Top 5 ideal destinations for snorkeling in Vietnam tours


Summer is coming and Vietnam tours are also about to begin. Today, we will look at the top 5 destinations for you to have the most fantastic snorkeling trip ever.

1. Son Tra Peninsula

Son Tra Peninsula

Son Tra Peninsula

One of the best places in Vietnam to snorkel is definitely Son Tra Peninsula. Comparing to other destinations, this place is still remote and less-known. When putting on the snorkel, goggles, and dipping your body into the sea water, you will see the colorful marine life slowly appearing.

Standing out from the blue tone of the sea water, orange and green colors of coral reefs will come into view. Sometimes, you can even see some purplish tones of pencil cactus growing among the reefs. Son Tra Peninsula is not only the home to odd-shaped coral reefs but also the place where small fish species reside. Don’t miss the chance to observe or take pictures of them.

To take a snorkeling tour in Son Tra Peninsula, you need to drive about 10 kilometers from the city center. The price for a tour varies from season to season. If you try it in tourist season, which is in April to August, it can cost 600,000 dongs/person ($26.33). However, in other months, it can be only half of that price.

2. Cham Island

Cham island

Cham island

Recognized as a World Biosphere Reserve in 2007, Cham Island had been keeping its magnificent beauty ever since. Today, it is the natural habitat of thousands of sea creatures, especially the valuable ones and charming coral reefs.

Some marine creatures that can be named are clownfishes, barracudas, and actinia. While snorkeling, you will see shoals of barracudas swimming around rocks. Meanwhile, coral reefs would do nothing but “dancing” with the currents of seawater. Behind green starfishes and clusters of actinia, you will see lots of clownfishes playing and swimming.

The service on Chan Island is similar to that in Son Tra Peninsula. But the price for adults will be about $2 higher. It is because you will need to get on a boat and sail further from the shore than when you sail from Son Tra to coral reefs. All of the life-jackets and snorkeling sets will be provided by a coach so there is nothing to worry about.

3. Binh Ba Island

Having fruits after snorkeling

Having fruits after snorkeling

Binh Ba Island is one of the many destinations that you can make a tailor-made tour in Vietnam. It is a small island in Cam Ranh City, Khanh Hoa Province, which is approximately 60 kilometers far from Nha Trang City.

Having spectacular landscapes and hospitable citizens, the island has attracted numerous travelers to visit. And snorkeling, as a matter of fact, is fond of by almost all tourists when they want to see coral reefs. Due to the clear blue sea water, you will have a chance to observe the colorful corals not only inshore but also quite deep down in the ocean.

If you have never tried snorkeling before, hiring package tours from agencies will be the best choice. Depending on your health conditions, the coaches can offer the most appropriate type of deep or shallow snorkeling. In case you already have some experiences, hiring private snorkeling sets will be a greater option. Finally, the price here is lower with 400,000 dongs/person ($17.55)

4. Vinh Hy Bay

Vinh Hy bay

Vinh Hy bay

This is a small bay located about 45 kilometers from Phan Rang City. There are 4 agencies providing snorkeling and sightseeing services here. So you will have a variety of options to choose. It is recommended to hire from these agencies rather than from your hotel. Hotels often charge a much higher cost if you travel in small groups (under 6 people)

After you receive your snorkeling set, the boat driver will take you to a point where coral reefs reside. Although they are not as colorful as those in other places, they look extremely fanciful. When you observe inshore coral reefs which are near the sea surface and close enough for sunlight to reach, you will be surprised. The sunbeams create lots of yellow dots on the corals, making them more sparkling than ever.

In case you book a tour of agencies, the cost is 600,000 – 800,000 dongs/small group ($26.33 – $35.10). At hotels, it can be 750,000 – 2,800,000 dongs/ person ($32.91 – $122.86) and up to the number of people in your group.

5. Con Dao Islands

Con Dao Island

Con Dao island

The last destination to answer your question about where to go for snorkeling in Vietnam is Con Dao Islands. The special thing about it is that there are coral reefs in almost all islands. Therefore, you can choose among them for your exciting trip.

The most prominent islands are Hon Bay Canh, Hon Tai, Hon Trung, Hon Tre, Hon Trac, and so on. You will find a vast number of corals as well as valuable and rare sea creatures in those islands. Particularly, coral reefs in Hon Bay Canh and Hon Tai are incredibly vivid. They are not only in orange, green, or purple but also in red, grey, white, and many other tones.

That is why Con Dao Island is becoming more well-known to both national and international tourists. Several travel magazines, such as Lonely Planet or Travel Leisure, have recognized Con Dao as one of the star attractions in Vietnam. Also, the price for snorkeling service here is only about 500,000 dongs/person ($21.94).

Have you found your ideal snorkeling destination? Vietnam tailor-made tours are awaiting so don’t hesitate to book them soon. 

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