Top five hidden islands in Central Vietnam

When we talk about Vietnam off the beaten track tours, the list may seem to never end. They can vary from F&B spots to natural landscapes latent somewhere far off the mainland. For those who love the high blue sky above the deep blue sea, Central Vietnam is where you must drop by at least once in a lifetime. However, touristy spots may blow you a fuse. This archive below walks you through the best-hidden islands in the Central Coast of Vietnam you will never be disappointed.

Whale Island

Whale Island, more commonly referred to as Ông Islet, is a small island located in Vân Phong Bay, Vạn Ninh District, Khánh Hoà Province. Vân Phong Bay is usually known as a place where you can find probably the top islands in Vietnam. However, Whale Island is still something unfamiliar to the local wanderlust community. There are no inhabitants recorded, yet only one accommodation named Whale Island Resort provides most of the services on the island. Ông Islet is suitable for sea lovers, explorers who love silence and peace in contrast to the hustle and bustle of city life. One thing you should keep in mind is not to catch fish or birds due to the strict environmental protection.


Crystal clear water

Green Islet

This islet is a clandestine gem belonging to Quy Nhơn City, Bình Định Province. Green Islet is known for its charming green and owns a breathtaking landscape with a calm sea, crystal water, and white sand, which all make it not only a perfect place to spend your wintering or simply look for a quiet tropical sunny beach, but also ideal for those who love scuba diving. Green Islet is mostly deserted, which makes it more than just an impeccable site to run away from the mainland’s noise. If traveling in groups, you can consider setting a campfire and having seafood BBQ on the beach. Green Islet’s specialties are Cellana, Mackerel, silverside and fresh squid newly caught.


Peaceful Green Islet

Mái Nhà Islet

Mái Nhà Islet is situated in Tuy An District, Phú Yên Province. The Islet is a small island in the middle of the ocean and lied over 4 kilometers away from Ô Loan Lagoon. The population all over the islet is pretty much a dash and gains little reputation from tourists, which is accordingly given the name “Robinson Island of Vietnam” as such. The total area of Mái Nhà Islet is roughly 1.2 square kilometers, surrounded by gigantic mountain ranges spotted with stone caves and pristine beaches. The best time to visit Mái Nhà Islet is from March to August as the weather is cooler while the ocean is getting calm. One of the various selections to reach the islet is to take part in one of the best group tours in Central Vietnam and request to have a customized package to the islet.


A corner of Mái Nhà Islet

Câu Islet

Câu Islet, widely known as Cù Lao Câu in Vietnamese, is situated in Tuy Phong District, Bình Thuận Province. Câu Islet is approximately 10 kilometers away from mainland and ideal for picnic and camping activities. This is just a small island and takes you only a day to explore it all. Several spots you should check out such as Love Cave, Yến Cave, Ba Hòn Cave, Coral Reef Beach, Whale Temple and so on. Câu Islet is under surveillance of Vietnam People’s Coast Guard. Hence, you may need a permit before stepping on the Islet.


Câu Islet

Lý Sơn Island

Lý Sơn Island has been roaming for a couple of years and that status does not seem to halt. If starting from Hanoi, you can choose to take a direct flight to Chu Lai Airport, from where you may take another 45 minutes on a speedboat from Sa Kỳ Station to arrive in Lý Sơn Island, Quảng Ngãi City. There are plenty of famous destinations for you to explore, such as Tò Vò Gate, Thới Lới Mountain, and Câu Cave. In addition, you can choose to combine Lý Sơn Island along with other reputed sites of the city by taking part in a Central Vietnam group tour.


Lý Sơn Island

Vietnam has never failed to fully satisfy its travelers, even when they are local or outlander visitors. Each specific region will reward you with its own distinctive specialty and topography that you may see yourself searching for something in there. Central Vietnam, is this case, can offer you the best authentic cuisine, pristine landscapes, untold stories, might history, stunning architecture and a lot more. If you are thinking of a way to get all of these in one package, do not hesitate to contact a local Central Vietnam group tour operator for the best memories.