Best Vietnam tour for couples

Granted with enthralling landscapes from mountains to islands and beaches, Vietnam must be on the top destinations to go on your honeymoon tour. Here are some places that vietnamislands thinks you should visit on the honeymoon tour.


Valley of Love in Da Lat


Da Lat – the city of Love and Flowers

Located about 5km to the northeast of the heart of the city of Da Lat, the Valley of Love is one of the poetic beauty sites and always draws a large number of travelers, especially couples from different corners of the country and from abroad. What makes the Valley of Love in Da Lat an ideal place for dating? It is the great combination of year-round cool and pure weather and romantic setting created by Da Thien Lake and the pine forests that are always covered with green as well as a lot of entertainment activities.

The Valley of Love in Da Lat is considered as a symbol of love for all the challenges it surpassed in the past to gain its rightful name today. The Valley of Love was first called Vallée D’amour by the French in the 1930s before being renamed to The Valley of Peace under Bao Dai time. But it was not until 1953 that its name of was changed into Vietnamese name Thung Lung Tinh Yeu, which exists until today.

 The Valley of Love

The Valley of Love

On being asked about the reason why they choose the Valley of Love in Da Lat as a must-visit destination on their Vietnam honeymoon, most newlyweds will eagerly tell you about the unspoiled but impressive scenic sight. The Valley of Love gracefully nestles against tiny streams, lush green lawns and rolling hills with endless evergreen pine forest all year round.

Not only does it create favorable conditions for flowers flourishing, the mild climate in the little Paris in Vietnam also makes it easier for you to have many unforgettable memories with your beloved one. What can be better than walking hand in hand admiring the poetic of this valley, surveying the beauty of shining waterfall, and talking about your future? Besides, the 140-ha Valley of Love is a great place for camping, and teambuilding, ancient trains and paint-gun fights, or horseriding, jeep excursions, motorized and paddle boats on the lake. These amazing activities are designed to be meaningful and appropriate for the couples’ beautiful time in the city of flowers, of mystery and of love.

Phu Quoc

Phu Quoc

Phu Quoc

If you want to spend your honeymoon in a tranquil, romantic environment away from the hustle and bustle of the modern life, Phu Quoc Island in Vietnam is the first idea to come up. The “pearl island” of Vietnam is always on the top destinations for couples in Vietnam for its irresistible classic beauty, a wide range of interesting activities, tempting seafood dishes, and the hospitality of the Islanders.

Stroll hand in hand along the deserted beach, laze around on the beach in a private space with white sands, calm seas, and warm waters; chill out in a hammock; have a one-of-a-kind dinner in a romantic ambiance under the starlight, Phu Quoc has all you can imagine about a honeymoon on this tropical island.

If you are feeling adventurous, there are many hidden spots around the island to explore as well as uncountable exciting activities to take part in such as diving and snorkeling to discover the marine life around the island, go fishing around the north or the southern An Thoi Archipelago, experience hiking and climbing 99 mountains from north to south, and a Jeep tour to survey the north, the south, and the whole island.

Best time to travel Vietnam

Phu Quoc island

Phu Quoc is beautiful all year round

Though the islands of Phu Quoc in the far south can be visited year-round, the period from December to April is considered as the best time to visit. At this time, the weather is sunny and dry and the seas are so calm and unruffled making it perfect for any outdoor activities. The dry and cold weather in Da Lat from November to May creates favorable conditions to enjoy this lovely town to its fullest.

If Da Lat is where you can find yourselves in the world of colorful flowers, Phu Quoc is where you two can immerse yourselves in a private space away from the noise.

Whatever kind of holiday you picture as a perfect romantic getaway, Phu Quoc Island, which is full of breathtaking landscapes and Da Lat – the little Paris of Vietnam are the best places for couples to travel together.