Whenever Toby, my pen pal asks me which place he should visit first in his vacation in Vietnam, I reply with no hesitation, “Just choose a Vietnam island”. Obviously, along with the 3000 – kilometer coastline of Vietnam, foreigners can always find one fantastic island to discover during their first days.

Co To Island (Quang Ninh)

Considering the attention Co To has been receiving, it is now one of the top must-see destinations in Vietnam. Arriving at Co To, visitors will be amazed by Hong Van Beach, which has long been known for white sand stretching along the coast. Situated far from populated areas, Hong Van is particularly favored by tourists seeking for a tranquil holiday. But bear in mind that it is not the only beach to explore. Try Van Chay also! This is a lively beach and suitable for outdoor sports, barbeque in the afternoon and singing, dancing around.

Before sunset, remember to rush to Co To Lighthouse. To get there, you have to pass through rough steep slopes, and then climb over 70 steps. Once being on top of the Lighthouse though, you will be rewarded with the panoramic view of the island, a beautiful seaside town surrounded by large woods, with petite houses of the local residents.


Co To Island

Nam Du Island (Kien Giang)

Unlike Co To which has long been a tourist attraction site, Nam Du seems to be a brand new name in the list of worth-visiting islands when foreigners travel to Vietnam. As a secluded yet breathtakingly beautiful island, Nam Du has just been noticed recently. Accordingly, professional tourist services are rare, making the island increasingly appealing to young people who enjoy the wilderness.

Nam Du is inherently peaceful, and the local people are extremely hospitable. During one day on this pretty island, you can join in a wide range of exciting activities. If you’re an active tourist who is always eager to explore, try getting on a boat and sailing with the fishermen, or even diving for oysters. Otherwise, just hang a hammock under a coconut tree and lie there, calmly close your eyes, and enjoy the fresh atmosphere of Nam Du.

Last but not least, don’t forget to taste the ocean, a.k.a, the seafood! Cuttlefish porridge, grilled crab, jellyfish salad and shrimp cocktail on Nam Du are absolutely unparalleled.


Men Beach, Nam Du Island

Phu Quy Island (Binh Thuan)

Phu Quy, or Cu Lao Thu, is a beautiful island located 120 km from Phan Thiet City, Binh Thuan Province. Like Nam Du, it carries a “raw” but extraordinary beauty. Its attraction lies in the clear blue water, gentle waves, and a colorful coral reef. Thus if you are in need of a place to enjoy romantic moments with your loved ones, Phu Quy Island is a perfect match! But hold on for a while. Your stay on Phu Quy might also be the best time to study history when you travel Viet Nam. In fact, the island presents a source of national heritages that can satisfy any curious visitors. Linh Quang and Linh Son, for example, are two ancient pagodas constructed more than two hundred years ago.

Before you leave, don’t forget to try King crabs, as all foreigners agree Phu Quy offers the best quality kings crabs in Vietnam!


The charming beauty of Phu Quy Island

Hon Tam Island (Nha Trang)

Located just 7km from Nha Trang, Hon Tam is an ideal island for those who love Ecotourism and relaxation. It is endowed with a pure, natural beauty and surrounded by blue sea with full of wind, sunlight all year round.

Hon Tam’s coast stretches about 1km, with white sand and clear water. Here they raise pearls and offer pearl diving service for visitors exploring this resourceful sea. Not to mention there is a tropical forest that embraces diverse flora and fauna. So bring along your camera, because all the scenes are too surreal to be missed.

Coming to the island, you can also take part in various types of extreme sports, such as climbing, exploring jungles, going fishing, and sailing fly board. With all these wonderful recreational activities and magnificent nature, Hon Tam deserves to be your No 1 choice for an escape from hustle and bustle of the city.  


Hon Tam Island

 Vietnam has incredibly wonderful islands to cater for your need, whether you want to chill or do some energetic activities.

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