjoy the scenery in the ATC Resort Con Dao or go swimming. Delicious food served at the restaurant here is also which tourists should not miss when coming here.

Saigon Con Dao Resort

In addition, Saigon Con Dao Resort is an ideal place for visitors and their family to stay. The spacious rooms with the balcony overlooking the sea are very beautiful.


The waiting room with the unique architect in Saigon Con Dao Resort

In Sai Gon Con Dao Resort, there is a large swimming pool for visitors to swimming and relaxing. If travelers have a demand, they can also use the food service in Saigon Con Dao Resort. Employees serve professionally and enthusiastically, which brings guests the feeling of comfort when staying here.

Con Dao Resort

This final place is Con Dao Resort with the modern and extremely luxurious design. From the balcony, visitors can enjoy the beautiful view of Con Dao. This resort has various types of room, luxury rooms, advanced equipment.


Con Dao Resort has the wide balcony, from which visitors can see the sea

Con Dao Resort also offers a large, beautiful swimming pool. Employees serve enthusiastically and friendly. Good food is also one of the tourist attractions of Con Dao Resort not to be ignored in Con Dao tour.


The campus of Con Dao Resort in Con Dao Island

Spend Vietnam day tours to Dai Lai Flamingo Resort

When speaking about the best Vietnam day tour for family, you should consider the places around Hanoi. Moc Chau, Tam Dao, Bat Trang Village, Dai Lai Lake are the best places for family in Vietnam. Especially, Dai Lai Lake with the wonderful Dai Lai Flamingo Resort is one of the top choices for a Northern Vietnam day trip.


Dai Lai Lake

Dai Lai Lake is located in Vinh Phuc Province which is about 50km from Hanoi. It has been invested for tourism for over ten years. The lake is featured with nice weather, beautiful natural sceneries and a lot of resorts and hotels as well as other amusement services for the family. In your Vietnam day tour, you can enjoy the poetic sceneries of mountains, valleys, forests and the lake and join a lot of interesting services such as the amusement park, the artificial beach on the lake, the green park, etc.


Flamingo Dai Lai resort from above view

There are a lot of resorts and hotels around Dai Lai Lake, but the Dai Lai Flamingo Resort is the most popular. It is a five-star leisure resort with the luxury services. It is recognized with 34 international awards for a wide range of luxury services including hundred of elegant villas on the lakeside and among the stunning pine forests; five amazing restaurants; other beauty and healthcare services; as well as golf, tennis, yacht, etc.

The combination of poetic sceneries and modern resorts with classic services can make your trip unforgettable. The poetic mountains and rivers, the peaceful and quiet atmosphere, the charming villas are perfect for your family.


A villa in the resort

With the total area of 1,23 million square meters, Flamingo Dai Lai contains four peninsulas, two islands and more than 10 square meters of surrounding mountains and pine forests. The architecture is designed to harmonize between nature and family-oriented. Each villa is like a house with well-equipped facilities and furniture, from the kitchen to the living room. Moreover, the villas have front swimming pools and an opened space with grass yard, stone steps to the pine forest, etc.

‘Luxury in nature’ is the main style of Flamingo Dai Lai. Luxurious and comfortable architectures go along with green forests, stunning lakes, and mountains around. You can enjoy your high-class meal beside the romantic lake, experience yoga and spa services in the rhythm of leaves and wind, wake up in the fresh morning in the mist and the singing of the birds. Besides, the resort usually holds a lot of interesting activities and events for family members in Wonder Park, beach club, etc. You can feel an eco-lifestyle when you spend your Vietnam day tour in the resort. You and your family can have the very peaceful, comfortable and unforgettable moments in here.

A Northern Vietnam day trip to Dai Lai is perfect for a summer holiday. Your Vietnam day tour will be refreshing when you spend one or two days discovering the natural beauty of the lake and great Flamingo Dai Lai resort.

What you need to know about Vietnam’s weather


If making a decision on the best time to go is one of the first questions coming to your mind, let’s check out the article from vietnamislands on: “What you need to know about Vietnam’s weather”. Let’s break up the country into three areas — the north, the center and the south to get your head around.

