The Beautiful Homestays And Resorts In Con Dao


Possessing pristine islands and beautiful beaches, Con Dao Island is considered as the paradise resort which is most worth visiting, which you cannot ignore. Con Dao is an archipelago off the southern coast in Ba Ria- Vung Tau province. It is far about 97 miles from Vung Tau city to here. Over the past years, Con Dao Island has been one of the familiar tourist destinations in best tours in Vietnam, owning many beautiful and pristine beaches.


Con Dao Island tourism- the beautiful tourist attraction

Con Dao is associated with the painful past of the wartime. Besides, it is an attractive tourist destination with wild romantic nature. If visitors are also planning to visit this place, visitors remember resorts, hotels, and homestays in Con Dao tour which is beautiful and cheap.


Con Dao prison- the hell has made the whole world be shocked for a long time

Uyen’s house homestay

Firstly, Uyen’s house homestay in Con Dao has the extremely unique architecture. It is combined with both the exquisite classic and luxury modern style.

Uyen’s house is an ideal place for families to do a Con Dao tour at the weekend. Modern rooms with hot color mainstream create the warmth, peace for visitors when resting here. Besides, this hostel has a spacious car park and high-speed wifi which is free.


The beautiful homestay not to be missed when traveling to Con Dao- Uyen’s house

Con Dao Camping

Con Dao Camping is built in the center of Con Dao, near the sea. This homestay facilitates the movement of visitors. Moreover, from the guest house to An Hai beach is only about 200m, travelers can stroll around the beach in the afternoon.


The homestay with the beautiful sea view

Therefore, it has become one of where to go in Con Dao. This motel is built with extremely comfortable huts.

Six Senses, Con Dao

This next accommodation in this post is Six Senses, Con Dao. Six Senses in Con Dao have modern and luxurious space with modern equipment such as television, refrigerator, and air conditioner. The rooms here have bright color mainstream, which creates a feeling of comfort and lightness when staying.


The paradise resort in Six Senses Con Dao

Six Senses in Con Dao have a restaurant area on the top floor of the guesthouse with a beautiful space, especially sparkling in the evening.

This hotel has become one of the hotels which cannot be missed in Con Dao tour.


Six Senses Con Dao – the paradise of happiness

ATC Resort Con Dao

The next living mentioned in this list is a luxury resort named ATC Resort. ATC Resort Con Dao is a luxury guesthouse with modern facilities. The airy, spacious rooms and width balcony create an ideal space for visitors.


The swimming pool at ATC Con Dao Resort

Not only relaxing while staying at ATC Resort Con Dao, visitors also experience exciting activities. Travelers can take a stroll to enjoy the scenery in the ATC Resort Con Dao or go swimming. Delicious food served at the restaurant here is also which tourists should not miss when coming here.

Saigon Con Dao Resort

In addition, Saigon Con Dao Resort is an ideal place for visitors and their family to stay. The spacious rooms with the balcony overlooking the sea are very beautiful.


The waiting room with the unique architect in Saigon Con Dao Resort

In Sai Gon Con Dao Resort, there is a large swimming pool for visitors to swimming and relaxing. If travelers have a demand, they can also use the food service in Saigon Con Dao Resort. Employees serve professionally and enthusiastically, which brings guests the feeling of comfort when staying here.

Con Dao Resort

This final place is Con Dao Resort with the modern and extremely luxurious design. From the balcony, visitors can enjoy the beautiful view of Con Dao. This resort has various types of room, luxury rooms, advanced equipment.


Con Dao Resort has the wide balcony, from which visitors can see the sea

Con Dao Resort also offers a large, beautiful swimming pool. Employees serve enthusiastically and friendly. Good food is also one of the tourist attractions of Con Dao Resort not to be ignored in Con Dao tour.


The campus of Con Dao Resort in Con Dao Island

Con Dao tour- A great experience, right?

