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Handbook for a Hai Tac Island (Kien Giang) travel


Hai Tac Island is located in Tien Hai Commune, Ha Tien District, Kien Giang Province. It is an archipelago of 16 islands, the largest of which is Tre Island (Doc Island) about 40 km away from Phu Quoc Island. This island has such a strange name like that because, since the ancient times, it has been famous for many mysterious stories related to piracy (“Hai Tac” in Vietnamese means “pirate”). Probably because of that, people named it Hai Tac Island.


Hai Tac Island

The best time to visit Hai Tac Island

The best time to have a Vietnam off the beaten track tour to Hai Tac Island is from December to April, when the sea has calm waves with only a few small storms, the seawater is clear blue. Therefore, anyone who has seasickness will also reduce the discomfort when moving by boat. Meanwhile, tourists should not travel in the period between April and November because it is the rainy, stormy season on this island.

Transport to Hai Tac Island

From Saigon, you can take a coach to Ha Tien, go sightseeing some places in Ha Tien, then from Ha Tien go to Hai Tac Island. The only way to get to Hai Tac Island is to buy a ticket at Ha Tien Wharf.

On Friday, Saturday & Sunday, there are 2 ships daily from Ha Tien to Hai Tac Island and 2 ships back to Ha Tien Island departing at 9 am and arriving at 2:30 pm. On weekdays there is only one ship at 9 am from Ha Tien and 2:30 pm from the Hai Ta Island. Therefore, you need to pay attention to arrange reasonable schedule when planning a South Vietnam tour to this island. You are recommended to call Ha Tien Wharf for more information.

You should arrive 30 minutes early to buy tickets, its price is from 40,000 VND for one time. If you have any motorbikes, on each ship, the owner with about more 30,000 VND. From Ha Tien it takes about 1 hour 30 minutes, the ship will reach Bai Nam of Hai Tac Island.

Transport on Hai Tac Island

On the island, you can drive around without any fear of getting lost, because the island has only one road, which one side is the majestic mountains while the other side is the beautiful sea.

Moreover, you can have a motorbike taxi tour around the island with the cost about 50,000 / person (7km). The motorbike taxi drivers here are friendly, hospitable, they can even become your guide if you want.


Local boats

Especially, if you are comfortable with the cost and time, you should go to the harbor to rent a small boat (run by the local people) running around the island and visit other small islands in the Hai Tac Archipelago. The price for a 10-person boat is also very affordable, only about 300,000 – 400,000 VND per trip. That will definitely become one of your memorable experiences during this Vietnam off the beaten track tours.

Where to live on Hai Tac Island?

Many tourists visiting this island in Vietnam have shared that even though there are no tourist services on the island, it is still attractive.

At present, Hai Tac Island does not have any guesthouses or hotels apart from rooms built by the local people here for visitors to stay overnight with a price of 50,000 VND per person. There is a cheaper room for 2 – 4 people, or a group of 10 people. Or if you have any intentions to go on a picnic, you completely can bring your own tent for camping on the beach.

What to eat on Hai Tac Island?

Hai Tac Island is famous for seafood dishes, such as fish, shrimps, crabs, etc. In particular, you can catch fish, crabs, snails by yourselves and enjoy right on the island. The seafood here is very cheap and delicious. The price only ranges from 120,000 to 140,000 for a kilogram of groupers, 20,000 VND for oysters, 130,000 VND for crabs. You should go to the market early in the morning so that you can buy cheaper seafood and have local peoples process.


Delicious seafood on Hai Tac Island

Where to play on Hai Tac Island?

Hai Tac Archipelago has 16 islands located near each other, including Keo Ngua Island, Kien Vang Island, Tre Lon Island, Tre Vinh Island, Gui Island, U Island, Giang Island, Cho Ro Island, Duoc Non Island, Bo Dap Island, Doi Mo Island. Among them, Tre Island (Doc Island) is the center of Tien Hai Island where most of the local people live. On the island, there are many beautiful white sand beaches stretching over a few meters where you can freely roam and do scuba diving, snorkeling. Besides, there is also a freshwater pond, which is the freshwater reserve for the whole island, so it is very important.

The place cannot be ignored while having a Vietnam beach vacation to Hai Tac Island is the national sovereignty landmark, naming all 16 islands of the Hai Tac Archipelago. Coming here, you will have a chance to experience the natural wild landscape. Other interesting activities on the island are night catching fish or squids, etc. When you stay at local houses, you can ask them to let you follow the boat to the sea to try new feelings.


Hai Tac landmark

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