Weather in Northern Vietnam

Best time to visit Vietnam

Best time to visit north of Vietnam (Source: Internet)

The Northern Vietnam has a distinct winter and summer season: a warm to the hot wet season (from May to October) and a cool to the cold season (courtesy of the northeast monsoon from November to April). In the summertime beginning in May and ending in October, the whole region experiences a hot and humid weather together with its highest rainfall with July and August being the wettest months of the year in Hanoi. After the warm and sunny weather, cold winter sets in, accompanied by fine persistent mists which can be seen for several days.

The cool but mostly dry winter months beginning in November and ending in April experience the average temperatures of 17-22°C with December and January being the driest months and January – March being the coldest ones. If you are planning to visit the far north of Vietnam in December and January, make sure to pack accordingly to the weather, which in particular can get quite frosty or even a rare snowfall. The heavy mists during this time of the year can reduce visibility in some destinations such as Sapa and Halong Bay, which can prevent junks sailing in Halong Bay and trekking in Sapa.

Hanoi in Fall

Hanoi in fall (Source: Internet)

Weather in Central Vietnam

Nha Trang weather

Nha Trang weather (Source: Internet)

Weather in Central Vietnam is considered as a transitionary area climate-wise between the Northern and the Southern regions. Further south, the southern coastal strip from around Nha Trang to Mui Ne is less affected by the rain and sees a longer dry and sunny season with the wet season starting with a flourish in November and continues through December. Further north, Hue and Danang receive considerable rain, from September to February and the temperatures reach their maximum (often in the upper 30s) from June to August.

Weather in Southern Vietnam

Best time to visit Saigon

Best time to visit Saigon (Source: Internet)

Without the protection of the Truong Son mountain range, the climate of the south is split into two simple seasons, wet (from May until early November) and dry (from November to April/early May) with temperatures remaining constant year round. In the region, daytime temperatures rarely drop below 20°C occasionally reaches 40°C during the hottest months (March, April, and May). During the southwest monsoon from April to September, with June and July being especially wet, the southern Vietnam, especially the Mekong Delta, gets rainy, hot and humid.

Mekong Delta

The weather in the Mekong Delta (Source: Internet)

When is the best time of year to visit Vietnam?

With such a complicated weather picture, it is difficult to find out an exact answer to the question: “What is the best time to travel Vietnam?” In fact, even when you do the search or ask experienced travelers for their advice on a particular season to recommend as the best time for visiting Vietnam, chances are that not all of you are able to plan it exactly as advised. Due to the opposing monsoonal season, each region from the Northern Vietnam to Southern Vietnam has a different weather pattern. Moreover, each of you has a preference: some are not familiar with the scorching heat of the tropical climate, some want to experience the exciting festival atmosphere, some do not expect to be stuck in terrible tourist crowds while others prefer to meet Vietnamese to talk with them to know more about the local unique custom and culture. Therefore, every month or season in Vietnam has its own advantage to meet one of your expectations, if not all.

Cat Ba Island in Summer

Cat Ba Island in summer (Source: Internet)

But if you are still waiting for my advice, I can only give you a small tip: fall (from Sept to December) and spring (February and April), when the temperatures are more pleasant, moderate and rainfall is lighter, are probably the most favorable seasons if you are covering the whole country. Hanoi capital city and other destinations in the Northern Vietnam including Halong Bay, Sapa, Ninh Binh shine at their fullest charm in October, November, and December, when there is little rain, the skies are clearer the weather is temperate while the first half of the year from mid-January to late August, when it is hot and dry, is the best time to visit the coastal stretch from Hue down to Nha Trang and the dry season beginning in November and ending in April/early May with late February to May being slightly hotter and more humid are the best time for Ho Chi Minh City and the Mekong Delta.

Stretching more than 1,000km (600 miles) in length and with the huge regional

How to avoid taxi scams in Vietnam


Taxi is the most suitable way for a foreigner tourist to get around in Vietnam. The price of taxi in Vietnam is usually quite reasonable. However, unfortunately, taxi scams do exist even though it’s only a minority of the whole service.

