5 most spectacular islets for your best tours in Vietnam


On summer days, traveling will give you a great time to rest and re-boost your energy. However, it is also a tourist season so most famous destinations will be quite crowded. Therefore, choosing some uncommon places will allow you to enjoy your holiday without getting exhausted.

The following 5 islets will definitely satisfy you and bring you the best tours in Vietnam. Let’s pack up and go!

Thu Islet


Thu islet (source: Internet)

One of the best islets that you should visit while taking Vietnam tours is Thu Islet. Located in Binh Thuan Province, it is lucky to have a breath-taking beauty. It has many other local names, such as Khoai Xu Islet, Thuan Tinh Island, or Phu Quy Island. This is an extremely attractive tourist destination in Binh Thuan and a gift from Mother Nature, which shows the power of the natural world.

Not only are there precious natural resources but also various landscapes on Thu Islet. You will be able to contemplate spectacular beaches, ranges of coral reefs, and large rocks going up and down on the water. The weather here is very comfortable and the air is fresh all year round.

Because the islet is preserved well and likely undamaged, you will have a chance to live with nature and enjoy the pure atmosphere. Don’t forget to try interesting activities, such as sea-bathing, fishing, climbing, and driving around the islet.

Re Islet


sunset re islet(source: Internet)

Re Islet is the common name of Big Island, located in Ly Son Island, Quang Ngai Province. Although this is a small islet, you will find numerous historical traits of a Vietnam’s magnanimous time here. They show important battles of the Vietnamese against invaders for dominion over Ly Son Island. Today, Re Islet is a charming and peaceful destination for tourists to visit.

Beaches on Re Islet are clean and fresh so feel free to dip your body into the blue sea water. Moreover, don’t miss the sunrise and sunset on the islet. You will be surprised at how magnificent they are. The best place to contemplate them is Thoi Loi Mountain Top. Standing on it, you will have an overview of the ocean and garlic fields of the citizens.

There are also three remains on Re Islet that you should not miss, which are An Hai Communal House, Am Linh Pagoda, and Hang Temple. They reveal the deepest secrets of numerous soldiers on Hoang Sa and Truong Island in wartime.

Cham Islet


cham islet (source: Internet)

Cham Islet is one of the ideal destinations if you want to have a Vietnam beach vacation. Situated about 15 kilometers from Cua Dai Beach and having 8 small islets in the combination, Cham Islet has won the love of tourists for years. It is compared to a paradise on the ocean with a peaceful beauty. 15 minutes is the time you need to travel from Cua Dai Beach to Cham Islet.

One of the fascinating activities here is snorkeling and watching coral reefs. You will have a chance to contemplate an abundant marine life under the islet. In the evening, there are many common activities for tourists that you can try, such as cycling or going fishing inshore. Due to the increase in the number of travelers every year, the nightlife on the islet has recently been quite eventful.

Don’t hesitate to try all activities on the islet because you will definitely have unforgettable moments. 

Cau Islet


camping cau islet(source: Internet)

In case you are too tired with the noisy and bustling atmosphere of the city you are living in, Cau Islet in Binh Thuan Province will be a perfect place to hide. Together with Thu Islet, Cau Islet makes an excellent tourist destination.

It looks surprisingly majestic in distance, which is just like a kingdom of odd-shaped-rocks. The islet also attracts travelers due to its clear blue sea water. In fact, it is so clear that you can even see the bottom. That is why the scuba-diving service is popular here as well.

If you want to see floristic compositions, coral reefs or try catching fishes and shrimps on colorful rocks, this service will provide everything you need. When the night comes, you can hold a BBQ party on the beach, make a camp-fire, or play games with your friends. Enjoying yourself while listening to the sound of ocean waves is a very interesting activity that you should not miss.

Xanh Islet


xanh islet(source: Internet)

As a small island in Quy Nhon City, Binh Dinh Province, Xanh Islet looks just like a precious pearl on the ocean. It is one of the most recommended destinations for you when traveling to Vietnam.

A special thing that you should know about this islet is that there is only a small number of citizens living here. Most of them are old folks and children. Therefore, staying on the islet will let you experience a strange but exciting feeling of a desolate destination.

The name of the islet comes from its green and clear sea water. If you love sea-bathing, it will ideally satisfy you. Traveling in groups, you will have various interesting things to do, such as camping or throwing a barbecue on the beach. Comparing to other destinations for holidays, Xanh Islet is still uncommon to tourists. So don’t think too much about where to go and be one of the first travelers to discover it. You will have the best tours in Vietnam.

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