5 most spectacular islets for your best tours in Vietnam


On summer days, traveling will give you a great time to rest and re-boost your energy. However, it is also a tourist season so most famous destinations will be quite crowded. Therefore, choosing some uncommon places will allow you to enjoy your holiday without getting exhausted.

The following 5 islets will definitely satisfy you and bring you the best tours in Vietnam. Let’s pack up and go!

Thu Islet


Thu islet (source: Internet)

One of the best islets that you should visit while taking Vietnam tours is Thu Islet. Located in Binh Thuan Province, it is lucky to have a breath-taking beauty. It has many other local names, such as Khoai Xu Islet, Thuan Tinh Island, or Phu Quy Island. This is an extremely attractive tourist destination in Binh Thuan and a gift from Mother Nature, which shows the power of the natural world.

Not only are there precious natural resources but also various landscapes on Thu Islet. You will be able to contemplate spectacular beaches, ranges of coral reefs, and large rocks going up and down on the water. The weather here is very comfortable and the air is fresh all year round.

Because the islet is preserved well and likely undamaged, you will have a chance to live with nature and enjoy the pure atmosphere. Don’t forget to try interesting activities, such as sea-bathing, fishing, climbing, and driving around the islet.

Re Islet


sunset re islet(source: Internet)

Re Islet is the common name of Big Island, located in Ly Son Island, Quang Ngai Province. Although this is a small islet, you will find numerous historical traits of a Vietnam’s magnanimous time here. They show important battles of the Vietnamese against invaders for dominion over Ly Son Island. Today, Re Islet is a charming and peaceful destination for tourists to visit.

Beaches on Re Islet are clean and fresh so feel free to dip your body into the blue sea water. Moreover, don’t miss the sunrise and sunset on the islet. You will be surprised at how magnificent they are. The best place to contemplate them is Thoi Loi Mountain Top. Standing on it, you will have an overview of the ocean and garlic fields of the citizens.

There are also three remains on Re Islet that you should not miss, which are An Hai Communal House, Am Linh Pagoda, and Hang Temple. They reveal the deepest secrets of numerous soldiers on Hoang Sa and Truong Island in wartime.

Cham Islet


cham islet (source: Internet)

Cham Islet is one of the ideal destinations if you want to have a Vietnam beach vacation. Situated about 15 kilometers from Cua Dai Beach and having 8 small islets in the combination, Cham Islet has won the love of tourists for years. It is compared to a paradise on the ocean with a peaceful beauty. 15 minutes is the time you need to travel from Cua Dai Beach to Cham Islet.

One of the fascinating activities here is snorkeling and watching coral reefs. You will have a chance to contemplate an abundant marine life under the islet. In the evening, there are many common activities for tourists that you can try, such as cycling or going fishing inshore. Due to the increase in the number of travelers every year, the nightlife on the islet has recently been quite eventful.

Don’t hesitate to try all activities on the islet because you will definitely have unforgettable moments. 

Cau Islet


camping cau islet(source: Internet)

In case you are too tired with the noisy and bustling atmosphere of the city you are living in, Cau Islet in Binh Thuan Province will be a perfect place to hide. Together with Thu Islet, Cau Islet makes an excellent tourist destination.

It looks surprisingly majestic in distance, which is just like a kingdom of odd-shaped-rocks. The islet also attracts travelers due to its clear blue sea water. In fact, it is so clear that you can even see the bottom. That is why the scuba-diving service is popular here as well.

If you want to see floristic compositions, coral reefs or try catching fishes and shrimps on colorful rocks, this service will provide everything you need. When the night comes, you can hold a BBQ party on the beach, make a camp-fire, or play games with your friends. Enjoying yourself while listening to the sound of ocean waves is a very interesting activity that you should not miss.

Xanh Islet


xanh islet(source: Internet)

As a small island in Quy Nhon City, Binh Dinh Province, Xanh Islet looks just like a precious pearl on the ocean. It is one of the most recommended destinations for you when traveling to Vietnam.

A special thing that you should know about this islet is that there is only a small number of citizens living here. Most of them are old folks and children. Therefore, staying on the islet will let you experience a strange but exciting feeling of a desolate destination.

