A detailed handbook to travel to Phu Quy Island, Phan Thiet


Introduction of Phu Quy Island

Phu Quy Island is a small island district of Binh Thuan Province, about 120km away from Phan Thiet City, and covers an area of 16 km2. For a long time, Phu Quy Island has become familiar with many people with other names such as Co Long, Thuan Tinh, Cu Lao Khoai Xu, Cu Lao Thu, etc.


Phu Quy Island

Although the island is isolated with the mainland, the found remnants show that this island had been discovered early. Experiencing many variations of history, Phu Quy is the convergence of many flows of migrants from different parts of the country with different ethnic groups.

The most beautiful time to have a Phan Thiet tour to Phu Quy Island is during the period from December to June. At this time, the sea is calm and blue, which would be convenient for moving and relaxing on the island. With beaches, coral reefs, clusters of black rocks and colorful rock cliffs undulating on the sea and cool weather all year round, Phu Quy is definitely a must-see tourist attraction in Phan Thiet.

How to move to Phu Quy Island?

The only way to get to the island is coming to the port of Phan Thiet City and take the boat to Phu Quy Island. However, the boats do not run every day because it also depends on the weather, so you need to contact the port in advance to see the schedule.


Boat to Phu Quy Island

Places that should not be missed on the island

With an area of nearly 16.4 km2, there is no better way to explore the island than riding a motorcycle. The rent of motorbikes on the island ranges from 100,000 to 120,000 VND / day depending on the quality of the car. You can have a motorbike rental service in any hostels or hotels on the island. Its pristine beauty and undeveloped tourism is an advantageous point to tourists. In particular, Phu Quy island possesses a lot of crystal clear beaches with long stretches of sand and beautiful coral reefs.


Crystal clear beaches on Phu Quy Island

Bai Nho – Ganh Hang

Bai Nho is one of the beautiful beaches of Phu Quy with crescent shape. The beach is small but very clean and quiet for you to bathe. The water here is very blue with fresh air and few boats anchored is definitely the ideal place in Phan Thiet private tours for any visitors who want to immersed totally with nature. Whereas, Ganh Hang is a large cliff standing close to the sea, with the waves beating the cliffs creating a majestic scene.

Van An Thanh

Van An Thanh lies on a white sanded beach next to the shore in the village of Trieu Duong, Tam Thanh Commune. It has the second largest skeleton of whale in Southeast Asia, followed by the one in Phan Thiet. According to the legend of the local people, the whale, also known as “Ca Ong”, has helped fishermen and boats many times at sea. Therefore, when the fish died and washed to the shore of Phu Quy, the local people had made the funeral solemnly, and every year hold the Nghinh Ong Festival.


Whale skeleton in Van An Thach

Trieu Duong Bay

Thanks to the wide, white and smooth sandy beach as well as clear blue water, this place has become a familiar destination with both the locals and visitors. Especially, on the shore, there is a pine forest with shady shadow, which is suitable for a group picnic during a Phan Thiet tour in Vietnam.

Linh Quang Pagoda

This is a national historical monument located on a high hill in My Khe Hamlet, Tam Thanh Commune. Currently, the pagoda still holds the special and outstanding features of the Nguyen dynasty.

Giant wind turbines

Giant wind turbines were built to create electricity to serve the people on the island. At present, there are 3 wind turbines, each is 60m in height and the propeller is 37m in length. From the lighthouse or the top of Linh Son Pagoda, you can easily see these huge wind turbines. Especially, the way out these turbines is very beautiful, with one side is the sea, the other is the beautiful tree rows along the road.


Wind turbines

Phu Quy Lighthouse

Phu Quy Lighthouse – the highlight of a Phan Thiet tours – is located on Cam Mountain at 108m above sea level, 3km west of Ngu Phung Commune. The terrain on the island is quite flat, with no high mountains so Phu Quy lighthouse is the highest point on the island. To visit the lighthouse, visitors have to walk, climb up the mountain with more than 120 steps. Although climbing is tired, once you get there, you will feel that it is completely worthwhile because from the lighthouse, you will be able to have the panoramic view of the island from above, and see the fishing boats running on the sea.


Phu Quy Lighthouse