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Exciting Services in Hon Mun Island


If you are planning to have a Nha Trang island tour, an ideal suggestion for you is Hon Mun Island. These followings will introduce you to some attractive services that you can join Hon Mun Island.


Impressed by Hon Mun

Hon Mun Island is one of the most romantic islands in the island system of Nha Trang. Located in the Southeast of Bong Nguyen Island and about 10 kilometers from Cau Da Harbor, Hon Mun is a wonderful place for a number of interesting activities. The name “Hon Mun” is associated with the high cliffs creating many beautiful caves, especially the stones here are black like ebony that is really rare in other places.

Marine ecosystem in Hon Mun


The marine ecosystem

Coming to Hon Mun Island, tourists are impressed not only by the blue sea along with the white sand but also the diverse marine ecosystem under the sea that is known as one of the most beautiful and richest aquariums of Southeast Asia.

The total area of Hon Mun is 160 square kilometers. In the east, there are many kinds of canary living in the black caves. With the convenient climate and terrain, Hon Mun is near the hot ocean currents from the equator, which is the ideal condition for the development of many types of corals as well as other tropical marine creatures. This is the reason why you should have a Nha Trang tour to Hon Mun Island to enjoy the marine ecosystem.


The coral reef

Hon Mun is the first and only marine protected area of Vietnam evaluated as the first marine biodiversity in Vietnam by the World Wildlife Fund (WWF). According to the statistics, Hon Mun owns more than 1500 kinds of corals and marine creatures in 2000 kinds in the world. At the bottom of the sea, at a depth of about 10 meters, it is the home of many coral reefs as well as fish with the variety of colors and types. When exploring this variety of marine life, you completely will be attracted at the first sight.

Floating Bars


Floating bars

Floating bar is absolutely a great service that you should enjoy when having a Nha Trang tour in Hon Mun. The attractive service is of the favorite choices for many visitors. They gather many boats in a U-shape and in the central position, they make a bar serving wine, fruits, and you can immerse and dance with music. From these boats, you can soap into the seawater, swim and eat fruits or drink a glass of wine. It would be an attractive experience that you cannot miss on the beautiful island.



Experiencing diving

After registering a diving tour, you will have a chance to attend a training course to learn all about the diving skills, the method to breathe with the mouth in the water, as well as the problem-solving skills and the safety precautions by the professional divers. Besides, you will have to spend about 15-20 minutes to work well with the equipment before diving into the sea.

Into the blue water, you will see a flower garden with various fish, corals, and plants. You also can take photos to record this unforgettable moment.

Corals sightseeing by glass bottom boats


Coral sightseeing by glass bottom boats

You do not like diving but want to enjoy the beauty of the marine ecosystem, having a corals sightseeing by the glass bottom boat is an ideal choice. You only need to sit on the boat, you can see a myriad of fish, mollusks, corals, and marine life in all colors that are truly real and alive. Through the glass floor, you will see a stunning marine life of Hon Mun that is much livelier than one in the amusement park. A spectacular world will appear in front of your eyes. This is definitely a wonderful experience for a Nha Trang luxury tour.

In addition, the best time to visit Nha Trang, as well as Hon Mun Island, is from February to April. At this time, the temperature would be kept moderate at around 26-27 degree Celsius, and the precipitation is at the lowest level of the year. Moreover, this period also the best time to dive, a great experience of Hon Mun Island.

The above are some attractive services that you should try in your Nha Trang island tour. Hope that with these exciting suggestions you will get a nice trip with many memorable experiences.

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