The name of the islet comes from its green and clear sea water. If you love sea-bathing, it will ideally satisfy you. Traveling in groups, you will have various interesting things to do, such as camping or throwing a barbecue on the beach. Comparing to other destinations for holidays, Xanh Islet is still uncommon to tourists. So don’t think too much about where to go and be one of the first travelers to discover it. You will have the best tours in Vietnam.

The natural beauty of Ly Son and Binh Ba Island


With more than 4000 islands, Vietnam tourism is famous for island tours with the different beauty. However, due to the development of tourism industry, only a few Vietnam islands can still keep their picturesque natural landscape without being affected.

Ly Son Island and Binh Ba Island are outstanding examples. Thus, it will be a big mistake if you ignore these 2 natural islands during your Vietnam tours.

Ly Son Island

Ly Son is an island district of Quang Ngai Province, located about 30km offshore with an area of nearly 10km2 and a population of over 20,000 people. In recent years, thanks to its unique beauty, Ly Son Island has become a top island as well as a hot tourist destination of Vietnam. Especially, it still keeps its wild beauty without being much exploited by the tourism industry. In Ly Son, there are not a lot of hotels but some locals here run homestay services with affordable prices. Or else you can build a tent on Small Island (Đảo Bé) overnight to eat and rest without extra cost.

The beauty of Ly Son

The beauty of Ly Son

Coming to Ly Son Island, you will be immersed in the vast blue sky along with five mountains, creating the majestic landscape. Ly Son is famous for many kinds of seafood such as snails, King crabs, sea urchins, etc. In addition to that, once you are here, you should pay a visit to garlic fields – another well-known specialty of Ly Son.

Garlic fields in Ly Son

Garlic fields in Ly Son

If you want to go to the beach, you are highly recommended to visit the Small Island. Considered as “the small Maldives in Vietnam”, it’s not surprising that you will be overwhelmed by the speechless beauty of the beach here. Besides, To Vo Gate, Hang Pagoda, Hang Cau Cave, the flagpole at Thoi Loi Mountain, etc. are also famous landmarks of Ly Son that you should not ignore.

Binh Ba Island

Binh Ba is a small island in Cam Ranh, about 50km away from Nha Trang and 400km away from Ho Chi Minh City. Services in Binh Ba have not been developed as many other places, but it’s very attractive to tourists. If you have any intention of traveling to Vietnam, Binh Ba Island will be a great choice. You can visit Binh Ba in any season of a year because the traveling and eating cost is extremely cheap.

This place is like a wonderful crystal ball with jade green water beach, white and smooth sand. Binh Ba Island is the place where welcomes dawn early, so watching the sunrise is a must-try activity once you arrive. Chuong Beach, Nom Beach and Cu Beach have the most beautiful sunrise spots in Binh Ba.

Binh Ba Island

Binh Ba Island

The most popular specialty in Binh Ba is lobsters. That is the reason why people also call this island with another name “Lobster Island”. Besides, squids, clams, scallops, fish of all kinds, etc. are also the favorite dishes of Binh Ba.

Lobsters specialty of Binh Ba

Lobsters specialty of Binh Ba

Since Binh Ba has just been exploited for a few recent years, the prices of services are still cheap. However, the overuse exploitation of some people has changed the nature of this charming island. Another special thing about this island is that it is not allowed for foreigners to visit because it’s a military island. Thus, when you come here, you can only see Vietnamese visitors.

Binh Islands in Khanh Hoa – Vietnam’s miniature Maldives


Khanh Hoa features a nice balance of urban and beach environments. And with its nice weather all year round, there really is no bad time to pay a visit to this coastal province in South Central Vietnam. When you need a respite from the city's busy street life, retreat to 4 “Binh islands” in Khanh Hoa – these less-traveled islands in Vietnam!

Binh Lap Island – “slow-living” heaven in Khanh Hoa

Binh Lap Island

Binh Lap Island

For an island getaway that is more rustic than tropical, consider Binh Lap Island. With its picture-perfect beaches, amazing shoreline, crystal clear waters, fresh salt-smelling air, and light sand, it is surprising that Khanh Hoa paradise of Binh Lap Island is not popular with the masses on their Vietnam tours.

