Vietnam Tours: Top 3 Islands in Central Vietnam


With a total coastline of 3,260 km, Vietnam is undoubted heaven for sandy beaches. While the North is more famous for its mountain ranges and hiking trails, the South is attractive because of Mekong River Delta; Central Vietnam is the best place for Vietnam island tours.

Travel to Central Vietnam, visitors will be impressed by the jewel-blue sea, far-stretched beaches with a magnificent view.

When to visit Central Vietnam

The ideal time to visit Central Vietnam is from March until August. This time marks the start of the dry season when the weather is comfortable and without rain. The Central Coast is the target of typhoons, hurricane winds during the rainy season from August. For your own safety, it’s better to plan your trip beforehand and always check the weather forecast.

It’s also important to note that during the weekend, the beaches are often crowded. If you want to enjoy a quiet day on the beach, you should pay a visit to this place during the week.

Binh Ba Island

The are numerous reasons why Binh Ba Island is so alluring. The first one is probably because of the short distance between the island and Cam Ranh Harbor. Boats will pick up passengers at the harbor at 10 a.m and 16.00 and return from the island at 5 a.m and 12:30 a.m. One way ticket costs around 30.000 VND per person.

Binh Ba Island

A peaceful corner of Binh Ba Island

Since it’s a newly discovered island, Binh Ba is less well-known than other islands, making it a great place to enjoy the uncrowded beach. Is there anything more relaxing than an amble by the beach, watching the emerald-blue water reflecting the color of the sky while listening to the rhythm of the rippling waves?

There are almost none luxury hotels and resorts in this 3-square-kilometer island. Most of the accommodation service is provided by the locals, thus giving tourists a chance to experience the authentic island lifestyle with friendly island residents.

Phu Quy Island

Another newly found island, Phu Quy Island (In English, it means treasure island) with all its blissful features, appears to be unknown to the massive tourists. In the middle of the far-stretched beach, the vastness of nature seeps into your mind, leaving a seed of admiration of vivid color of the sea and surrounding picture-perfect scenes.

Phu Quy Island

Crystal clear water in Phu Quy Island

Beside beaches, Phu Quy Island offers several nearby islands where you can reach by boats such as Black Islet and Egg Islet. A boat round trip costs from 300.000 to 400.000 VND.

One of the main attractions in Phu Quy is the Museum of Whale. In this island, Whales are regarded solemnly as ca Ong – the divine creatures who have been saving fishermen from severe weather. Each and every time a whale is washed up onto the shore, the local fishermen organize a formal funeral and perform annual honoring rituals. The museum, located in Van An Thanh, has the fascinating 20-meter-long whale skeleton, which is worth your visit.

Ly Son Island

Ly Son is among the top best islands in Central Vietnam. Blessed with the stunning oceanic view and many interesting topographical features, Ly Son attracts thousands of visitors each year during summer.

To Vo Gate in Ly Son Island

To Vo Gate in Ly Son Island

Ly Son Island has many to offer. Hang Pagoda, for example, was constructed under Le Dynasty by Tran Cong Thanh. The pagoda lies deep in one of the biggest cave systems in Ly Son. To Vo Gate is a perfect place for a couple of cold beers with your friends watching the sunset. (It’s ok if you travel alone since the view stays stunning anyway.)

Ly Son is home to most astonishing beaches with a great recipe for a perfect place for relaxing: crystal water, white sand, and surrounding cliffs. From Ly Son, you can take a boat trip to visit Little Island – An Binh Island. Only 100 households in Little Island with little to no influence of modern life, visitors can explore the island by foot and enjoy swimming in seemingly private beaches.


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