Discover Diep Son Island This Summer


The image of the white sandy beach, blue water in Diep Son Island must be kept in mind of the visitors who had Nha Trang island tours. For those who have never been to Diep Son, why don’t you set a plan to discover the new land? Here are some experiences of Diep Son Island tourism in the summer.

Diep Son is a series of 3 small islands lying in the waters of Van Phong Bay, Khanh Hoa province. Hon Dat – Hon Giai – Hon Dau are connected by natural sand dunes of which width is less than 1 meter.


Diep Son Island

About 6 am when the ebb tide happens, the sand dunes will reveal a road in the middle of that corner of the island, allowing visitors get through from one island to another one without any sea guard.

Because Diep Son Island is 100% uninhabited island, there are only about 80 households on the island, living conditions are very limited. So if you are waiting for a Nha Trang luxury tour, you should not drop in this island. Every day these households have just about 3 hours of electricity, mostly in the evening. Residents in this inhabitant of the island mainly work as fishermen.

Traveling to Diep Son from December to the next June will be the best time for your Nha Trang tours as the sea is quite calm and blue. This time is also better for visitors to reduce the situation of seasick if they take a boat to here.


Visiting Diep Son from December to next June

Some highlights in Diep Son

The first experience will be the unique beach road. From Van Gia, after about 1 hour floating on the sea, the archipelago Diep Son with 3 small islands will appear clearly on the horizon. Do not take the train to go straight to Diep Son; stop at the middle island where you can see the road under the sea, stretching about 800 meters, connecting with the big island Diep Son.

After experiencing this route, let’s visit Diep Son Island consisting of about 80 households, mainly living by fishing. The inhabitants of the island rely on generators in the evening, each family having only three hours of daily electricity. The life of the people is difficult, so tourists can combine tourism and charity.

Visiting Diep Son Island, you can explore the small island around, the most prominent part of which is Hon Mot, about 15 minutes away by train. Here, the most interesting point is the pristine, deserted, blue beach and a small grass field. This will be the ideal place for you to take photos, record photos sparkling memories of Van Phong Bay.

Since the tourism, if Diep Son Island has not developed yet, there are no hotels and motels so you can bring your own tents to camp on the beach. Coming to the island, you should meet the village headman, asked for permission to stay on the island and then meet Pha Bang police chief to report.


Young people visiting Diep Son

The island is very secure, so there is not necessary to worry much about theft. However, of course, we should protect our belongings.

One more thing visitors should notice is that there aren’t many places which can offer food and drinks, so you should prepare Nha Trang food tours by yourself. There is a chicken farm on the island, people can buy to eat.

Electricity on the island is only from 6 to 9 pm, so people should take the initiative, in a case using locals’ electricity, you should also pay them because they have to pay for it.

The island is very clean with no industrial waste, so people should not litter and consciously keep their surroundings clean.

Summer on the island is quite hot, however, the wind is very strong and cold in the rainy season, so if you go camping in the rainy season, it is best to meet the village chief to camp in the school.

How to travel to Diep Son

From Van Gia Town, go along Tran Hung Dao Street to reach the pier. Normally, the train runs early in the morning, late afternoon, at about 3 pm. If you take the train from here to Diep Son, you have to depend on the other local passengers.

If you rent a whole boat of fishermen to go to the island, go along Tran Hung Dao Street to see Hai uncle who is the driver of the boat. The cost of transportation for a Nha Trang island tour is just about 500,000 VND.

Hope you will have a wonderful summer vacation there!