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Discover Con Dao through Con Dao tours 3 days 2 nights


When you want to choose a place to visit for your holidays, Con Dao tours is one of the best choices. Whether it is a long journey or just a 3day tour, you also get an unforgettable memory in your life.

The first day: from Ho Chi Minh City to Con Dao Islands.

Tourist buses and tour guides will pick tourists up at the meeting place. Then, the tourist company will guide people to Tan Son Nhat Airport to take the flight which will land at about 10 or 11 a.m in Con Dao. Going to this place, tourist will be introduced to the general information about this island town and listen to subtitles about some famous destinations such as Co Ong Village, Lo Voi, Hang Keo, Bay Canh Island and some other places.

Tourists will have lunch at noon and have enough time to take a nap in the hotel after a long trip.

In the afternoon, tourist group will depart to visit Nui Mot mountain or also known by the name “Van Son Tu”. It is a famous architecture in Con Dao with the unique location so it is an indispensable destination to visit in your Con Dao holiday tour.

Van Son Tu in Con Dao

Van Son Tu in Con Dao

Tourists can have a chance to contemplate the natural beauty of some well-liked landscapes including Con Dao town, An Hai lake, Con Son bay, Love Peak from the very high view. Also, you can visit memorial monument where there was the biggest weaponed breakout in the past.

The next plan is to look at Ben Dam harbor. It is located in Ben Dam bay and its beauty is made from a wide range of imposing cliffs and small islands surrounding. It has a long bridge leading to where canoes park.

Tourists will learn about how people can culture pearls in pearl area. Especially, you can have a luck to hold in your hand some of the greatest pearls in Con Dao. Tourists come back to the hotel, take rest and enjoy their afternoon meal in the luxurious restaurant in Con Dao

If you are thinking about what to do in Con Dao at night, you can wander on the street on their own, nibble a cup of coffee and enjoy the fresh atmosphere.

Con Dao at night

Con Dao at night

The second day: a legendary Con Dao discovered by Con Dao tours.

Tourists will have breakfast at the restaurant and prepare for their next trip.

Tourist group will visit Island Lord Palace. It is the main accommodation of island lords through many generations. Phu Hai prison is the following place to visit. It is an ancient prison built by French colonialists. Also, they created French Tiger Cages with a special construction. It includes some famous places such as rice vaults, political prisons, laboring areas “Con Lon” and so on. It was built in a solid way to be a zigzagging labyrinth and distract political prisoners. At this place, tourists can visit and listen to the description of tortures for our politicians. It is extremely cruel and bloody.

Political prison in Con Dao

Political prison in Con Dao

Then, tourists will have lunch at the familiar restaurant and move to the hotel to relax.

The next expedition will be taken by using tourist buses. Tourist guides will introduce tourists to Dam Trau Beach, which is considered to be one of the most beautiful beaches in Con Dao. On the way to this place, tourists can visit Lady Phi Yen Temple. It is a famous place to commemorate Lady Phi Yen who was the wife of Nguyen Anh Lord. When coming to the destination, you will get seats and beach umbrellas from resort staff. After that, they will serve you a plenty of seafood fished by villagers in Co Ong village. Besides, going to this place is a good time for you to explore Nho Beach. It is a small beautiful beach nearby Dam Trau beach and you can swim or bathe in the fresh current of water if you want.

Tourist group comes back to the hotel for dinner and they can comfortably explore Con Dao at night.

The third day: from Con Dao to Ho Chi Minh city

Tourists will have breakfast, take rest and swim freely in the morning.

Tourist group returns to the hotel to check-out. Tourist buses will drop tourists off to Con Son Airport.

Tourists will have to do some necessary formalities for their flight to Tan Son Nhat Airport. Tour guides say thank you and goodbye to tourists.

A peaceful beach in Con Dao

A peaceful beach in Con Dao

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