Con Dao – One of the most beautiful Vietnam islands


There are more than 4,000 large islands in Vietnam which contribute significantly to the promotion of growing marine tourism. Con Dao is one of the top 10 most beautiful islands in Vietnam.

Co To Island

Co To Island travel tour

Isolated from the mainland, the Con Dao island is one of Vietnam's star attractions. Con Dao is an archipelago of 16 islands of different sizes which is full of pristine nature which is preserved intact located in the south-east of Vietnam. It is about 185 kilometers from Vung Tau and 230 kilometers from Ho Chi Minh City.

Con Dao consists of 16 large and small islands, with an area of 76 kilometers square. The largest island is Con Son Island, with an area of 51 kilometers square. The population is about 6,000 people (as of the end of 2010). Con Dao is in a favorable position on the maritime route linking Europe and Asia.

Con Dao Island

Con Dao Island

Con Dao is a pristine, deserted island which many people who have a soft spot for making way to the sea, nature, and peace want to visit. Coming to Con Dao, you will be immersed in the silence of life, the temporary shelter away from the noisy, torn and anxious life. The center of Con Dao is Con Son Island. It is the largest area in the archipelago.

Con Son Island has many beautiful turquoise beaches, clean streets, and shady trees with bid foliage or amazing sites such as Nhat beach, An Hai, Dam Trau, So Ray, Dam Tre bay, Con Dao prison. In addition, everybody can visit Con Dao National Park for a tour of other nearby islands. Snorkeling on the coral reefs and sea fishing are some of the activities which you can do when you go there.

 A cell in Con Dao prison

A cell in Con Dao prison – it acts like a witness of the cruel war in Vietnam

The island tourism in Vietnam now in the mainstream contributes significantly to tourism and becomes a key economic sector. Vietnam has a great potential for marine tourism with more than 3,260 kilometers of coastline and more than 3,000 islands with white sand beaches, pristine bays, lush tropical islands all year-round. Not only any traveling operator but also the fishermen on the islands have created many tours to Vietnam islands such as the short.

Thanks to the modern infrastructure and the most luxurious resorts, Southern tourism has become an ideal choice for many visitors. Travel to Southern Vietnam tourism is famous for endless rice fields, vast land without seeing its edges, and the massive dyke systems. The tourist destinations in the South are not only as epic as in the Central but also has many destinations for you to organize long holidays on vacations and Tet (Lunar New Year). There are many highlights such as Vung Tau, Con Dao, Long Hai, Nui Dinh, Ho Coc, Ho Tram, Binh Chau Hot Spring, and Minh Dam.

Tra Su melaleuca forests

Tra Su melaleuca forests

Con Dao is one of the destinations in the South that can fully scratch three legendary factors making up of visitors’ itch is to go out, learn and relax. Con Dao tourism is heading towards the tranquil beauty, so the type of accommodation does not grow massively but focus on good quality.

Traveling to Con Dao is divided into many forms such as the self-sufficient travels, the traveling tours. Most of the resorts and lodgings here are located on the coastal paths. Going to Con Dao is a chance for you to enjoy specialties such as Cellana, Cephalopholis Miniata.


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