Vietnam islands tour for couple


Nothing better than traveling to the island and enjoy swimming together in a Vietnam tour for couple. Nowadays, Vietnam islands are always the first choice for couple. 

However, besides some famous island such as Phu Quoc, Co To, etc. people tend to travel to wild new islands. Some people think that the most famous islands are crowded and there is too much trash littered by the visitors. The couples want to spend their time with each other personally. That is the reason why new islands are needed in a tour for couple in Vietnam.

Although these new islands are not marked on the map of tourism in the country. But certainly, in the future, it will be famous than ever because of its beauty. Here are some top islands for couples:

Nam Du Island

Nam Du island

Nam Du island

A new island explored by the netizens about 1-2 years ago, however, the island is quickly famous for its dreamlike beautiful scenery. Nam Du island is known as a wild and undiscovered island as tourism like Phu Quoc. However, these things make Nam Du more mysterious.

Nam Du in Kien Giang province is combined with about 21 islands in different sizes to create a beautiful population in the middle of the sea. This island is newly opened so its beauty is pristine and suitable for couple who like the personal space and wild beauty.

Diep Son Island

Diep Son island is now known to be the “golden island”. The island is taking place the most famous four islands Binh Ba – Binh Hung – Binh Lap – Binh Tien. This island is not only beautiful for the clear blue sea and smoothy white sand but also the longest and the unique path through the sea in Vietnam. The island consists of 3 small islands in Van Phong Bay, Khanh Hoa province. Explore the island, the couples will admire the beauty of the white sandy beaches, clear blue water, and the beautiful grass mop.

In the morning, when the tide is withdrawn, the walking path will gradually appear. Imagine you and your lover run straight to the sea path length of 700 meters. It is worth the pleasure of walking in the middle of a meter wide road and not knowing when the water is rising.

There are not many pubs but in exchange, you will not have to see the tussle and harsh prices due to too many tourists.

The sea is so clear with white sand, very beautiful without not much the appearance of people. Visitors coming here are ecstatic with the smooth white sand, blue sea, and shady black rock shiny like pearls.

In particular, the sea water is so clean and clear that you can see a whole world of magic under the sea as you dive with simple tools like snorkel, diving glasses.

Cu Lao Thu

Phu Quy island

Phu Quy island

Known as Phu Quy (Phan Thiet). This island is beautiful from the discussion but little known.

In the last few years, it has been known to many people. The island is 120 kilometers from mainland Phan Thiet. The island located in the middle of the sea like an imposing whale.

Indeed, Cu Lao Thu is truly a wonder of freshness and abundance of fruit trees. The houses are quite spacious, clean and the roads are well planned. So that you can easily explore by motorbike or canoe to neighboring islands to explore as a Robinson.

In addition, visitors should also visit Cao Cat Mountain is located Linh Son Pagoda or lighthouse Cam Mountain. With Vietnam tour for couple, from there you and your lover can see the sunset together. Phu Quy island also has beautiful coastal roads that will be admired once you remember.

The four famous islands: Binh Ba – Binh Hung – Binh Tien – Binh Lap

Binh Ba – Binh Hung – Binh Tien – Binh Lap is the four beautiful islands in Khanh Hoa. No matter how busy you are, these island is a worthy destination to go in this summer, you definitely have to stop to play.

Binh Ba island

Binh Ba island

The Cam Ranh islet was just discovered by tourists only a few years ago but it nearly takes place the other famous island.

The four islands are quite wild and new in Vietnam, the paradise of islands. The most convenient is the four islands not far apart, you can come to each island by canoe.

Therefore, this is the place for you to experience the wildest nature and find yourself a quiet, wonderful fresh space with your lover in Vietnam tour for couple.

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