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The best Vietnam island travel guide for an unparalleled holiday


It is fortunate for Vietnam to have some of the most splendid islands in the world. Today, vietnamislands will bring you to a comprehensive Vietnam island travel guide for your holiday.

Cat Ba Islands

Cat Ba Island

Cat Ba Island

When to visit Cat Ba

June and July are the best months due to comfortable weather of autumn in Cat Ba. However, there is a difference between domestic and foreign tourists. While domestic tourists often come to Cat Ba in summer and autumn (April to October), foreign travelers tend to love winter and spring (November to March).

How to get there

  • By motorboat

If you start from Hai Phong City, taking a motorboat will be an ideal way to save your time. Binh Station is the place you need to go and buy tickets from. It takes about 200,000 – 250,000 VND per ticket (about $8.8 – $11) and 45 minutes to get to Cat Ba.

  • By ferry-boat

Ferry-boat is available to help those with a private car. Although it takes 2-3 hours to arrive at the island, 4 times more than taking a motorboat, you will need to pay only 50,000 – 70,000 VND per person (about $2.2 – $3.8). Come to Dinh Vu Station if this means of transportation is your choice.

Where to go

  • Sea-bathing

It would be ashamed if you don’t take a sea-bath once in Cat Ba beaches. Three most famous ones are Cat Co 1, 2, and 3, which are very close to the center of the island. Cat Co 2 seems to attract the greatest number of tourists because of crystal clear blue water. It takes 10,000 VND per person (44 cents) to enter the beaches.

One notification from local travel guides for you is that you should go ashore before 6.30 pm. The tides can go high and waves can crash severely after that time.

  • Visiting Monkey Island

Its former name was Cat Dua (Pineapple Sand) due to a large number of wild pineapple trees found on the island. Today, the name Monkey Island is more familiar because 20 little monkeys often go down to the beach and play with travelers. Located on Lan Ha Bay of Cat Ba Islands, Monkey Island will be an unforgettable destination.

  • Cai Beo ancient fishing village

As one of the oldest fishing village in Vietnam, Cai Beo is very famous in Cat Ba Islands. The houses there are floated on the sea-water surface, making it easy for villagers to raise their farm. Unlike the crowded station in Lan Ha Bay, the village is very peaceful and lovely.

You should rent a boat and listen to the stories about Cai Beo village from the ferryman. You will see how wonderful the place is.

Ly Son Island

Ly Son Island

Clear blue water in Ly Son

When to visit Ly Son

The best time to come to Ly Son is from June to September. It is summer in Vietnam and almost sunny every day on the island.

How to get there

  • By motorboat

Before going to Ly Son by motorboat, which is located on Sa Ky Port, you need to get to Quang Ngai Province. There are three options to arrive there, including by plane, by train, and by coach. You can choose the means you want depending on your budget.

Where to go

  • Cave pagoda

The pagoda is situated on An Hai commune in Ly Son Island. It was built by one of the founders of An Hai commune thousands of years ago. The pagoda has such a strange name because it lies in one of the largest caves in Ly Son.

Under the gate of the temple, there is a skylight whose water is originated from underground. The moss and stalactites created by the skylight make the whole pagoda look mysterious and fabulous.

  • Mu Cu Island

If you want to watch the sunrise, this island will be a perfect place. About 3.2 kilometers (1 mile) away from the center of Ly Son Town, Mu Cu is right close to An Hai anchor. The island is beautiful due to exclusive black boulders overlapping one another.

However, things that are most attractive about the island are the quiet, peace, and excellent places to watch the sunrise. It is an appropriate place for anyone looking for a silent space and enjoying the nature.

  • Thoi Loi Mountaintop

Thoi Loi is the highest mountain on Ly Son Island and also an extinct volcano. The way to its mountaintop have relatively a lot of obstacles and difficulties. Although it is only 149 meters high and cannot be compared to Fansipan or Everest, the mountaintop is enough to horripilate the bravest ones.

But when getting to the top, all efforts will be paid. A freshwater lake will appear in the sunlight, combining with a herd of cows grazing on the meadows, make everything look like a magnificent oil painting. Try to get to the top and you will see.

