Top 5 must-see islands in Vietnam


Vietnam, S-shaped country with long coastline where there are many beautiful natural wonders. Let’s discover attractive Vietnam places to visit!

Vietnam has over 3,000km of coastline and thousands of islands. Here are the most wonderful islands for nature lovers in the S-shaped country.

1. Cat Ba island

Cat Ba is the most beautiful archipelago in Haiphong, with Lan Ha Bay which is one of the most beautiful places to go in VietnamA half of Cat Ba is a lush green national park, and it is a paradise for those who wish to come here to kayak out to the sea. You can also go back to the uninhabited islands of Lan Ha Bay for swimming.

A half of Cat Ba is a lush green national park

A half of Cat Ba is a lush green national park

Those who love scuba diving to view the coral can use a mask (cheaper price) or a scuba (more expensive) to dive. Visitors can also visit Monkey Island (Cat Dua), where there are funny monkeys or visit the peaceful beauty of CaiBeo Fishing Village.

2. Phu Quoc

You will never regret with decision of traveling to Phu Quoc

You will never regret decision of travelling to Phu Quoc

Being the largest island in Vietnam, Phu Quoc is an ideal resort destination with pristine rainforests, undamaged coral reefs and large beaches with clear water. Outstanding things among them isBai Dai, which is on the list of 5 beautiful beaches in the world voted by ABC News. To find out about culture – history, visitors should go to Ham Ninh fishing village, “NhàThùng” where produces famous fish sauce or Phu Quoc prison. Read travel guides to Phu Quoc for more info before travelling.

3. Ly Son

Ly Son Island, one of top islands must-see in Vietnam is located in Quang Ngai Province. Recently, many people have shared this new place with each other, but for people in Quang Ngai and Central Vietnam, Ly Son has existed and has long historical significance. There are not many hotels here, so homestay business is so popular in here.

Here in the island of Ly Son, one can discover its amazing cuisine, the charm and holiness of temples deep in the mountains, the renowned wind graves, and for the most part, the warmth and friendliness of the local people.


4. Con Dao

Magical dawn in Con Dao 

Magical dawn in Con Dao

The Vietnamese people are not only proud of Con Dao by the military meaning, heroic history but also by the rare beauty of this place. The island has been selected by many foreign newspapers to list the top 10 most attractive islands in the world, the top 20 islands containing the most mysterious in the world, etc. And this is also an island that the famous Brad Pitt – Angelina. Jolies choose to visit when coming to Vietnam.

5. Co To

Co To Island is an archipelago located in the Gulf of Tonkin, including large Co To Island, small Co islands, the island of Thanh Lam and Tran, and countless small islands.

Coming to Co To, you will see the crystal clear sea reflecting the mountains and islands scattered across the ocean.

In Co To, besides swimming, you can visit natural forests, lighthouses, parks and memorial statues of President Ho Chi Minh, wharves, fishing villages, the bay, rocks, and many peaceful Northern styles local villages.

A boat is the only way to get in Co To. The boat starts from CaiRong town (Van Don – Quang Ninh). Boats run through the BaiTu Long Bay, pass Quan Lan Island and come to Co To island. Each trip takes between 3 to 3.5 hours depending on the weather.

The beauty of Co To Island

The beauty of Co To Island

Due to the military presence on the island, a permit is required to stay. The permit needs to be acquired in Ha Long city beforehand.


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