Top 5 best islands in Vietnam


My close friend Vivienne is considering paying a visit to several Vietnam islands. She has great difficulties choosing the islands, as “they are all beautiful in different ways”, she said. In order to help her, I made this list of 5 best islands in Vietnam. Well, let’s take a look, shall we?

Cat Ba island

Cat Ba, also known as Pearl Island, is the biggest island among nearly 2000 ones in Ha Long Bay. It was recognized as a Biosphere Reserve of the world, reflecting how diverse the flora and fauna in Cat Ba are.

Cat Ba Island

The grandeur of Cat Ba is definitely a thing that you should not miss

Coming to the island, tourists can dive themselves in its clear blue beaches and stretching white sand. What’s more, you might rent a bike to cycle around Cat Ba. Since the scenery is gorgeous, traveling at that slow pace will be extremely joyful.

That’s on the island. How about exploring the surrounding sea? One exciting activity is diving. If you would like to see the variety of animals in deep water, this is your chance. Here you can find multiple types of shrimps, crabs, fish, pearls, and abalones. In case you prefer to play sports, go for kayak sailing because it’s super fantastic!

Ly Son island

Ly Son was created in a place where volcanoes used to exist. That’s why some of the scenaries on the island are particularly peculiar.

Thoi Loi summit is the highest spot on Ly Son. From Thoi Loi, you can have a panoramic view of the island. Most visitors are impressed by Ly Son’s blue sea, fresh atmosphere, green trees, and gentle winds. Cau Cave, situated at the foot of Thoi Loi, also attracts a lot of tourists for its raw but enchanting beauty.

Another favorite destination on the island is To Vo gate. From the gate, you can see the bustling village of local people and Tien Well.

To Vo gate

To Vo gate is an appealing spot for many young people

Binh Ba island

Binh Ba belongs to Khanh Hoa, a province where tourism develops quickly. However, Binh Ba’s potential is yet to be exploited, thus allowing tourists to discover the island naturally. If you’re seeking a relaxing getaway from big noisy cities, this is surely a sensible choice.

There are many secluded beaches on the island for your need of a quiet personal space. Bo De, for example, is large and peaceful while Chuong and Nom are no less beautiful.

Vivienne says the best time to travel Vietnam for her is summer. So Binh Ba is highly recommended, as the ideal time to visit it is from February to August. Put it on your list too and expect a tranquil holiday!

Binh Ba Island

Binh Ba island

Con Dao Island

Rising from war, Con Dao is now one of the top must-see destinations in Vietnam.

Arriving at Con Dao, you can take a stroll along its charming blue beaches, dive among colorful coral reefs, and build a fire on the white sand when the night comes. Here tourists can also explore Con Dao National Park, which is home to many kinds of sea turtles, dolphins and other rare species. This nature reserve very attractive, owing to its perfect combination of forests and sea, together with mangroves and plentiful sea carpets. People visiting Con Dao say they love the island because it contains lots of mysterious creatures that evoke their curiosity.

Monkeys on Con Dao

Monkeys on Con Dao

Phu Quoc island

Phu Quoc is one of the most well-known islands in Vietnam. There are some spots on the island that Vivienne gives so much acclaim, though she’s never come. If you’re seeking a romantic holiday, get to Dinh Cau cape, at which you can have the best view of the sunset. If you want to see how pearls are raised, head for Hon Thom where you might also try catching squids. In case you’d like to go camping, go to Tranh stream where you can immerse in its beautiful scenes. Bring a tent, some food, and drink, then you’ll enjoy a wonderful campfire with your friends.

Phu Quoc Island

Phu Quoc island

Vivienne can now narrow down her island list thanks to my recommendation. If you’re having a similar plan, hope this helps too!

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