Exploring Phu Quy Island, Binh Thuan

The first impression when travelers come here is very wild scenery and almost no contact with professional tourism services. Therefore, Phu Quy is gradually becoming a hot name in the minds of travelers loving Vietnam group tours.


Phu Quy Island- the ideal destination for those who love the island

Phu Quy is one of the beautiful islands not to be missed in best tours in Vietnam. It is far from Phan Thiet city center about 56 miles. Phu Quy Island is known as Cu Lao Thu or Cu Lao Khoai Xu with the area of nearly 16,4 square kilometer in Binh Thuan province.

The best time to travel to Phu Quy Island in Vietnam group tours is from December to June. At this time, the sea is quite calm and blue, so those who are seasick will also reduce the discomfort when moving by boat to here.


The sun is falling down on Phu Quy Harbor

No one visits the sea without watching the sunset. However, when coming to Phu Quy, although everybody has no reason or plan, visitors cannot take their eyes off the sunset in this place. There are many beautiful spots on the island such as Ngu Phung Embankment, Thuy Nai Palace, Trieu Duong Bay.


The sunset in Phu Quy Island

There are not many tourist destinations where local people are happy to welcome visitors as in Phu Quy Island, and visitors will soon realize this as soon as you step into the territory of the island. Many visitors who have visited the island have the same opinion that the people in Phu Quy Island are very enthusiastic and kind. The local people can bring travelers the peace of mind and much laughter. Therefore, tourists are not surprised when anybody invites you into their houses to drink water and share interesting stories on this island.

Besides, Trieu Duong Bay is a popular place with many domestic and international tourists in the Vietnam group tours. This beach is known for wide sandy beaches, clear blue water. This place suits for going picnic.


Bewitched by the beauty of Trieu Duong Bay

Especially, the status cramped, crowded at the beach is complete without in this island. Therefore, visitors can enjoy a dip in the clear water, and watch the vast sky in the sea.

Moreover, visiting Cao Cat Mountain is one of the things to do in Vietnam for any visitors when coming here. From the top of Cao Cat Mountain, visitors will be able to see the views of the sea, mountains, villages, boats and bustling Phu Quy port.


The majestic beauty of Cao Cat Mountain

The highlight of this place is the cliffs, which are the difference of the mountain ranges coming to the sea. Mount Cao Cat in the north of Phu Quy Island is one of the two highest mountains in the island. It is also considered by local people as a sacred mountain.

Not only attracting tourists by many beautiful beaches with clear waters, Phu Quy also has many scenic spots and temples for tourists to visit.

Van An Thanh is located on a white sand beach in Trieu Duong village, Tam Thanh commune, Phu Quy district. At present, Van An Thanh preserved nearly 100 skeletons including whales, leatherback turtles. This can be considered an oceanographic museum with the rich collection of whales.


The whale skeleton in Van An Thanh

Linh Son Pagoda is quite spacious with many unique architectural items, which is harmonious with the natural beauty. This temple plays a very important role in the spiritual life of people on Phu Quy Island. Linh son Pagoda is the spiritual support for the fishermen before going to sea.


Mountain cliffs have an impressive shape on Linh Son Pagoda

From Long Hai Commune, visitors can easily reach the foot of the Cao Cat Mountain and walk the stone steps to the Linh Son Pagoda.

Moreover, when coming here, visitors can learn about the shrimp farming, aquaculture of fishermen. In addition, travelers can explore many beautiful islands such as Hon Tranh, Hon Trung, Hon Do, and enjoy the delicious fresh seafood.


Enjoy the delicious fresh seafood in Phu Quy Island