Ly Son – A hidden pearl among ocean


If you are a nature lover and crave for adventurous culture exploration, I will recommend one ideal destination in Vietnam. No matter that reaching it requires both fiscally and physically commitment, the final impression is worth a lifetime. Follow vietnamislands to discover Ly Son, a hidden pearl among the Central East Sea.

Located 15 nautical miles from the mainland of Quang Ngai province, Ly Son still preserves its pristine beauty through centuries of history. It has a very important position in protecting national sovereignty over Vietnam islands, maintaining the territorial integrity of mainland.

I had a chance to visit Ly Son at the early stage of tourism development during April 2015. However, the trip was in the national holidays, so there were no rooms to spare and accommodation became extremely rare. It was kind of unforgettable experience.

1.How to get here?

You can catch any direct flights from Hanoi to Chu Lai (the one and only airport in Quang Ngai). The price ranges from VND 1,500,000 to VND 3,000,000 for the return ticket, depending on the airlines and schedule. We recommend Vietjet, a cheap domestic airline with good services. It took us about one hour to fly to Quang Ngai, and luckily there was no delay at that time.

After landing Chu Lai Airport, you can hire a taxi at the all-in price around VND400,000 to reach Sa Ky Harbour. Remember to check the timetable and ticket fees before going. There are many time options for you to choose, but four hours later than the arrival time is recommended. You can a book ticket online in advance and get the paper ones at the booth.

Sa Ky Harbour

Buying ticket at Sa Ky Harbour

Until recently, the local authority has updated the facilities to promote tourism, but during the time we visited, the ship was in such a bad condition that our voyage has become one of the worst experience in my traveling life. After nearly 2 hours torturing myself at sea, we reached the island finally.

1. Local homestay and transportation:

Due to the high demand for blooming tourism, there were no vacant hotels for my team, so we decided to stay in the house of a local fisherman. The small house was shared with other foreign guests with a public kitchen and living room. Actually, it was a fun as we had the chance to make friends with interesting people around the world. Moreover, the host was friendly and very supportive, which made up for the bad quality of facilities.

The most common and convenient means of transport is motorbike, because taxis are quite scarce and expensive; moreover, using motorbikes to crawl around every corner of the island is much more exciting. There are many motorcycle rental shops with average rates ranging from 100,000VND to 150,000VND per day. Be sure to check the brake and fuel tank before renting to avoid technical issues.

2. Top tourist attractions:

While searching for Central Vietnam travel review, you must have come across some photos of magnificent landscape of Ly Son. Not being affected by alluvium in the Red River delta, the sea water in the Central is crystal clear. Once settling down on the island, you will feel a peace over the air. The salty wind lingers on the skin and a typical smell of ocean fills your chest. Daily life still goes on as if there were no rude invasion from nosy tourists.

3. Local food:

Seafood is must-try dish when visiting an island. Local cuisine is plentiful at affordable prices, especially in local markets. You can enjoy the special sea urchin soup of Ly Son or various fresh seafood: squid, conch, rock snail, oysters, king crabs or eels

Apart from seafood, nature awards Ly Son the best condition for slow-growth species. Among those, Li Son garlic is imbued with the essence of heaven and earth. Its specialty lies in the lone garlic (garlic clove). Unlike others, black garlic contains only one section; in which all nutrition is concentrated. It is known as a medicinal garlic thanks to the plentiful nutrition, much more than regular fresh garlic. Moreover, it is one of the agricultural products that earn large income to farmers.

Black garlic

Black garlic is a unique healthy sourvenir that can only be found on Ly Son

Ly Son will surprise you with the pristine beauty of nature and the friendliness of local people. The best time to visit Ly Son will be around January to May to avoid the busy tourist season as well as severe storms coming. I hope that this Central Vietnam travel review will help you prepare for a good trip to one of the most beautiful countries in ASEAN.

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