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Exciting services in Hon Mun Island, Nha Trang


Hon Mun Island is one of three most charming, beautiful and attractive islands in Nha Trang, a beautiful coastal city of Vietnam. It is an ideal option for a Nha Trang island tour. Check out many exciting services in Hon Mun Island and prepare for your Nha Trang tour.

1. Best time to visit

Due to the mild weather, you can visit Hon Mun Island all year round. However, the best time to visit Nha Trang is from July to September, especially in August when it is beautifully sunny and cool. Therefore, that is the ideal time for you to go swimming and take part in exciting outdoor activities.


[Hon Mun Island]

2.    Overview

Hon Mun Island is located about 10km from Cau Da port, about 45 minutes going by boat. This island is 160 square kilometers in area, including 122 square kilometers of sea and 38 square kilometers of land. This island is called Hon Mun because, in the southeast of the island, there are many high and dangerous cliff, creating many mysterious caves, unlike any other sites. In the East of the island, there are many black-stone caves where a great number of swallows return here to make their nests every year.


[Sea around Hon Mun]

As it is located nearby the hot sea current from the equator, making an ideal environment for the development of a great number of tropical coral and marine species, therefore, it has a diverse system of creatures.

3.    Marine ecosystem in Hon Mun

On the seabed, at the depth of 10m, it is the home of various coral reefs and small colorful fishes in many different species. As reported, if there are over 2000 coral species, Hon Mun has 1500 species, among them, they found 340 out of 800 hard coral species here. With the depth of 18m, there are many caves – the home of various marine species, which prefer living in the dark like shrimp, cuttlefish, lobster, ray, etc.

Marine-world-in -Hon-Mun-helloVietnam

[Marine world in Hon Mun]

4. Exciting services in the island

Although the beaches in Hon Mun may not be as beautiful as the beaches in other islands, the surrounding marine life around this island is extremely wonderful. There are many attractive services, including floating bar, sea diving for coral sightseeing, glass-floored boat, etc.

Floating Bars

Floating bars in Hon Mun Island is one of most attractive service that you should try at least once in a Nha Trang island tour to this site. Many boats gather in a U shape. In the central position, they make a bar with some kegs of wine, fruits, and dancing music. From these boats, customers will jump into the seawater, soak into the bar, swim and eat some fruits or drink a couple of cups of wine. It must be a wonderful experience, which you can enjoy only in your Nha Trang luxury tour to Hon Mun.


[Floating bar on the sea]

Coral sightseeing in glass-floored boats

If you visit Nha Trang but you do not want to dive into the sea to explore the wonderful marine world with colorful coral reefs and pretty species, you can see them from glass-floored boats – a special boat with a part of the floor made from crystal-clear glass so that people can see through. Only by sitting on the boat, you can see a great number of fishes, seaweed, euphorbia, and other marine species. After going offshore, the speed of the boat will gradually decline until you feel as if it is floating. Through the glass floor, you can see a stunning marine world of Hon Mun.


[Glass-floored boat]

Real marine life under the sea is much livelier than models in aquariums in many amusement parks like what we usually see. More excitingly, when the sparkling sunlight radiates through the seawater and light up to the seabed, you can see a beautiful world under the sea with coral in various colors and shapes, schools of cute tiny fishes and some other species swimming around coral reefs.


[Coral system in Hon Mun]


After you register a diving tour, you will be offered to attend a training course to learn about the diving skills, undersea communication, and the method to breathe with the mouth in the water, problem-solving skills in the water as well as many safety precautions. Before you dive into the sea, you will have to practice within 15 – 20 minutes to get familiar with the equipment. You will also be accomplished by professional divers.


[Diving in Hon Mun]

In the crystal-clear and blue seawater, various fishes, corals, and plants will appear in your eyesight colorfully like a flower garden. You can take some photos to record this memorial experiences.

Hon Mun Island has many other attractions that you can try in your Nha Trang island tour to this site. When you go to Nha Trang, you should not miss these exciting services of Hon Mun.

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