Wonderful islands in Kien Giang Province


Summer is coming, that is the time for us to chill out after hard working days. So do you have any plans for this summer? We would like to introduce you Vietnam off the beaten track tours to 5 wonderful islands in Kien Giang Province to those, especially, who want to get away from it all. Let find out what they are.

Hon Son Island – one of the top pristine and charming islands in Kien Giang

Hon Son – one of the top islands in Vietnam is famous for its clean beach, white sand, blue sea and coconut trees, wild rocky terrain, quiet space suitable for travelers to refresh their minds after busy days in the city.


Tourist taking pictures with the coconut trees in Hon Son Island

Hon Son Island is located between Nam Du Island and Hon Tre Island. It possesses an unspoiled beach and coconut palms which are checked in most.

Coming here, besides swimming in the beach, you can dive and admire the coral reef between Da Bang and Doc 3 Floor, conquer Ma Thien Lanh mount with the view of the mass blue sea.

In addition, Hon Son also own Than Lai Son Temple, Ba Chu Temple, Hai Son Pagoda, Pho Tinh Pagoda. All of them are located at the Bai Nha (House Beach) that is quite convenient for sightseeing. This is a great place for introverts, like spiritual travel.

May Rut Ngoai Island- The picturesque island in Kien Giang

Hon May Rut Ngoai Island cannot be missed when traveling to Southern Vietnam, typically Kien Giang. The island always gives us very strange emotions, difficult to determine from the moment of contemplation. Beach in May Rut Ngoai is pretty wild, there are many rocks and less sand so the water is very clear. Especially in the sandy seasons, the beach will have only white sand and blue water as beautiful as a painting.


Clear water in May Rut Ngoai Island

Hon May Rut Ngoai is located in the south of Phu Quoc Island, about 3 nautical miles from the center of An Thoi town. To reach this spot, you can go by train for about an hour.


Gorgeous Hon May Rut Ngoai Island from high above

Travel to this island, you can not only enjoy swimming but also have a relaxing hammock, listen to the surfing waves or wander the island and take beautiful pictures. When it falls down, you can admire the sunset and have a party with your friends as well.

Hon Xuong Island – Astonishing beauty in Kien Giang

Regarding the geographical distance between the center and the islands, Hon Xuong is the farthest one, located in the south of Phu Quoc Island. The sea water here is extremely clear that you can see the bottom.


A breath-taking view in Hon Xuong Island

If you have a chance to visit Hon Xuong Island, the most interesting thing you should do is pay a visit to a large cave with magnificent cliffs. From this cave, you can spoil the beautiful sea view at the island. It seems that you are lost in a fairyland. You also can watch the colorful coral reefs there. Thus, Hon Xuong is definitely a great tourist destination for your Southern Vietnam tours.

Hon Tre Island –The cleanest bathing beach in Kien Giang

Hon Tre is 3.5 km long, the largest area is about 2 km. Its beach is considered as the cleanest one which still remains a wild beauty.


The cleanest beach in Kien Giang Province

Residents of the island live on gardening, fishing, and processing seafood. Visiting Hon Tre, you not only are overwhelmed with the beautiful scenery like pictures but also enjoy the contemplating dishes in your Vietnam off the beaten track tour.

Hon Mau Island – The island own a crystal beauty in Kien Giang

Hon Mau consists of 21 islands from small to large, bringing a natural landscape of sun and wind. Hon Mau is like a beautiful young woman with white sand beaches stretching along the clear blue water, the green coconut swinging in the clouds, waving in the wind.


The rustic beauty of Hon Mau Island

In addition to the beauty given by Mother Nature, this landmark also serves a wide range of seafood such as crabs, fish, snail and so on. It also offers many attractive sea tourism services such as squid fishing, fishing, diving … you may be interested in.

Cu Lao Xanh – a “blue pearl” shining bright Binh Dinh


Cu Lao Xanh may be an unfamiliar name to some people. But out of expectation, it is such a beautiful island with the endless blue horizon of the sea and sky. This place is regarded as a priceless present from nature and for local people only.

Cu Lao Xanh is located in Nhon Chau Commune, Quy Nhon City, Binh Dinh Province. It’s the home to over 3000 people and is 24 km away from the mainland.

Cu Lao Xanh

Cu Lao Xanh

Best time to travel Cu Lao Xanh

The scenery of Cu Lao Xanh is beautiful all year round. However, you had better not come to visit this island in late July and August since it’s high time of dangerous storms. Besides, you should avoid winter seasons as well because there are not so many activities to join during these months. The ideal time to explore Cu Lao Xanh is from February to June and from September to October.

How to move to Cu Lao Xanh

It’s about more than 1000 km from Hanoi to Quy Nhon, therefore, traveling by plane is the best choice. If you go from Ho Chi Minh City, the same decision should be made as the two cities are 700 km away from each other.

From Quy Nhon, you can get a taxi to Ham Tu port. There, you will buy a boat ticket to travel to Cu Lao Xanh. It takes around 2 hours if you travel by wooden boat and just 50 minutes if you choose speedboat (ticket price is about 200.000 VND). Setting off time from Ham Tu port is from 1 p.m. to 1h30 p.m. and from Cu Lao Cham back to the mainland is from 6 a.m. to 6h30 a.m.

Hostels in Cu Lao Xanh

Unlike other Southern Vietnam tours, you don’t have many options for staying in Cu Lao Xanh since this island hasn’t been exploited much yet. There are only some residents’ houses that are upgraded for rent with low cost. If you like something romantic at night in such a natural place, you can also rent tents to stay right on the beaches.

Tents on the beach

Tents on the beach

What to visit in Cu Lao Xanh

It is said that if you travel to Southern Vietnam, you should not miss Binh Dinh. And if you travel to Binh Dinh, you should not miss Cu Lao Xanh. So what is exactly worth visiting Cu Lao Xanh?

The Lighthouse

After settling down, you can start your adventure on this dreamy island by exploring the lighthouse. To get to this 119-meter-high architecture, you must go along concrete roads, getting across small houses and climb on stone stairs. It will take you a lot of time and effort but as you get to the top, broaden your vision with blue sea and sky, you will figure out what it is all about.

The lighthouse

The lighthouse

Gieng Tien Stream

Following The Lighthouse, the next destination to visit is Gieng Tien stream. Located in the Northwest of the Lighthouse, it is said to have witnessed fairies from heaven to come and take bath in during ancient time. Despite being called a “stream”, this place still makes you feel the purity and taste of the ocean.

Sandy and rocky beaches

Keep walking along small roads surrounding the beaches, you will see beautiful wildflowers, endless blue sea and large sand dunes in which turtles lay their eggs. After getting tired, people often jump right into the sea to cool down their body and get rid of tiredness. In the afternoon, you can also contemplate romantic sunset with your dearest friends and family.

Rocky beach Cu Lao Xanh

Rocky beach Cu Lao Xanh

There are even more and more places to go. To get the best experience there, you had better come to Cu Lao Xanh and explore yourself.