Con-Dao-coral reef-hellovietnam1522046683

Con Dao is famous for its beautiful pristine beaches, white sand that is really charming. In addition, the air on the island is very fresh, is like a resort paradise, is a great destination for those who want to hide" noisy, bustling in the city. Con Dao tour is really a way to enjoy your life.

Con Dao Prison

Con Dao Prison

Con Dao used to know as a historical place in Vietnam. But today, it is more well-known for being the top tourist destination among many Vietnam islands, due to the fact that this place has the beautiful beaches and wildlife diversity. The beauty of Con Dao has made many hearts tumor and compensation. Therefore, a travel to Con Dao island will give you chance to have experience in a more poetic life. Here are the top things to do in Con Dao.
You must have heard a lot of time about Vietnam war. Con Dao is a special place with cruel, painful images, was once described as "hell on earth". The detention of the colonial regime makes you feel dizzy, savage with emotions that are hard to describe. The so call cows or tigers rooms are the places where French colonialists and the American empire had built for the purpose of carrying out revolutionary soldiers of the time. Just visiting a few works also will make you savage with the name the hell on earth.

Con Dao beach

Con Dao beach

But this place is also famous for having excellent views and beautiful beaches. While witnessing the vitality of revolutionary soldiers have given you the opportunity to understand more about the history of Vietnam, beautiful beach and view of this place can help you to relax and enjoy your life more. Not only the name "paradise on earth" but also a convergence of beauty in this land through the scenery and beautiful beaches will give you the best time in Vietnam. One day cycling or walking on the beach in Con Dao, you must be fascinated by the landscape here.

Con Dao coral

Con Dao coral

In addition to watching the scenery, you should experience the feeling of diving into the sea view coral, this vast ocean world. This place is fortunate to have all the best of a beautiful beach. It seems that this is the "compensation" of God for the dark history of Con Dao a while. Dive to the sea to conquer the most colorful and beautiful coral reef in Vietnam only in Con Dao. Visit Hon Tai, Hon Tre, Hon Trung, Hon Cau to see the most wonderful places with the thickest concentration of coral. 

If you do not have the courage to dive deep into the ocean, you can perform the elegant fun that is the sea fishing. The Con Dao Sea is blessed with abundant seafood, so you spoiled the experience and promised to go to the sea full of the bumper and very exciting.

If you are wondering what to eat, you will not have to be worried as this place can offer you the fresh and healthy foods. You can prepare your own outdoor BBQ party with your friends after the boat trip to collect a batch of seafood. Sipping a glass of wine with savory sea seafood is an unforgettable moment. Or you can visit the popular seafood restaurants with dishes that are processed by professional or local chiefs. 

Fishing in Con Dao

Fishing in Con Dao

After enjoying a BBQ party on the beach, wait for the night to see how the eggshell looks. In the silver moonlight, mother turtles slowly crawl to the shore to find the dugout, dig a nest, lay eggs and cover the erased traces. Each round turtle egg whites fall into the hole. At birth, the mother produces about 80-200 eggs. After completing the nest, the mother sea turtles erase the traces and camouflage their nest eggs.

It will be an unfinished journey if you do not take time to admire the dawn or sunset. The lights start to shine for a new day or the sun go down to create a night is the most impressive moment in Con Dao. Stroll on the beach you can feel at ease. Listening to the breath of the sea, the continuous waves on the shore make you feel small in front of the ocean.

Beside the sea, you can go to the natural beauty of wild, peaceful life in Mr. Dung forest. Walking through the forest, the sound of the leaves in the trees, the sound of the birds singing, the colorful butterflies flying will make you meet with wildlife. Take a deep breath, listen to the jungle sounds, you will find life is meaningful because it has many things to explore.

In addition to these beautiful places, you will be impressed by the extremely friendly and nice local people. Take a walk around Con Dao to explore the history of Vietnam and the famous tourist destinations or the interesting. Do not hesitate any more, you should carry a backpack and explore Con Dao – Ba Ria Vung Tau now.