Camping experience in Coto


Quang Ninh, a northern city of Vietnam, is very famous for Halong Bay which is known by many tourists around the world. However, Halong is not the only thing that this city offers. Coto is an unspoiled charming island and another great option when you travel to Quang Ninh. Coto has everything that you had wished for a beach: fresh air, white sand, and crystal-like water.

Eco-friendly tourism is no longer unfamiliar with many travelers, especially in the sea tourism. A new type of accommodation is now emerging in Coto, giving you a fresh relaxing experience during your stay. You’re gonna do camping on the beach!

Co To Island

Coto Island

Camping in Coto is one of the most exciting memory that one might have when visiting this beautiful island.  This type of accommodation can really save you a bunch of money yet still very tempting. At any time, you can go out for a walk and do other fun water sports like swimming, surfing or beach volleyball. And after a day full of energy, what could be better than a barbecue night on the beach?

To go on a camping trip to Coto, you can hire a tent by yourself or choose a registered camping site where everything is done for you. There is a popular place called Coto Park in Hong Van Beach, who offers this type of service. The modern tents are fully equipped with pillows, blankets, lights and mosquito nets. There are also installed bathrooms nearby. Storage cabinets for personal stuff do exist. The beach restaurant in the campsite will serve you the freshest seafood you can try. There is also a watersports complex with many exciting activities like kayaking, mountain climbing on the beach, beach volleyball or banana craft racing, snorkeling and coral reef watching.

camping in Coto

Camping in Coto

However, if you can’t handle too much of a wild experience while still wanting to be close to nature, a bungalow is the one for you. A nice small wooden house on one of the best beaches in Coto Island would light up your holiday. It might cost you more but also give you a more comfortable staying. There are some popular names like Coto Park, Coto Life or Coto Dragon Beach. In peak season which is summer, you might have to make a reservation for 2 to 3 months in advance.

To have a wonderful and safety camping trip to Coto, here is something vietnamislands thinks that you have to bear in mind.

The very first thing that you should do is check the weather forecast. A camping trip is all about the weather. Because where you head to is an island, it’s more crucial. Even a strong wind could stop you from your dream trip. You don’t want to go all the way there just to come back, do you? Then check it.

The tide clock is another thing that you should not ignore if you don’t want to get wet, or worse, swept away. And don’t put up your tend in the way that the front side facing the prevailing winds direction. To be prepared for this, once again, do your research with the forecast.

Some items are the must-bring-along: plastic bags, water-proof clothes, lighting equipment like torches, mosquito repellents, medicines (especially skin medicines) and instant foods, just in case. Although in summer the weather is quite hot, you should carry a light jacket. Because the weather in the sea is quite fluctuating. At night, the weather could drop drastically to under 10oC and you can easily catch a cold.

bungalow in Co To

Bungalow in Coto

Camping in the open-air is a fantastic way to experience Coto in Vietnam. Don’t miss your chance to enjoy the most unforgettable vacation that one can have. See you in Coto.

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