While unlikely to cost you a fortune, it’s still not a good experience to be over-charged. Here is some “Vietnam do and don’t” things from vietnamislands for you to avoid any taxi scams in Vietnam.

First of all, you have to be well aware of what kind of scam you’re dealing with. You might have the problem with a fake taxi, illegitimate drivers, and dodgy meter.

Fake taxi does exist in Vietnam with of course unreasonable over-charging price. Choose some well-regarded companies with a meter in use. You can try some popular name in Vietnam travel guides like VinaSun Taxi or Taxi Group.

Vinasun Taxi

VinaSun Taxi (Source: Internet)

Whenever you enter a cab, make sure the meter is on. It usually runs automatically the moment you open the door. You can see prices in every kilometer and therefore control your budget. Some drivers would start driving without turning on the meter. Remember to check this out.

Even when the meter’s running, you’re not safe. Some taxis have their meters jumped wildly even when you are stationary. Then you know you’re in a scam.

Because taxi meters are based on distances, some drivers who claim to take shortcuts but are in fact longer and roundabout routes. It’s always good to have an idea where you are going and a street map to follow your route.

Transport hubs like airport and train station are the hotbed for taxi scammers. Tourists get out of their long-hour flight or train, obviously feel tired and unfamiliar, just want to hop in the first cab they see – the easiest target of all scams! Drivers sometimes take tourists to the wrong hotel, as they are working on commission. You should write down the detailed information about the hotel you have booked, including name, address and telephone number. You can always make a call in case of necessity.

Taxi at airport

Taxi at airport (Source: Internet)

Going on a fixed price could be really tricky. Either you have done your research and know the market rate or you’re going with a local, or else, insist on the meter. It’s a smarter move in a strange country.

By the time this article is written, which is the end of 2017, the taxi price in Vietnam often ranges from 13,000 to 15,000 VND per kilometer (around 60 cents). It’s never too careful to have some idea about the price here.

One good news for foreigner visitors travel to Vietnam is that Uber and Grab are now available in the country. This probably the best choice so far for tourists trying to book a cab.

Tourists trying Uber in Vietnam

Tourists trying Uber in Vietnam (Source: Internet)

Despite this small inconvenience, Vietnam is still worth visiting. Those shameful scammers don’t represent Vietnam culture which is full of nice and friendly people. Taxi scams are probably the one thing travelers complain most about in Vietnam.  Be a smart traveler and stay one step ahead of scammers while enjoying your holiday!




Wanna have a good trip to Vietnam Islands? This review is all you need.

Lying along the Coast of East Sea, Vietnam is famous for thousands of islands with a magnificent landscape. Here are some tips for nature lovers around the world to have an affordable but still enjoyable trip to these heaven-on-earths.

1.When is the best time to visit?

As Vietnam is a narrow S-shaped strip of land, it covers three different climate zones. The climate of North Vietnam is humid and subtropical, while the South is completely in the tropics. Central Vietnam lies somewhere in between. Therefore, researching carefully the destinations you want to visit and choose suitable time is very important.

The North is best visited around March and May, when it is not too hot but still warm enough to chill on a cruise on Ha Long Bay. Central Vietnam benefits from a more consistent climate than its northern neighbour, with hot, sunny temperatures and little rain throughout January to July, so you can choose any time during that period to have a Vietnam islands travel.December to March is recommended for visiting the South as there will be less monsoon rain and not as busy as tourist season. Normally storm season starts from late June to August, so remember to check the weather forecast at least one week before the trip.

Ha Long Bay in a sunny clear day of May

Ha Long Bay in a sunny clear day of May

2.How to have a good trip?

Here are some tips for foreigners when travelling in Vietnam islands, especially amateurs who visit for the first time.

