Traveling experience to Nam Du Island in 3 days and 2 nights

Nam Du is located 250km from Ho Chi Minh City. Currently, Nam Du Island is considered as one of the “hot” destinations in Kien Giang, where many young people would love to check-in. And to get to this “land in heaven” you need to move to Rach Gia, then from here “float” in the sea for about 2 hours. If you want to have Vietnam tour packages from US to Nam Du self-sufficiently, please consider the article about Nam Du travel experience below.

The most beautiful time to visit Nam Du Island

Like other beach destinations in the South, the best time to travel to Nam Du is from December to March. Although the beach of Kien Giang is not directly affected by the storms, there might be a large proportion of rain and prevent you from having the best tour in Vietnam. The rainy season usually starts from April to November every year. To make your trip favorable, you should avoid traveling in the summer or the fall though this is the peak tourist season.


Renting a boat to visit Nam Du

How to get to Nam Du?

– If you come from Hanoi or Northern provinces, you may want to reserve a round-trip air ticket to Ho Chi Minh City. Depending on the time of your booking, the ticket will cost differently. If you are an early bird, you may only have to pay 1 – 2 million VND for a round-trip ticket from Hanoi to Ho Chi Minh.

– If you are in Ho Chi Minh City, you will have to drive to Rach Gia – Kien Giang because Nam Du lies in the territory of Kien Giang.

After arriving in Rach Gia, coming to Rach Gia Ferry Pier and it will take you to Nam Du Island (also called Cu Tron Island). Besides, you also have another option of renting an entire boat if traveling in large groups, however, the price is a little bit higher. 


Nam Du Pier

Recommended plan for a Nam Du tour in 3 days and 2 nights.

Day 1:

While waiting for the boat, you should have breakfast in the market at the pier always. There are beef noodles, vermicelli along with rice, etc. with the price of only 25,000 VND per servings. After reaching Nam Du Island, you can move to a hotel to check in, rearrange the luggage and take a short sleep to regain strength after a long trip.

For lunch, you can order the hotel to cook some favorite seafood dishes such as fried fish, stir-fried squid, blue-bone fish hotpot, grilled scallops, crabs, etc. with the price ranging from 70,0000 – 100,000 VND/person. After eating, you can rent a motorbike at the hotel to visit the island. It costs about 180,000 VND for a whole day/a motorbike full of petrol.

The landscape on the island is very scenic. You can totally take a bunch of beautiful “check-in” photos while wandering along the famous beaches such as Co Beach, Cay Men Beach, Ngu Beach, Soi Beach, etc. You can play outside till you feel tired, then return to the hotel in the evening or come to the pier and have seafood as dinner. At night, the vibe here is very dynamic and full of visitors, the seafood is also fresh and affordable.


Beautiful beach on Nam Du Island

Day 2:

According to many Vietnam travel agencies, on the second day, you are advised to wake up early in the morning to go to Nam Du Lighthouse and watch the sunrise. Then, you can return and have a light breakfast. You can eat fish cake soup or noodles for 25,000 VND/bowl. When finished, you come back to the hotel, get dressed and rent a boat to visit the big and small islands in Nam Du.


Nam Du Lighthouse

You can ask the hotelier or contact Vietnam local tour operators to rent a boat. Traveling in groups will cost you cheaper, only about 1,500,000 VND/boat. However, if you are in a small group, you can use the same boat with other groups. In particular, do not forget to bring water and swimsuit to go swimming and watch coral reefs in Mau Island and Hai Bo Dap Island. At about 5 pm, the boat will take you back to shore.

Coming back to the hotel, you should bathe again in fresh water and then go out to eat dinner at the pier. In Nam Du, there are some famous specialties that you definitely have to taste at least once, such as blue-bone fish, squids, snails, shrimp, etc. After finishing dinner, you can have a short walk around the island and return to have a sleep.


Fresh seafood

Day 3:

On the last day of your Vietnam tour packages from US, you can freely sleep more and wake up late at around 9 am, prepare luggage and check out. After that, move to the pier to Rach Gia, find something to eat and then get on the coach back to Ho Chi Minh City.