Vietnam tourism is becoming more attractive in the eyes of international travelers because of its cheap price, the long history, rich culture and rich identity. Spreading along the S-shaped land is a combination of natural landscapes and exquisite architectures which are worth to experience at least in your life. However, many foreign tourists before traveling to Vietnam have not the best preparation for their discovery here. This article will help but also the foreign visitors not only Vietnamese people when traveling in Vietnam with some Vietnam travel guides in the below.


Vietnam tourism

The foreigners, or even Vietnamese travelers, when arriving at tourist destinations need to be equipped with travel knowledge, what should do and what should not do to avoid trouble.


Foreign tourists to Vietnam

The first thing to do when traveling is not drinking water directly from the tap, especially after occurring floods. Water quality is deteriorating, organic matter is increasing, and dissolved oxygen levels are reduced. Even the groundwater in many places in Vietnam is also heavily polluted, so this affects the quality of water supplied to the taps. Floods not only damage people but also severely affect the lives of people. After floods, water sources are often dirty and polluted by the waste from many things such as sewage, mud, dead animals which are mixed into the water of rivers, streams, and lakes. The travelers do not drink water directly from the taps when traveling to Vietnam after floods.


Do not drink water directly from the tap

When visiting the home of the indigenous people or the spiritual places such as the pagodas, the temples, the tourists should choose the fit, suitable clothes. What visitors should wear when going to the temples is one of the sensitive issues that must not everyone also knows, especially the international visitors first come to Vietnam. According to the concept of Buddhism, the sacred place, the simplicity, the sanctity is always placed on top. Colored clothes courteous would be the ideal choice.


The polite clothes when going to the temple

The next thing that this post wants to remind guests is not to bring valuables when going out at night or go swimming at the beaches in Vietnam.


Do not bring valuables when going swimming

The travelers do not carry the value things such as watches, jewelry, necklaces when going to the sea because waves can strike at any time. There are a lot of property thefts taking place in tourist areas, so it is important to enhance the awareness of self-protection against theft. When leaving the room, guests should send valuable property such as money, gold, silver, gems, jewelry at the hotel reception to ensure safety. When checking-in procedure, check the door carefully. If they are broken, immediately notify the business establishment to be replaced it.


Sending valuables at the hotel reception before going to the beach

When traveling in areas where many ethnic people live, tourists should not give money directly to the ethnic minorities. Instead of donating to local charities or give them a small gift such as a pen.


H’Mong girls and foreign tourists in Sapa

The above are a few remarks for travelers which should not do in Vietnam and below are the things to have to experience when discovering here.

This first advice is that visitors should stay overnight on Ha Long Bay. Some Vietnam local tour operator offers a very enjoyable experience. It is to discover the mysterious beauty of natural wonders with the harmonious combination of rock and water, hidden in beautiful caves to surprise, sleep on luxury yachts with interior harmony. Tourists have a chance to experience a true travel itinerary.

Hanoi Old Quarter is the usual name of a long-standing metropolitan area in Hanoi located outside of Thang Long Imperial Citadel. This urban area is home to small-scale industrial and commercial activities, which form the characteristic streets of the city. Many monuments, shopping points in the old town such as 87 Ma May Old House, Kim Ngan temple, Quan Do Temple, Dong Xuan Market are the ideal stopover for visitors to experience at least.


An exciting night in the old town in Hanoi

Once a month, on the 14th day of the lunar month, Hoi An old town becomes beautiful with the Lantern Festival. From 16 o’clock, the roads along the Hoai River in the Old Quarter have banned traffic, and up to 18 o’clock, the lanterns have been lit. The visitors should miss the opportunity to attend the full moon festival in Hoi An ancient town.


Lantern festival in Hoi An town

Besides, there are many things to do when traveling in Vietnam such as visiting, buying at the largest market in Saigon – Ben Thanh market, watching traditional water puppet show in Hanoi, drinking stem wine.