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Spend Vietnam day tours to Dai Lai Flamingo Resort

When speaking about the best Vietnam day tour for family, you should consider the places around Hanoi. Moc Chau, Tam Dao, Bat Trang Village, Dai Lai Lake are the best places for family in Vietnam. Especially, Dai Lai Lake with the wonderful Dai Lai Flamingo Resort is one of the top choices for a Northern Vietnam day trip.


Dai Lai Lake

Dai Lai Lake is located in Vinh Phuc Province which is about 50km from Hanoi. It has been invested for tourism for over ten years. The lake is featured with nice weather, beautiful natural sceneries and a lot of resorts and hotels as well as other amusement services for the family. In your Vietnam day tour, you can enjoy the poetic sceneries of mountains, valleys, forests and the lake and join a lot of interesting services such as the amusement park, the artificial beach on the lake, the green park, etc.


Flamingo Dai Lai resort from above view

There are a lot of resorts and hotels around Dai Lai Lake, but the Dai Lai Flamingo Resort is the most popular. It is a five-star leisure resort with the luxury services. It is recognized with 34 international awards for a wide range of luxury services including hundred of elegant villas on the lakeside and among the stunning pine forests; five amazing restaurants; other beauty and healthcare services; as well as golf, tennis, yacht, etc.

The combination of poetic sceneries and modern resorts with classic services can make your trip unforgettable. The poetic mountains and rivers, the peaceful and quiet atmosphere, the charming villas are perfect for your family.


A villa in the resort

With the total area of 1,23 million square meters, Flamingo Dai Lai contains four peninsulas, two islands and more than 10 square meters of surrounding mountains and pine forests. The architecture is designed to harmonize between nature and family-oriented. Each villa is like a house with well-equipped facilities and furniture, from the kitchen to the living room. Moreover, the villas have front swimming pools and an opened space with grass yard, stone steps to the pine forest, etc.

‘Luxury in nature’ is the main style of Flamingo Dai Lai. Luxurious and comfortable architectures go along with green forests, stunning lakes, and mountains around. You can enjoy your high-class meal beside the romantic lake, experience yoga and spa services in the rhythm of leaves and wind, wake up in the fresh morning in the mist and the singing of the birds. Besides, the resort usually holds a lot of interesting activities and events for family members in Wonder Park, beach club, etc. You can feel an eco-lifestyle when you spend your Vietnam day tour in the resort. You and your family can have the very peaceful, comfortable and unforgettable moments in here.

A Northern Vietnam day trip to Dai Lai is perfect for a summer holiday. Your Vietnam day tour will be refreshing when you spend one or two days discovering the natural beauty of the lake and great Flamingo Dai Lai resort.

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