Explore some of the best scenery that this island has to offer by walking along Bai Ngang – a giant blue mirror with the slight wind, reaching the top of Hon Chut Lighthouse – a landmark constructed 100 years ago or diving deep to get closer to these colorful coral reefs on Bai Ran. Afterwards, reward yourself by stocking up on a barbecue party with a campfire on Bai Lao or Bai Ngang.

  • Where to Stay: Located 56 miles from downtown Nha Trang, every room at the 4-star Ngoc Suong Resort features ocean views of the picturesque Cam Ranh Bay. (Room rates range from USD $70 to USD $122/bungalow/night).
  • Getting There: Binh Lap Island is about 50 miles from Nha Trang City and is just over 31 miles from Cam Ranh Airport. You can get to Binh Lap by canoe and travel around by motorbike.

Binh Ba Island – the sunrise capital of Khanh Hoa

 Binh Ba Island

Binh Ba Island

One of the spots that welcome the earliest sunrise in Vietnam, Binh Ba is not surprisingly called the sunrise capital of Khanh Hoa.

Even though Binh Ba covers an area of around 3km square in Cam Binh Commune, Cam Ranh City, there is plenty to do with its exceptionally beautiful beaches and impressive islands. Welcome a new day on Chuong Island, Nom Island, or Old house Island. Then, go swimming, snorkeling, and diving in Nom beach. For a family-friendly excursion, rent tents for camping on the beach or join hand at fish and squid night catching. And make sure to sample this island’s food specialty – grilled lobsters.

  • Where To Stay: Try Mr. Bay Ho Hostel, which is situated near Nom beach and has elegant rooms with magnificent sea views. (Room rates start at $4.3/night)
  • Getting There: Approximately 37 miles from Nha Trang and 242 miles from Ho Chi Minh City, Binh Ba Island is accessible by a canoe ride from Cam Ranh Port.

Binh Hung Island – A hidden coarse gem of Khanh Hoa

 Binh Hung Island

Binh Hung Island

Who needs Danang and Nha Trang? With its surprisingly laid-back vibe, Binh Hung in Khanh Hoa boasts some of the most stunning island getaway destinations!

Coined "the coarse gem of Khanh Hoa province," Binh Hung Island is a quaint coastal escape steeped in South-Central Vietnam, with its 7 pristine beaches and the freshest of seafood. Start your trip to Kinh beach, where white sand and shallow beach meet the warm and clear waters of the Cam Ranh Bay. For a swimming-friendly excursion, visit the special Freshwater Beach where you can enjoy a freshwater stream running down from Chua Mountain. Don't leave without hitting Egg Stone beach to admire its unique landscape created by huge-egg-like-shaped rocks!

  • Where To Stay: Look into one of the islanders’ many hostels, or try a raft house for a one-of-a-kind experience. (Rates start at $3/night/person).
  • Getting There: About a 1-hour-boat ride from Binh Ba Island. Motorbike and canoe are the means of transport on this island.

Binh Tien Island

 Binh Tien Island

Binh Tien Island

Hope to splurge on an exotic trip to a tropical locale in a less-known destination on your Vietnam tours? Let’s unplug from the daily grind with a journey to Binh Tien Island – a true desert oasis that makes Khanh Hoa a top travel destination.

  • Where To Stay: Prepare your own tent for an unforgettable night at an open-air hotel.

Khanh Hoa is an island paradise, where you can still find one right next door. Whether you are looking for relaxation or adventure, these best islands in Vietnam promise both for a price that will not break the bank.

Vietnam tours review: Top Islands in Vietnam


Naturally blessed with over 4,000 islands, it is no surprise when Vietnam has become such a hit with tourists wishing to spend their vacation on an isolated and peaceful island. Clear crystal blue water, white smooth sand beaches, charming scenes together with unique local life create an irresistible appeal to every tourist coming to these islands at first sight.

Co To Island

Regarded as “Nha Trang of Northern Vietnam”, Co To Island has become a new ideal destination for travelers wishing to escape from the bustle and hustle of the fast-moving life. Coming to Co To Island, visitors will see the crystal clear sea reflecting green mountains and the blue sky. Fresh air, peaceful atmosphere, romantic scenes, hospitable locals and luscious seafood are what appear on visitors’ mind when thinking about this heaven island. That is why it is extremely suitable for your honeymoon.