Con Dao Island

Ca Map Cape

Ca map cape Con Dao

When to visit Con Dao

The first special thing that you should know about Con Dao is that you can visit it anytime in a year. From March to September, it is the rainy season. However, the rain never lasts longer than 1 hour and the weather is always fine. From October to February, although the waves are usually big, the West and South-West side of the island are appropriate for sea-bathing.

How to get there

  • By plane

If you start from Ho Chi Minh City or Can Tho City, taking the direct airline of Vietnam Airlines will be an outstanding option. If you get going from Hanoi, you will need to transit in one of the previous cities. The flight often takes 55 minutes.

  • By sea

Taking a trip with a minimum budget is always on the top priorities of many people. And traveling by sea is a way to do that. To buy a boat ticket to Ben Dam harbor on Con Dao Island, you will need to get to Cat Lo harbor in Vung Tau City. 350,000 VND per ticket ($15.4) is the money you need to pay.

Nevertheless, there might be a chance that you will have seasick while staying on the boat, especially from September to March. So prepare yourself.

Where to go

  • Dam Trau Beach

Considered the most staggering beach on the island, Dam Trau is 12 kilometers away from Co Ong airport. The place is famous for its pearl white seashore, soft sand, and unique primeval forests. Therefore, tourists can choose to sea bath, sightsee, or particularly, scuba-diving to see coral reefs. It will be a brand new experience for risk-takers.

  • Con Dao prison

Con Dao has a system of prisons, built by the French in wartime to keep Vietnamese soldiers under their watch. The most popular cell room in the system was the “Tiger Prison,” which is also the fiercest one. To have deeper understandings on Vietnamese history and character, visiting Con Dao prison is an exceptionally good way.

  • Suoi Nong Beach

This is another magnificent beach on Con Dao Island. Its difference from Dam Trau Beach is that travelers do not come here to sea-bath. They come to visit a remarkable mangrove forest, which is not easy to be found in other islands. If you want to try rowing a boat and take a look at one of the most exclusive marine ecology in Vietnam, Suoi Nong Beach is always welcomed.

Phu Quoc Island

Sunrise on Phu Quoc

Sunrise on Phu Quoc

When to visit Phu Quoc

Similar to Con Dao Island, Phu Quoc weather is beautiful all year round because the average temperature is always approximately 28 Celsius degrees. Nonetheless, Phu Quoc is the most stunning in the dry season, which is from October and March. And the most important thing is to keep track of the weather forecast to pick the best time to go.

How to get there

  • By plane

Traveling by air is a recommended means of transportation in this situation. Again, Vietnam Airlines will be your best friend because it is the only brand having a direct flight from almost anywhere in the South Vietnam. It will take about 50 minutes to get to Phu Quoc Island.

  • By motorboat

If you have time to spare, hitting the road on a motorboat seems so fantastic. You will have to wait for over 2 hours before taking the first steps on the island. The price for a person is about 320,000 VND (about $14). There is an air-conditioner and high-tech television that they want to tall around the world. The staff on the boats are always willing to help passengers when they meet difficulties.

Where to go

  • Bai Sao Beach

Bai Sao is one of the most spectacular beaches on Phu Quoc Island. The place has an over 7-kilometer white and curved seashore. Looking from above, you will see how it is similar to a moon on the wane. Bai Sao Beach is always crowded with tourists in the afternoon so coming at early times will be better for you.

  • Coi Nguon Museum

You will not want to bypass the place if you love history. The museum keeps “the soul” of Phu Quoc Island. Every piece of the stories about the island will be revealed when you come to the museum. There are over 3000 antiques are being preserved there. 300 of them are precious bibliographies about Phu Quoc, written in Chinese character, Vietnamese, English, and French.

  • Dinh Cau Cape

This is a common tourist site that no one wants to ignore. The cape has an odd shape, which is totally created by Mother Nature and concealed by the ocean. There is an ancient sacred temple on the cape with a pair of flying dragons on its roof. They make the temple even more beautiful and stunning.

We hope that this Vietnam island travel guide has satisfied you. And we also wish that you would have to most incredible holiday next time you come to Vietnam.

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