Vietnam family package tours to Ly Son Island


Nicknamed as “Maldives of Vietnam”, Ly Son Island is emerging as a favorite holiday destination for tourists traveling to Central Vietnam. Explore this suggested Ly Son Island – Vietnam family packages to make the most of your Ly Son tour for family with vietnamislands.

Ly Son Island is a 10-square-kilometer island located about 30km off Quang Ngai Province. With its pristine beaches and spectacular natural scenery, Ly Son is one of the top must-see destinations in Vietnam. Your Vietnam family packages to Ly Son Island awaits the most wonderful experiences ever.

Ly Son Island

Ly Son Island

Best time to travel Ly Son Island

The best time to travel Ly Son Island is from June to September. In this time, the weather in Ly Son Island is sunny and often less rainy so it is convenient for your travel plans. However, you should watch the weather forecast in advance to avoid bad weather or storms during your Ly Son trip. Besides summer holiday, you can go on Ly Son – Vietnam family packages in early December if you want to explore Ly Son in its garlic season.

What to expect on Ly Son Island – Vietnam family package?

Arriving on Ly Son Island, you will find yourself lost in a wonderland of spectacular landscapes. Endowed with stunning natural beauty, Ly Son Island lures both domestic and international tourists. Below are the things that you can expect on your Ly Son Island – Vietnam family packages.

To Vo Arch

To Vo Arch

Sunset in To Vo Arch, Ly Son Island

Walking along a narrow path from welcoming gate of Ly Son Island, you will find the nearby To Vo Arch, the unique natural arch formed from volcanic rocks. To Vo Arch is also an ideal spot for you and your family to catch the first sight of sunrise or admire the sunset slowly down on the island.

Be Island (Little Island)

Be Island

Be Island – Ly Son

Be Island (or also known as An Binh Island) is a small island located near Ly Son Island. From Ly Son Island, it takes about 30 minutes to go to Be Island by boat. This island has a very small area but offers the most pristine beaches with white sand and clear crystal water. On Be island, you can enjoy the relaxing beach day or take a stroll around the island to see vast garlic fields with a pungent aroma.

Thoi Loi Mountain

Thoi Loi Mountain

Thoi Loi Mountain

Thoi Loi Mountain is the highest mountain peak in Ly Son Island. This mountain peak used to be an inactive volcano. On the top of Thoi Loi Mountain peak is a water lake, which also is the main fresh water supply for the whole island. Standing on the peak mountain, you can admire the panoramic view of spectacular natural landscapes of the whole island.

Hang Cau (Cau Cave)

Cau Cave

Hang Cau

This Ly Son Island’s attraction has a magnificent natural setting with one side is mountain ranges and another side is the deep sea ocean. The waves and sea winds have scoured away the overhanging ledge of the cliff, creating an impressive natural scenery named Hang Cau.

Hang Pagoda

Hang Pagoda

Hang Pagoda

On this small island, there are over 50 temples, pagodas, and shrines. Among those, Hang Pagoda is the most noticeable attraction nestled on this island. Located inside the Thoi Loi Mountain, Hang Pagoda is an exotic pagoda with ancient architecture. One of the special thing about Hang Pagoda is that there has been no single monk since this pagoda was founded over 400 years ago. The pagoda has a large yard with lotus lake and surrounded by tropical almond trees, creating a peaceful ambiance for any tourist visiting here.


Discovering this heavenly island, don’t forget to taste Ly Son’s seafood as they are so freshly delicious that you still feel the saltiness of the sea on your tongue. If you ask us to list some of the most noteworthy specialties here, our answers should be Huynh De crab (king crab), seaweed salad, sea urchin soup, etc.

Huynh De crab

Huynh De Crab

The beauty of this island even can’t be simply expressed by words. Book Vietnam family packages to Ly Son Island and you will have truly unforgettable experiences!




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