Co To Island

Co To Island

It takes us nearly two hours to travel by boat to arrive at Co To Island. The boat starts from Cai Rong port (Van Don, Quang Ninh), runs through the Bai Tu Long Bay, passes Quan Lan Island and come to Co To Island. On the way to Co To, we will see a small Halong Bay with thousands of scattered islands across the ocean and local fishing villages.

In Co To Island, in addition to swimming, tourist can take part in different activities such as visiting natural forests, Co To lighthouse, parks and memorial statues of President Ho Chi Minh, travelling to local seafood markets to by something as gifts for friends or families, diving at night, photo taking or simply just spend time relaxing at beaches. You can hire a motorbike at 150,000VND/day, but it had better choose an electric car with the driver as a tour guide.

Because this island has just been developed for tourism recently with no high-end amenity hotel or luxurious restaurant and entertainment services, Co To is a great place for tourists to explore the wild nature and local’s friendliness and fresh seafood. Do not worry all of them are at cheap costs.

Must-see destinations are Cau My Rock, Small Co To Island, Hong Van Beach, Van Chay Beach, Co To Lighthouse, and many more.

Ly Son Island

Are you dreaming of walking on “Jeju Island in South Korea”? If “yes”, you should not miss Ly Son of Vietnam. With the ideal geography and landscape, this stunning island in Quang Ngai Province was formed by the volcanic eruption millions of years ago.

Ly Son Island

Ly Son Island

It is such a hit with visitors for the exquisite highlights of the rugged mountains rising in the boundless zone of the earth and the sky. All tourists coming here, especially backpackers try to discover and conquer the highest mountains, and it is worth as they can obtain the wholesome view of the island. The crystal blue sea water and vast garlic farms create a vivid picture.

Besides the high mountains and cool climate like “Jeju of Vietnam”, Ly Son Island also attracts millions of tourist every year with a pristine beauty, with the blue sea and white smooth sand beaches twinkling under the bright sunlight. Moreover, numerous interesting activities are waiting for us to explore such as snail catching, scuba diving to admire brilliantly-colored coral reefs, or swimming together with the colorful fish.

If you wish to have a more meaningful trip, Ly Son also satisfy you with many ancient pagodas and holy temples like Hang Pagoda, Hoang Sa-Truong Son Relics, Cau Cave, Duc Pagoda, Cau Pagoda, Am Linh Pagoda and An Hai Communal House. Especially, do not forget Hang Pagoda featuring the biggest cave dedicated to Buddha worshipping since the 16th century and An Hai Communal House, the oldest communal house in Quang Ngai and the nation’s historical heritage since 1820 with lots of historical relics of the Cham and Sa Huynh culture.

So what is more amazing than walking in Jeju of South Korea right in Vietnam and at very cheap costs?

Phu Quoc

Top 3 famous travel destinations by National Geographic and top 10 cruise destinations in Asia by Asia One, Phu Quoc is undoubtedly a great island for your vacation. Phu Quoc’s untouched beauty attracts those loving pristine beaches and the intact beauty of the wilderness and nature.

As the most beautiful island of Vietnam, this “Pearl Island” impresses visitors by white and golden sand beaches twinkling under the sunshine, dense tropical jungles with diversified flora and fauna, clear blue water, and especially the peace that we find our soul. Romantic view, cool climate, wild nature and best seafood make tourists like they are in Hawaii heaven. Three most amazing beaches at Phu Quoc that we should not miss when arriving in Phu Quoc are Long Beach listed in the “World Hidden Beaches”, charming Ong Lan Beach for couples, and alluring Bai Sao.

Phu Quoc

Phu Quoc

The beach remains pristine with crystal blue water, romantic palm trees and soft sands, which is extremely suitable for numerous water sports like boat-sailing, sunbathing, diving, swimming, kite-surfing or simply walking hand in hand with your lovers. Scuba-diving to see some nice coral reef and a bamboo shark are also exciting to experience. If you have time, let’s explore traditional fishing villages and see how pearls are made at pearl farms on the Southern end of the beach.

What’s more, Phu Quoc seafood will give you the best taste ever – fresh, firm, luscious and cheap. Let’s try!

These above are top three most favorite islands that you should not miss when coming to Vietnam. Let’s backpack, travel to Vietnam, join Vietnam islands tours and have a great time with friends and family.