  • Hunt for cheap airline tickets fromVietjet Airlines, Jetstar or Air Asia to reach Vietnam. However, islands are all located far from main land so you have to take ferry or ship. Common means of transport from airports to piers to the island arebus or passenger car. Check the carrier's website for ticket fares as well as service packages based on the estimated time of the trip and book in advance if possible.
  • Famous tourism islands are offering various types of accommodation service, from 5-star resorts,  hotels to cheap homestay. You can choose depending on personal budget, but living with a local family to explore new culture is definitely not a bad experience.
  • The most convenient means of transport on the island is motorbikes because taxis are quite scarce and expensive; moreover, using motorbikes to crawl around every corner of the island is much more exciting. There are many motorcycle rental shops with average rates ranging from 100,000VND to 150,000VND per day. Be sure to check the brake and fuel tank before renting.
  • Local cuisine is plentiful with affordable prices, especially seafood. Each island area has a famous speciality. Do not forget to check out menus of different places before deciding on a restaurant and be careful if you have allergies to seafood or some local spices.

Colourful fishes in a local market of Ly Son Island

Colourful fishes in a local market of Ly Son Island

3.TopVietnam Islands:

While considering a Vietnam islands travel, you must have come across some familiar names below. They are all suggested as best places that tourists should not miss when paying a visit to Vietnam.

Ha Long Bay – Cat Ba Island:

There is no need to promote much of the site recognized by UNESCO as one of the seven natural wonders of the new world. Blue lime water with thousands of limestone mountains given in all shapes by Mother Nature creates a charming silk scarf across the Tonkin Gulf. Besides that, the majestic cave system with diverse ecosystems is suitable for adventurous travellers.

Located in the south of Ha Long Bay is Cat Ba Archipelago, known as a world biosphere reserve, in which Cat Ba Island, also known as Ngoc Island, is the largest of 1969 islands in the Ha Long Archipelago. Cat Ba has hundreds of caves with many beautiful original shapes, diverse and plentiful vegetation. There are many bays with golden sand, colourful coral reefs. Nature favours Cat Ba with a very rare forest resources and a variety of seafood. This will be an excellent option in the North Vietnam.

Chilling on a quiet beach on Cat Ba Island

Chilling on a quiet beach on Cat Ba Island

Ly Son Island:

Situated 15 nautical miles from the mainland of Quang Ngai, Ly Son Island is among best destinations when travelling in Central Vietnam. Standing on the top of Thoi Loi, look down on a deep blue coastline and enjoy the breath of the ocean. The sea in Ly Son is not suitable for bathing and relaxation, but it is ideal for those who like to dive under the sea, discover coral reefs, fish and catch snails. In addition, you can visit cultural vestiges such as Hang Pagoda, Dau Pagoda, Chua Ngoc Temple, An Hai Village Communal House or camp overnight at Cau Cave, Small Island. Do not forget to buy some black garlic as a speciality souvenir from Ly Son.

A peaceful dawn on the sea of Ly Son

A peaceful dawn on the sea of Ly Son

View from ThoiLoi Peak that surprises tourists with magnificent landscape

View from Thoi Loi Peak that surprises tourists with magnificent landscape

Con Dao Island:

This Southern island will put a beautiful end to the list of top Vietnam Islands. As the place experiencing the ups and downs of history, this was once considered a hell on earth. The closest to Con Dao is VinhHai Commune, Soc Trang Province, 40 nautical miles away. This is now the resting place of Vo Thi Sau – national heroine, where revolutionary martyrs Le Hong Phong, patriot Nguyen AnNinh and thousands of other soldiers laid down.Con Dao Island is well known for not only its historical value but also promising tourism potentials. Although the island has inhabited for ages, it still preserves its wild beauty. Blue beaches along with white sand coasts, next to the majestic mountain ranges create Con Dao’s unique charm. You do not want to miss a chance to dive and contemplate one of the most beautiful coral reefs in Vietnam under the water of Con Dao.

Crystal clean water around beautiful Con Dao

Crystal clean water around beautiful Con Dao

Scary sight of Con Dao Prison – The witness of war crimes committed by French colonialists

Scary sight of Con Dao Prison – The witness of war crimes committed by French colonialists


Top 5 Things To Do in Cat Ba Island


These are 5 outdoor activities that any tourist cannot miss out when traveling to Cat Ba Island.

Situated a mere 50 km east of Hai Phong City in the north of Vietnam, Cat Ba Island is part of the large Cat Ba Archipelago and also the biggest island that lie within the area of Ha Long Bay. In April 2005, Cat Ba was officially acknowledged as the World Biosphere Reserve by UNESCO thanks to its stunning natural beauty and the precious ecological values. It is well known for majestic rugged limestone mountains, moist tropical forests, colorful coral reefs as well as pristine beaches. Therefore, tourists have a lot of interesting things to do during the trip. These are top 5 activities recommended by TripAdvisor that you can consider for your own Cat Ba bay private tours.

Noted that Cat Ba Island lies in North Vietnam is one of the best islands in Vietnam, where the climate is humid and subtropical, so the best time to visit is around March and May. During that time, the weather is not too hot but still warm and sunny enough to enjoy.

1.Chilling on Cat Co Beach:

Visitors can easily access Cat Co beach; it takes about 10 to 15 minutes to walk from the island center. There are 3 beaches named respectively 1, 2 and 3, all of which are beautiful. However, if you prefer the private and quiet space to relax, Cat Co 3 Beach is for you. Due to its location sheltered from the sea wind, the water is clear and calm. Rent a sunbed, buy a coconut and enjoy your relaxing time in the glow of sunset by the sea.

One of the most beautiful beaches in Cat Ba

One of the most beautiful beaches in Cat Ba

Instruction: From the island center, follow the road to the right next to the sea, you will pass some other resorts on the right side with a beautiful view. Continue to Cat Ba Sunrise Resort and at the end of the beach pick up the nice trail aside the sea.

2.Having a boat day trip on the ocean:

If you are much of an adventurous tourist, a boat day trip around Cat Ba Island is recommended. There are many prestigious Vietnam tour operators to provide guests with full packages of excellent services including tour guide and lunch. You can choose to go kayaking through majestic limestone cave and into hidden lagoons or snorkeling in the cool water of Lan Ha Bay. After that, energizing your exhausted body with the huge and delicious lunch on a luxurious cruise is absolutely a good value for money.  

One of the most beautiful beaches in Cat Ba

Go Kayaking in Cat Ba Island

Snorkeling in the cool water of Lan Ha Bay

Snorkeling in the cool water of Lan Ha Bay

3.Trekking and Hiking in Cat Ba National Park:

Trekking is the best way to explore the natural beauty, incredible ecosystem and biodiversity of Cat Ba National Park. In private tours, visitors will have the chance to discover the history of Vietnam War when stopping by Hospital Cave. After that, you can follow the trail to go through the jungle to enjoy bird-watching, bird-singing and squirrel-dancing. To get the panorama view of the landscape around requires tourists to climb up to one of the highest sightseeing points, so make sure that the health condition allows you to do strong activities. Besides that, remember to prepare mosquito spray, sun cream and suitable hats to keep yourself safe from tropical insects in the forest.

Hospital Cave – the secret three – floor hospital during the war

Hospital Cave – the secret three – floor hospital during the war

Enjoy the pristine natural beauty of the forest through trekking activity

Enjoy the pristine natural beauty of the forest through trekking activity

4.Cycling  around the island:

One of the most popular Cat Ba Island private tours is bike tour. This trip is exclusively made for environmentalists who care about protecting natural habitat while still enjoying Cat Ba’s ecosystem. Instead of spending the whole day trekking through the forest, tourists can bike to explore more fascinating places such as Trung Trang Cave, Cai Beo Fish Village and so on. You can hire a bicycle at any rental shop in the town at reasonable prices, around VND100,000 per day. However, an experienced tour guide is recommended if you want to save time and learn more about local culture.

Cycling is not only environmentally friendly but also the best way to discover every corner of the island

Cycling is not only environmentally friendly but also the best way to discover every corner of the island

5.Viewing the sunset on Cannon Fort:

Sunset on the sea is always a great moment, something worth to experience, especially in Cat Ba which is 177 meters above sea level. The blue ocean, majestic mountains, evening clouds in the glory of the red sun, all will collapse in your eyes. It is the charm of the "sunset viewpoint" on the top of the Cat Ba fortress, known as Cannon Fort. Just one step here, you will enjoy the full moment of interference between day and night, a mysterious and romantic beauty. Ending the day with your beloved ones at Cannon Fort is worth a lifetime. Do not miss out!

Sunset view from Cannon Fort on Cat Ba Island

Sunset view from Cannon Fort on Cat Ba Island

One day in Phu Quoc island paradise


The best time to make a journey to Phu Quoc Island is from October to May every year.

Sao beach is one of the most beautiful beaches of Phu Quoc. With its peaceful beauty, it’s really the best tour in Vietnam for tourists to drop by and refresh after.

Location of Sao beach – Phu Quoc

Sao beach is a beach in An Thoi Town, Phu Quoc island district, Kien Giang Province, Vietnam, which is located about 25km from Duong Dong Town and close to Khem beach.

Sao beach has a charming beach. It’s like the moon with fine sand that is as white as snow 7km long. Sao beach is considered the most appealing and lyrical beach in Phu Quoc island.

Why is it called Sao beach?

The story is: Once upon a time, when the sun went down on this beach and night began, thousands of starfish moved up to the shore and underwater. People there found it strange, so they gave it a name: Sao beach. Nowadays, there are very few starfish coming here at night.

Sao beach - Phu Quoc

Sao beach – Phu Quoc

Sao beach – An essential Vietnam tours

The first special thing when visitors come to Sao beach is that its sand here is not yellow like NhaTrang’sor dark yellow and brown as Vung Tau Beach, but it is smooth and as white as snow

Arriving at Sao beach, you will get hold of an amazing Vietnam islands tour with a tranquil scene. In the morning, taking a walk on the beach at leisure to see the sunrise or catch a glimpse of the sunsets down slowly is the quiet and peaceful moments you want to keep. The wind and waves here are also quite gentle enough to dispel the tired of visitants. You can rent a hammock or bench to overlook the sea with some grilled squids, cool coconut is an unforgettable experience.

Sao beach has attracted many tourists to come around by the natural beauty of the sea, a marvellous sand extremely ideal shore. There are few facilities as well as shops, so foreigners can enjoy a quiet, pristine and alluring space here.

Attractive beauty of Khem beach – Phu Quoc

Khem beach is located in the Southern of Phu Quoc island and in the same system as Sao beach. However, it is located in Duong Dong town, the center of Phu Quoc island, only 25km. Like Sao beach, you can go to Khem beach by taxi in Duong Dong to travel. If you want to knock around this place, you can either call for a Vietnam tour operator or hire a motorbike to look around. 

Khem beach

Khem beach

Especially, next to Khem beach, visitors can visit MuiOngDoi with two unique terrains on the sea. Both in the world and essential tours in Vietnam, MuiOngDoi is the only place that visitors can watch sunrise and sunset in the same position.

Phu Quoc Beach is a remarkably gorgeous beach with a bow shape lying between two slopes of dark green trees which carry wild and fascinating beauty.Although Khem beach is not as large as Sao beach or Long beach, it has its own charm that is very poetic. The special thing is clear and clean sea with sparkling sunshine spreading along the glossy and white sand and trees running along the seaside.

Stretching around the arc with a prominent white sand in the middle of the forest and the sea, Khem seashore is one of the most stunning shores in Phu Quoc with silky sand like snow, water like a blue jade that can see through the bottom.What a strange feeling!

Khem beach also is known as “Kem” beach because of the sand here and white asice cream. Being hit by waves or impacted by human activities, the sand does not change the colour of it as well as the green water as a jade of the coast.

Discover wonderful MongTay island – "Desert island" in Kien Giang

MongTayisland is a big island of An Thoi archipelago in Hon Thom ward, Phu Quoc district, Kien Giang province.

Possessing pristine beauty with clear blue water, white sand stretching along with cool coconut tree shadows, MongTayisle is considered the essential tour in Phu Quoc for those who love nature and want to find peace.

Mong Tay island

Mong Tay island

Come to Mong Tay island, you will be immersed in the clear water, scuba diving, fishing, fishing squid and enjoy taking photos with the scene of the romantic of this “desert island.”

The best time to go to explore MongTayenclave is from October to the end of September each year. However, Phu Quoc is cool and pleasant throughout the year, so you can check-in at any time of the year.