Top 7 island spots for the best snorkeling in Vietnam

Vietnam has more than 2,000 miles of coastline, much of it gloriously snorkeler-friendly. The options are as varied as you might expect from such a vast expanse: from the starting-off point for several snorkel sites in the South China Sea in Nha Trang, picture-perfect shore dives off Sao Beach in Phu Quoc to 15 unspoiled islands and islets in Con Dao.

These are just some of the most famous dive island spots, but creative snorkelers can—and do—go almost anywhere in this country. Don’t worry about where to go for snorkeling in Vietnam!

Hon Mun – Nha Trang

Do not miss a chance to experience snorkeling in Nha Trang

Do not miss a chance to experience snorkeling in Nha Trang

Boasting 12,000 hectares of reef-filled waters, Hon Mun Marine Protected Area is full of some of the most fabulous snorkeling spots in Vietnam. The amazing coral reefs in Hon Mun area are full of marine life (moray eels, butterfly, box, pufferfish), and they are absolutely splendid as well. The best way to explore Ebony Island is to rent a boat and hire a guide to take you to all of the best snorkeling spots around the island. Expect to see more than 10 meters of the deep with a wide variety of colorful fishes and soft-as-silk coral reefs. Thanks to its proximity to hot-sea currents, the seabed here is home to an abundant and diverse group of marine species.

Bai Sao – Phu Quoc

Situated 25 kilometers from Duong Dong, the islands’ capital, Bai Sao is one of a few places where you can get access to the snorkeling spots on foot. What makes it so awesome for snorkelers of all ages and swimming abilities? It is that you do not have to go deep to check out the region's 2,000 species of reef fish, which hang out just a meter from the shore.

Thom Beach – Phu Quoc

Looking for some privacy to go along with your snorkeling? There is no better place than Thom Beach in Thom Village (Bai Thom Village) which is located approximately 35kms from Duong Dong Town. At the northeast part of the island, you can enjoy the natural beauty of the water and all of the undersea life and feel like being in the privacy of your own room.

An Thoi Islands – Phu Quoc

Snorkeling in An Thoi

Snorkeling in An Thoi

Most snorkelers have a visit Phu Quoc Island on their bucket lists on their tailor-made tours in Vietnam. There are lots of great places to snorkel in Phu Quoc, but none is any better than An Thoi - an archipelago of 15 islands and islets just off the southern coast of Phu Quoc. The best way to explore the beautiful coral reefs in An Thoi is to go with a dive center rather than one of the island’s many cheap boat tours.

Co To Island (Quang Ninh)

Don't usually think of Northern Vietnam as a "go to" destination for snorkeling? Co To in Quang Ninh Province stresses that it is one of the best places for snorkeling in Vietnam! Made up of 40 islands varying in size, Co To is home to one of the most populous and diverse ecosystems in Vietnam. A notable standout is Co To Con, home to beautiful coral and scores of starfish.

Halong Bay (Quang Binh)

Snorkeling in Halong

Snorkeling in Halong

Nearly 1,600 picture-perfect islands and islets come together in the Gulf of Tonkin to form the magical Halong. Visiting the UNESCO Natural Wonder of the world, you will have a unique opportunity to snorkel with more than 100 species of vividly colored corals. The coral reefs here cover up to 120 hectares and home to an abundance of tropical fish.

Con Dao (Ba Ria - Vung Tau)

Snorkeling in Con Dao

Snorkeling in Con Dao

Con Dao comprises an archipelago made up of 16 islands and islets. The surrounding water here is amazingly warm and clear, offering some of the greatest visibility for snorkeling of any spot on Earth. Besides the healthy coral reefs, Con Dao also offers many opportunities to get up close and personal with green turtles and hawksbill turtles.

Are you ready to jump into the clear turquoise water of Vietnam’s beaches? We have ranked the 7 island spots for the best snorkeling in Vietnam. See which spots you have already gone for snorkeling and which spots you hope to see next on your Vietnam snorkeling tours.