Vung Tau tour in April and May


If you are still concerned about the tour for family in Vietnam in April, we highly suggest you travel in Vietnam with family tour in Vung Tau.


Vung Tau

Vung Tau is a coastal city in the tropical monsoon climate. Accordingly, Vung Tau has two distinct seasons which are the rainy season lasts from May to October and the dry season starts from November until April.

Because it is only 125 kilometers from Ho Chi Minh City, Vung Tau climate is similar to that of Ho Chi Minh City. The area average temperatures are from 24 to 28 Celsius degrees, high hours of sunshine and occasional storms.

With the temperature fluctuations not too large, the weather year-round is stable. Therefore you can go to Vung Tau at any time but the most beautiful moment is from April to May. In this period of time, Vung Tau welcomes visitors with magnificent natural sceneries, the peaceful atmosphere. Vung Tau has something that catches the eyes of the people whenever come to this land. Referring to the peaceful atmosphere, people cannot leave the pagodas here. Annually, there are many meaningful festivals which are still preserved by the young generations.

Going to Vung Tau, you will have the opportunity to relax on the beach under the golden sunshine of the tropics. At here, some people like wandering on the coastal road, hearing the wind carrying the salty sails of the ocean. This small city makes many people think about the poetic things of life.


Vung Tau beaches

You can come to Vung Tau from April to May to find the quiet space of the blue sea, white sand, sunshine. Vung Tau is always the great choice.

Many choose the summer time to travel to Vung Tau. This is the time when the northern and central provinces are in winter. The temperature is extremely low, sometimes it makes people numb. Nevertheless, Vung Tau is still blue today, the water is still clear and the sunshine is welcoming the new day from the busy city to the small fishing village nestled beside the beaches.

Then people would like to swim in the clear waters of the ocean, lye on the sand for morning sunshine. Sometimes, people choose an afternoon when the sun is falling down behind the mountain range from far away. The landscape is strangely peaceful. Then, on the extremely hot sunny days. The sultry and cramped atmosphere of the city sometimes makes people want to choke. They again find Vung Tau to be comfortable in the dreaming atmosphere of the sea.

In particular, you should not travel to Vung Tau on the weekend or holidays. The number of tourists is quite large. It leads to the situation of the hotel out of space. Moreover the prices of services increase significantly and of course, you will find it hard to find the comfort of ordinary days.

It seems that in the continuous development of the city, people still find the wild beauty of the beach. Choose for yourself an ideal time, excursions to Vung Tau to enjoy the beauty of the land and people.

Vung Tau is beautiful like that, but where to stay in Vung Tau?

Homestay is now the first choice of some people as it’s cheap and nice. Some of the homestay in Vung Tau can be said are:

  • An Yen homestay: The space is quite simple but comfortable. At there, the homestay also provides enough furniture from television to refrigerator.
  • Bach Cuc homestay: Not too modern but here is also one of the homestays with the pretty interior. And especially if you are a quiet and peaceful lover who want to forget the chaos of life, Bach Cuc is an indispensable choice.


An Yen homestay

Some people choose a hotel or resort for their stop during their Vietnam family packages.

The Imperial Hotel: The Imperial Hotel is the leading 5 star Vung Tau hotel in the beautiful coastal city. From the rooms, guests can look out to the sea or the greenery of the hotel. Each room is fully equipped with wifi, TV, TV cable, mini bar, other international facilities and private balcony.

Pullman Vung Tau: All rooms have sea or city views and are equipped with free wifi. The Pullman standard bedding system will provide guests with a comfortable bed with soft cotton pillows. The rooms are fully equipped with standard European equipment.


Pullman Vung Tau