The best Vietnam off the beaten track tours – One day on Robinson Island


Robinson Island sounds so strange. In fact, not many people know that there is an island called Robinson in Vietnam. Let’s discover it with Vietnam off the beaten track tours and see why it is worth paying a visit.

Where is Robinson Island and how to get there?


white sand robinson island

Robinson Island is the common name which is often called by tourists of Hon Dam Island. It is one of the 4 most beautiful islands in Phu Quoc Town. Located in An Thoi Islands, Kien Giang Province, Hon Dam is considered to have the largest number of coral reefs. There is no internet here and the citizens use solar electricity instead of hydroelectricity.

To get to Robinson Island, you need to rent a canoe or tourist boat. One disadvantage is that they can carry about 10 people at a time. So if you want to have a beach vacation in Vietnam for one day, you should arrive at the boat station early in the morning to avoid long queues.

The best time to visit Robinson Island

Traveling to Vietnam in general and Hon Dam Island in particular, you barely have to look for the best time. The reason is that all seasons on the island are appropriate for traveling. Nevertheless, if you would like to have safe boat rides, the best months will be from October to April.

The weather at that time is quite comfortable with smooth waves and a low rainfall rate. So sailors will find riding to Hon Dam less difficult. Furthermore, according to tourists’ experiences, the number of travelers coming to the island from October to April is not as high as it is in summer. Hence, you will not have to spend too much money on means of transportation, hotels, and food.

Where to stay on Robinson Island


dorm robinson island

If you decide to live on the island for one day, you should consider two choices: camping on the beach or renting a room in the only homestay on Hon Dam. In case you choose the homestay, which is bungalows by the sea, you will have a chance to use all of the available services and not have to worry about food.

On the outside, the bungalows look like simple bunkhouses on a deserted island. But on the inside, you will find all of the necessities. This type of accommodation is suitable for those who want to have some quiet and uncrowded places to take a rest. Besides bungalows for solo travelers and couples, Hon Dam homestay also offers dorms for groups.

In contrast to the homestay, if you want to be a real “Robinson,” it is recommended to camp. Asking experienced tourists for some directions to pack your luggage and prepare food is what you need to do in this situation.

One day on Robinson Island and things you can do

  • Sea-bathing

The first thing that you will see when arriving at the island is a blue color of the sea water. Combining with the Colgate-white tone of the seashore, the beach looks just like a crescent moon in the middle of the ocean.

Nothing can be better than taking a sea-bath and releasing your tension after waiting for days to get to the island. The warmth of water can wipe out all of your discomforts and give you the best tour in Vietnam.  

  • