Handbook for a Hai Tac Island (Kien Giang) travel


Hai Tac Island is located in Tien Hai Commune, Ha Tien District, Kien Giang Province. It is an archipelago of 16 islands, the largest of which is Tre Island (Doc Island) about 40 km away from Phu Quoc Island. This island has such a strange name like that because, since the ancient times, it has been famous for many mysterious stories related to piracy (“Hai Tac” in Vietnamese means “pirate”). Probably because of that, people named it Hai Tac Island.



The best time to visit Hai Tac Island

The best time to have a Vietnam off the beaten track tour to Hai Tac Island is from December to April, when the sea has calm waves with only a few small storms, the seawater is clear blue. Therefore, anyone who has seasickness will also reduce the discomfort when moving by boat. Meanwhile, tourists should not travel in the period between April and November because it is the rainy, stormy season on this island.

Transport to Hai Tac Island

From Saigon, you can take a coach to Ha Tien, go sightseeing some places in Ha Tien, then from Ha Tien go to Hai Tac Island. The only way to get to Hai Tac Island is to buy a ticket at Ha Tien Wharf.

On Friday, Saturday & Sunday, there are 2 ships daily from Ha Tien to Hai Tac Island and 2 ships back to Ha Tien Island departing at 9 am and arriving at 2:30 pm. On weekdays there is only one ship at 9 am from Ha Tien and 2:30 pm from the Hai Ta Island. Therefore, you need to pay attention to arrange reasonable schedule when planning a South Vietnam tour to this island. You are recommended to call Ha Tien Wharf for more information.

You should arrive 30 minutes early to buy tickets, its price is from 40,000 VND for one time. If you have any motorbikes, on each ship, the owner with about more 30,000 VND. From Ha Tien it takes about 1 hour 30 minutes, the ship will reach Bai Nam of Hai Tac Island.

Transport on Hai Tac Island

On the island, you can drive around without any fear of getting lost, because the island has only one road, which one side is the majestic mountains while the other side is the beautiful sea.

Moreover, you can have a motorbike taxi tour around the island with the cost about 50,000 / person (7km). The motorbike taxi drivers here are friendly, hospitable, they can even become your guide if you want.



Especially, if you are comfortable with the cost and time, you should go to the harbor to rent a small boat (run by the local people) running around the island and visit other small islands in the Hai Tac Archipelago. The price for a 10-person boat is also very affordable, only about 300,000 – 400,000 VND per trip. That will definitely become one of your memorable experiences during this Vietnam off the beaten track tours.

Where to live on Hai Tac Island?

Many tourists visiting this island in Vietnam have shared that even though there are no tourist services on the island, it is still attractive.

At present, Hai Tac Island does not have any guesthouses or hotels apart from rooms built by the local people here for visitors to stay overnight with a price of 50,000 VND per person. There is a cheaper room for 2 – 4 people, or a group of 10 people. Or if you have any intentions to go on a picnic, you completely can bring your own tent for camping on the beach.

What to eat on Hai Tac Island?

Hai Tac Island is famous for seafood dishes, such as fish, shrimps, crabs, etc. In particular, you can catch fish, crabs, snails by yourselves and enjoy right on the island. The seafood here is very cheap and delicious. The price only ranges from 120,000 to 140,000 for a kilogram of groupers, 20,000 VND for oysters, 130,000 VND for crabs. You should go to the market early in the morning so that you can buy cheaper seafood and have local peoples process.



Where to play on Hai Tac Island?

Hai Tac Archipelago has 16 islands located near each other, including Keo Ngua Island, Kien Vang Island, Tre Lon Island, Tre Vinh Island, Gui Island, U Island, Giang Island, Cho Ro Island, Duoc Non Island, Bo Dap Island, Doi Mo Island. Among them, Tre Island (Doc Island) is the center of Tien Hai Island where most of the local people live. On the island, there are many beautiful white sand beaches stretching over a few meters where you can freely roam and do scuba diving, snorkeling. Besides, there is also a freshwater pond, which is the freshwater reserve for the whole island, so it is very important.

The place cannot be ignored while having a Vietnam beach vacation to Hai Tac Island is the national sovereignty landmark, naming all 16 islands of the Hai Tac Archipelago. Coming here, you will have a chance to experience the natural wild landscape. Other interesting activities on the island are night catching fish or squids, etc. When you stay at local houses, you can ask them to let you follow the boat to the sea to try new feelings.



Exploring Cu Lao Cham – a tourist island in Quang Nam


There are many ways to come to Cu Lao Cham. You can go trekking by yourself or have a package tour in one day. Usually, a Vietnam private tour to Cu Lao Cham is much more suitable for those who lack time. However, if you would like to explore and relax, you can totally travel with the schedule of 3 days and 2 nights.

When to go to Cu Lao Cham?

The best time to visit Cu Lao Cham is from March to August every year because of the warm weather and calm sea. In other months of the year, the sea is turbulent with many storms, boats almost cannot access to the island and it becomes an isolated area.

If you also want to go sightseeing Hoi An – the lantern ancient town during your trip, you should go on the full moon days in lunar months. But surprisingly, on the 14th day of the lunar month, the town is much more shimmering than the 15th day.

Or if you want to participate in the cultural festivals of the people on the island, you can choose to go on the festival occasions such as Le hoi Cau ngu (3rd – 4th lunar April) or Le gio To nghe Yen (9th – 10th lunar March).

How to get to Cu Lao Cham?

From Hoi An you have two means of transportation to Cu Lao Cham, which are canoes and wooden boats.

It only takes about 20 minutes to travel by canoe, but the price is quite high, 150,000 VND/ person but it is suitable for those who love strong feelings. There are a lot of canoe trips during the day departing from Cua Dai Pier. Tickets can be purchased from the pier or from any Vietnam local tour operators in the Ancient Town.


Canoeing to Cu Lao Cham

If you choose wood boats, it will definitely be slower but more economical, and the feeling of floating on the sea is quite adventurous. However, if you are seasick then you are highly advised to travel by canoe. Wooden boat starts from Bach Dang Pier at 8 am, costing 50,000 VND/ Vietnamese, 100,000 VND/ foreigner and 30,000 VND/ motorbike. In the afternoon, the boat departs from Cu Lao Cham Pier at 1 pm.

Where to stay in Cu Lao Cham?

Cu Lao Cham does not have any hotels or resorts but homestays, and it is an interesting experience for anyone who wants to explore this beautiful green island. The cost ranges from 50,000 – 100,000 VND/ person or 150,000 VND/ double room for 2 people. Most homestays are near Ong Beach, Lang Beach and Huong Beach.

These homestays provide not only accommodation services but also a full range of others such as meals, laundry, motorbike rental, tour guides, boat rentals, coral reefs viewing, etc. The local people here are very gentle, friendly and enthusiastic, so do not hesitate to ask them anything you do not know on this island.

In addition to homestays, you also have another option, which is camping on the beach if you go in big groups. There are many supporting services for camping in the area of Ong Beach, Huong Beach. But if you like a completely open space, then you can consider Bim Beach and Xep Beach.


Camping on the beach

What to do in Cu Lao Cham?

Going to the beach is certainly a must-do activity in any Vietnam off the beaten track tours to Cu Lao Cham. Cu Lao Cham island has up to seven beaches with different characteristics, so you can freely choose some suitable for swimming, relaxing and playing. Besides, Cu Lao Cham also has many other entertainment activities to make it become one of the best tours in Vietnam.

Sea Trek – Self-feeding fish and watching the coral reefs at the bottom of the sea



This service has been available in Cu Lao Cham since the end of 2016, but now it is very famous to both domestic and international visitors. With the equipment from the US, you can freely walk on the seabed without knowing how to swim or dive. If you have been to Cu Lao Cham, then you can contact Sea Trek, they will hook you up for Sea Trekking with the price of 850,000 VND/ adult. Or else you can buy a full tour, including hotel picking, canoe to and out the island, meals, island tour, swimming, watching coral reefs and of course sea trekking.

Diving and watching coral reefs


Diving and watching coral reefs

Most of the Cu Lao Cham tours offer this activity. However, if you want to go on your own, you can buy tickets at the pier with the price of 150,000 VND/ person with full equipment, life jackets, ships taking you to the diving area, etc. and also a guide to accompany you.

Visiting other islands by boat

There are seven other islands around Hon Lao, so if you can rent a boat to visit these islands. If you rent a package tour for the whole morning or afternoon, the price is 600,000 VND/ boat, carrying about 10 people. At this price, the boat owners will take you to visit Hon Ba, Yen Island, diving and watching coral reefs (more diving fees) and bathing on Bim Beach. But if you just want to visit Yen Island, the price is only about 300,000 VND/ boat. Cu Lao Cham is the only place in Quang Nam Province where salanganes live.

Bathing on Bim Beach

Night sky watching

At night, here in Cu Lao Cham, there is not much light like in the city. Therefore, nothing is better than lying on the sandy beach, listening to the waves and watching the starry sky. This will undoubtedly be the most romantic experience of your Vietnam off the beaten track tour.

Moreover, there are some other games that tourists often such as boat rowing in Huong beach, or deep diving, etc. Depending on your likings and purposes, you can also consider trying these activities.

Discover Diep Son Island This Summer


The image of the white sandy beach, blue water in Diep Son Island must be kept in mind of the visitors who had Nha Trang island tours. For those who have never been to Diep Son, why don’t you set a plan to discover the new land? Here are some experiences of Diep Son Island tourism in the summer.

Diep Son is a series of 3 small islands lying in the waters of Van Phong Bay, Khanh Hoa province. Hon Dat – Hon Giai – Hon Dau are connected by natural sand dunes of which width is less than 1 meter.


Diep Son Island

About 6 am when the ebb tide happens, the sand dunes will reveal a road in the middle of that corner of the island, allowing visitors get through from one island to another one without any sea guard.

Because Diep Son Island is 100% uninhabited island, there are only about 80 households on the island, living conditions are very limited. So if you are waiting for a Nha Trang luxury tour, you should not drop in this island. Every day these households have just about 3 hours of electricity, mostly in the evening. Residents in this inhabitant of the island mainly work as fishermen.

Traveling to Diep Son from December to the next June will be the best time for your Nha Trang tours as the sea is quite calm and blue. This time is also better for visitors to reduce the situation of seasick if they take a boat to here.


Visiting Diep Son from December to next June

Some highlights in Diep Son

The first experience will be the unique beach road. From Van Gia, after about 1 hour floating on the sea, the archipelago Diep Son with 3 small islands will appear clearly on the horizon. Do not take the train to go straight to Diep Son; stop at the middle island where you can see the road under the sea, stretching about 800 meters, connecting with the big island Diep Son.

After experiencing this route, let’s visit Diep Son Island consisting of about 80 households, mainly living by fishing. The inhabitants of the island rely on generators in the evening, each family having only three hours of daily electricity. The life of the people is difficult, so tourists can combine tourism and charity.

Visiting Diep Son Island, you can explore the small island around, the most prominent part of which is Hon Mot, about 15 minutes away by train. Here, the most interesting point is the pristine, deserted, blue beach and a small grass field. This will be the ideal place for you to take photos, record photos sparkling memories of Van Phong Bay.

Since the tourism, if Diep Son Island has not developed yet, there are no hotels and motels so you can bring your own tents to camp on the beach. Coming to the island, you should meet the village headman, asked for permission to stay on the island and then meet Pha Bang police chief to report.


Young people visiting Diep Son

The island is very secure, so there is not necessary to worry much about theft. However, of course, we should protect our belongings.

One more thing visitors should notice is that there aren’t many places which can offer food and drinks, so you should prepare Nha Trang food tours by yourself. There is a chicken farm on the island, people can buy to eat.

Electricity on the island is only from 6 to 9 pm, so people should take the initiative, in a case using locals’ electricity, you should also pay them because they have to pay for it.

The island is very clean with no industrial waste, so people should not litter and consciously keep their surroundings clean.

Summer on the island is quite hot, however, the wind is very strong and cold in the rainy season, so if you go camping in the rainy season, it is best to meet the village chief to camp in the school.

How to travel to Diep Son

From Van Gia Town, go along Tran Hung Dao Street to reach the pier. Normally, the train runs early in the morning, late afternoon, at about 3 pm. If you take the train from here to Diep Son, you have to depend on the other local passengers.

If you rent a whole boat of fishermen to go to the island, go along Tran Hung Dao Street to see Hai uncle who is the driver of the boat. The cost of transportation for a Nha Trang island tour is just about 500,000 VND.

Hope you will have a wonderful summer vacation there!



Vietnam is famous for much natural beautiful scenery such as Ha Long Bay, Doong Cave, Hoian ancient town and so on. Today, we would like to share with you some gorgeous islands with cool blue water and long sandy beach. Hope that you enjoy them.

1. Ly Son Island

Ly Son is an island district of Quang Ngai Province, located about 30 kilometers from the seashore, with an area of nearly 10 km2 and a population of over 20,000 people. Ly Son Island has left an unforgettable impression in the hearts of visitors with its warm sunny days, the beautiful beaches and the extremely welcoming local people. If you do not know where to go in this summer, Ly Son Island would be an ideal destination for your Vietnam beach vacation.

Ly Son Island consists of 3 islands: Big Island, Small Island and Mu Cu Island. The Big Island is also called Re Island, which is the center of Ly Son. Small Island is also known as An Binh. Mu Cu Island in the east, located close to Big Island, is the smallest and uninhabited island.


Breath-taking view in Small Island

Dubbed as the “fairy island” in the middle of the sea with blue jade water, Ly Son Island will definitely be the destination that you cannot miss.

2. Phu Quoc Island

Phu Quoc is one of the most attractive destinations in Vietnam located in the Gulf of Thailand in Kien Giang Province. Phu Quoc has long been famous for tourists from all over the country and internationally.


Phu Quoc Island with clear blue water

Phu Quoc has many beautiful beaches stretching from the north to the south, with 99 hill ranges and pristine forests with abundant fauna and flora. In the south of the island, there are 12 different small islands such as the An Thoi archipelago, or in the north, there are Mong Tay, Doi Moi, Bang, and Thay Boi archipelago … these ones are ideal places for fishing, scuba diving, wilderness exploration, and picnics.

Clear blue seawater, peaceful streams, and much unique seafood are the great advantages of Phu Quoc tourism. It is worth to be one of the best islands in Vietnam.

3. Nam Du Island

Located 250 kilometers from the south of Saigon, Nam Du Island is considered as a destination that Southern peoples must visit during the holidays.


Nam Du Island – an ideal destination for holidays

Nam Du is a small archipelago of Kien Hai district in Kien Giang Province. The largest island in the Nam Du archipelago is Hon Lon, in An Son commune. Nam Du Island tourism has not developed, everything is quite wild and natural. So if you are who have a great sense of adventure then we suggest that you should come here and enjoy your Con Dao tour.

4. Vinh Hy Bay

Vinh Hy Bay is one of the most beautiful bays in Vietnam. Vinh Hy is located 40 kilometers from the north of Phan Rang city (in the North East of Ninh Thuan Province). The sea here is extremely blue, also there are many attractive seafood rafts. When it comes to Vinh Hy, you cannot forget to pay a visit to Binh Hung Island. Therefore it is very suitable for the Saigoners to have Vietnam tailor-made tour.


The picturesque beauty of Vinh Hy

Vinh Hy Bay is an ideal destination for travelers who like to explore the wild and poetic nature. The three sides are green hills interspersed with bizarrely shaped limestone around embracing Vinh Hy. The green sea ripples in the ripples like soft silk ribbon flutter. Sure that you will be overwhelmed by its beauty at the first sight.

5. Cau Island

Finally, we recommend you Cau Island. It is located in Lien Huong Town, Tuy Phong District, Binh Thuan Province. Not many people know about this place because there are not many tourist services there and vehicles to the island still have to face many difficulties as well. However, once you have arrived at Cau Island, you will not believe your eyes with the color of the sea here.


Cau Island with clear sea water

Coming to Cau Island, you will be immersed yourself in the “real” sea paradise: it is so wild and beautiful that you will feel amazed. The clear water along with the stones which are eroded by the wind into many interesting shapes. This island is not large when getting here, you can walk around and explore it easily. Around the island are green beaches in succession, each one is so attractive that you can jump to soak in the water as long as possible. It would be definitely one of must-go destination in your Con Dao tours.

Vung Tau tour in April and May


If you are still concerned about the tour for family in Vietnam in April, we highly suggest you travel in Vietnam with family tour in Vung Tau.


Vung Tau

Vung Tau is a coastal city in the tropical monsoon climate. Accordingly, Vung Tau has two distinct seasons which are the rainy season lasts from May to October and the dry season starts from November until April.

Because it is only 125 kilometers from Ho Chi Minh City, Vung Tau climate is similar to that of Ho Chi Minh City. The area average temperatures are from 24 to 28 Celsius degrees, high hours of sunshine and occasional storms.

With the temperature fluctuations not too large, the weather year-round is stable. Therefore you can go to Vung Tau at any time but the most beautiful moment is from April to May. In this period of time, Vung Tau welcomes visitors with magnificent natural sceneries, the peaceful atmosphere. Vung Tau has something that catches the eyes of the people whenever come to this land. Referring to the peaceful atmosphere, people cannot leave the pagodas here. Annually, there are many meaningful festivals which are still preserved by the young generations.

Going to Vung Tau, you will have the opportunity to relax on the beach under the golden sunshine of the tropics. At here, some people like wandering on the coastal road, hearing the wind carrying the salty sails of the ocean. This small city makes many people think about the poetic things of life.


Vung Tau beaches

You can come to Vung Tau from April to May to find the quiet space of the blue sea, white sand, sunshine. Vung Tau is always the great choice.

Many choose the summer time to travel to Vung Tau. This is the time when the northern and central provinces are in winter. The temperature is extremely low, sometimes it makes people numb. Nevertheless, Vung Tau is still blue today, the water is still clear and the sunshine is welcoming the new day from the busy city to the small fishing village nestled beside the beaches.

Then people would like to swim in the clear waters of the ocean, lye on the sand for morning sunshine. Sometimes, people choose an afternoon when the sun is falling down behind the mountain range from far away. The landscape is strangely peaceful. Then, on the extremely hot sunny days. The sultry and cramped atmosphere of the city sometimes makes people want to choke. They again find Vung Tau to be comfortable in the dreaming atmosphere of the sea.

In particular, you should not travel to Vung Tau on the weekend or holidays. The number of tourists is quite large. It leads to the situation of the hotel out of space. Moreover the prices of services increase significantly and of course, you will find it hard to find the comfort of ordinary days.

It seems that in the continuous development of the city, people still find the wild beauty of the beach. Choose for yourself an ideal time, excursions to Vung Tau to enjoy the beauty of the land and people.

Vung Tau is beautiful like that, but where to stay in Vung Tau?

Homestay is now the first choice of some people as it’s cheap and nice. Some of the homestay in Vung Tau can be said are:

  • An Yen homestay: The space is quite simple but comfortable. At there, the homestay also provides enough furniture from television to refrigerator.
  • Bach Cuc homestay: Not too modern but here is also one of the homestays with the pretty interior. And especially if you are a quiet and peaceful lover who want to forget the chaos of life, Bach Cuc is an indispensable choice.


An Yen homestay

Some people choose a hotel or resort for their stop during their Vietnam family packages.

The Imperial Hotel: The Imperial Hotel is the leading 5 star Vung Tau hotel in the beautiful coastal city. From the rooms, guests can look out to the sea or the greenery of the hotel. Each room is fully equipped with wifi, TV, TV cable, mini bar, other international facilities and private balcony.

Pullman Vung Tau: All rooms have sea or city views and are equipped with free wifi. The Pullman standard bedding system will provide guests with a comfortable bed with soft cotton pillows. The rooms are fully equipped with standard European equipment.


Pullman Vung Tau

Vietnamese traditional trade village


Where would you go if you are on Vietnam group tours? Have you ever traveled to villages in Southern Vietnam? If you haven’t then we highly suggest you to try group tour in Vietnam to visit these villages.

Trade villages are a special feature of Southern Vietnam as their popularity and delicate products. There are some of the trade villages that you should visit when traveling to Vietnam with Vietnam group tours.

Bat Trang pottery village


Bat Trang pottery village

Bat Trang pottery village is now located in Bat Trang commune, Gia Lam district, Hanoi. The village has a history of over 500 years, though many generations Bat Trang pottery village has gained both reputations in and outside the country. Here the families still remain the skills and traits of the previous generations, therefore, the Bat Trang products are specific and sophisticated. Ceramic products of Bat Trang are also exported to many places in the world. With the long history, along with the variety of product design, the pottery village attracts a large number of domestic and foreign tourists to visit and learn about the history and pottery making process. Here you can visit the pottery village and join the pottery by the artisan guide and eat the traditional dishes such as bun cha.

Dong Ho Painting Village


Dong Ho Painting Village

Dong Ho painting is not strange to every Vietnamese people. The village located in Song Ho Commune, Thuan Thanh district, Bac Ninh province. The unique feature of Dong Ho painting is in the painting layout, paper, the harmonized colors and their own characteristics. The Dong Ho villagers know how to manipulate and filter the natural materials to create the traditional colors which are both bright and durable. Some of the traditional can be listed are the blue from copper rust, the indigo blue of the indigo tree, etc. Dong Ho paintings are sold most in Lunar New Year. In the days approaching the New Year, visitors come here to collect paintings make the village especially crowded. This is also one of the tourist attractions in and outside the country of Bac Ninh.

Ha Dong Silk Village


Ha Dong Silk Village

Ha Dong silk or Van Phuc silk is a silk weaving village with a long history. The village is considered to have the oldest pattern in Vietnam. In the past, Van Phuc silk was used in the court thanks to the good quality and beautiful pattern. Nowadays, there are 800 families still doing the weaving silk job, in which the retaining of ancient weavings and modern mechanical frames is maintained. This shows that the villager still preserves the traditional feature integrating with modern devices in the trend of integration. With the famous brand and long historic tradition, a tour to Van Phuc silk village promises to bring many interesting things to the visitors. They will have the opportunity to buy genuine silk products. Not ending at that, you can also observe the making silk process of talented artisans.

Doi Tam Drum Village


Doi Tam Drum Village

When mentioning the drum making job, we all mention the traditional village Doi Tam – Duy Tien – Ha Nam. Doi Tam Drum Village is such a famous village with its 1000 years of history and many famous masters throughout the region. The job of drum making is a hereditary succession. This later generation follows the previous generation to preserve and develop it. Here, people make many kinds of drums and produce thousands of all kinds of drums each year. Doi Tam drum is famous for its durability, beauty, roundness and so on. It is thanks to the secret of the village and the enthusiasm of the drum making artisans. Doi Tam drum village has been recognized as the typical traditional village of the country. Its drum products have been sold in European countries, this proves the value of the Doi Tam drum products.

Non Nuoc stone handicraft village


Non Nuoc stone carving village

Non Nuoc stone handicraft village is famous both at home and abroad for marble handicraft products. Non Nuoc stone handicraft village belongs to Hoa Hai Ward, Ngu Hanh Son district, Da Nang city. Every time when stopping at Ngu Hanh Son, people usually visit the village and buys gifts. About the history of the village, it was formed in the 18th century by the Thanh Hoa artisan Huynh Ba Quat exploring. Materials for making handicrafts are marble, previously from Ngu Hanh Son Mountain. Ngu Hanh Son mountain has many colors, luxurious beauty, is the preferred item in construction and architecture. From impassioned stone, the artisans create exquisite products. Visit the stone handicraft village, you will admire the artwork made from stone. Each work expresses the talent of the craftsman and the variety of sizes and shapes, from the Buddha statues, people statues, statues of Vietnamese celebrities, etc. All are engraved pattern very meticulous and sophisticated. So this is a promising destination for many interesting things for tourists.



Vietnam tourism is becoming more attractive in the eyes of international travelers because of its cheap price, the long history, rich culture and rich identity. Spreading along the S-shaped land is a combination of natural landscapes and exquisite architectures which are worth to experience at least in your life. However, many foreign tourists before traveling to Vietnam have not the best preparation for their discovery here. This article will help but also the foreign visitors not only Vietnamese people when traveling in Vietnam with some Vietnam travel guides in the below.


Vietnam tourism

The foreigners, or even Vietnamese travelers, when arriving at tourist destinations need to be equipped with travel knowledge, what should do and what should not do to avoid trouble.


Foreign tourists to Vietnam

The first thing to do when traveling is not drinking water directly from the tap, especially after occurring floods. Water quality is deteriorating, organic matter is increasing, and dissolved oxygen levels are reduced. Even the groundwater in many places in Vietnam is also heavily polluted, so this affects the quality of water supplied to the taps. Floods not only damage people but also severely affect the lives of people. After floods, water sources are often dirty and polluted by the waste from many things such as sewage, mud, dead animals which are mixed into the water of rivers, streams, and lakes. The travelers do not drink water directly from the taps when traveling to Vietnam after floods.


Do not drink water directly from the tap

When visiting the home of the indigenous people or the spiritual places such as the pagodas, the temples, the tourists should choose the fit, suitable clothes. What visitors should wear when going to the temples is one of the sensitive issues that must not everyone also knows, especially the international visitors first come to Vietnam. According to the concept of Buddhism, the sacred place, the simplicity, the sanctity is always placed on top. Colored clothes courteous would be the ideal choice.


The polite clothes when going to the temple

The next thing that this post wants to remind guests is not to bring valuables when going out at night or go swimming at the beaches in Vietnam.


Do not bring valuables when going swimming

The travelers do not carry the value things such as watches, jewelry, necklaces when going to the sea because waves can strike at any time. There are a lot of property thefts taking place in tourist areas, so it is important to enhance the awareness of self-protection against theft. When leaving the room, guests should send valuable property such as money, gold, silver, gems, jewelry at the hotel reception to ensure safety. When checking-in procedure, check the door carefully. If they are broken, immediately notify the business establishment to be replaced it.


Sending valuables at the hotel reception before going to the beach

When traveling in areas where many ethnic people live, tourists should not give money directly to the ethnic minorities. Instead of donating to local charities or give them a small gift such as a pen.


H’Mong girls and foreign tourists in Sapa

The above are a few remarks for travelers which should not do in Vietnam and below are the things to have to experience when discovering here.

This first advice is that visitors should stay overnight on Ha Long Bay. Some Vietnam local tour operator offers a very enjoyable experience. It is to discover the mysterious beauty of natural wonders with the harmonious combination of rock and water, hidden in beautiful caves to surprise, sleep on luxury yachts with interior harmony. Tourists have a chance to experience a true travel itinerary.

Hanoi Old Quarter is the usual name of a long-standing metropolitan area in Hanoi located outside of Thang Long Imperial Citadel. This urban area is home to small-scale industrial and commercial activities, which form the characteristic streets of the city. Many monuments, shopping points in the old town such as 87 Ma May Old House, Kim Ngan temple, Quan Do Temple, Dong Xuan Market are the ideal stopover for visitors to experience at least.


An exciting night in the old town in Hanoi

Once a month, on the 14th day of the lunar month, Hoi An old town becomes beautiful with the Lantern Festival. From 16 o’clock, the roads along the Hoai River in the Old Quarter have banned traffic, and up to 18 o’clock, the lanterns have been lit. The visitors should miss the opportunity to attend the full moon festival in Hoi An ancient town.


Lantern festival in Hoi An town

Besides, there are many things to do when traveling in Vietnam such as visiting, buying at the largest market in Saigon – Ben Thanh market, watching traditional water puppet show in Hanoi, drinking stem wine.