Must-go places in Coto Island


Coto is a beautiful set of islands in Quang Ninh Province which is in the northeastern region of Vietnam and also the home of the famous Halong Bay. Among many stunning Vietnam islands, it’s no doubt the best of the best.

Today, the sea tourism in Coto Islands has attracted many foreign and domestic tourists. People coming here to enjoy the fantastic scenery of nature where the sea is blue and the water is clear. The peaceful and majestic atmosphere on the island will offer us a relaxing trip that we all wish for. Who has never been to Coto can hardly imagine how wonderful and majestic it is.

Co To Island from afar

Coto Island from afar 

In fact, there are two of them, namely Coto Big Island and Coto Small Island. Coto Small Island is 1km away from the first one and you can get there by boat. As an uninhabited island, Coto Small Island has attracted many tourists due to its pristine unspoiled charm over years. Because there are very little marks of tourism on the island, there won’t be fancy hotels awaiting for you.  Instead, a night in a tent on the beach will definitely awake many sensations of yours. Really, if you’ve ever been here, you will know what I mean.

One of the reasons that make visitors keep coming to Coto Islands is its gorgeous system of beaches. There are some names that stand out like Hong Van Beach, Van Chai Beach and Uncle Ho Beach which are the best beaches in northern Vietnam.

Coto beach

Coto Beach

Coto isn’t all about beaches. Many others interesting destinations like primitive forests with thousands of rare species of animals and plants, Coto Lighthouse, Ho Chi Minh’s Monument, Coto Pier, fishing village and natural reefs and islets are also worth a visit.

The lighthouse was built in the late 19th century and now is one of 30 “eyes” in the seas of Vietnam. To get to the top, visitors have to climb up 72 steps from the bottom to the top of the lighthouse. However, the result is totally worth it. Coto Lighthouse offers a majestic breathtaking panoramic view of the whole island, from the dreamlike coastal city to the wild pristine forests.

Another place that visitors should not pass is Cau My Reef which is located to the south of Coto Big Island. With a system of sedimentary rocks eroded over thousands of years by the seawater, Cau My has created a rare wonder that could not be seen anywhere else. Layers of stones with different colors and shapes are stacked up, making the whole area a vivid evidence of the amazing power of nature.

Co To in a sunny day

Sunny day at Coto 

Coto has remained in the memory of tourist as one of the top islands in northern Vietnam and this shouldn’t come as a surprise. Don’t blame yourself if you’re accidentally charmed by the picturesque view here and don’t want to get back.



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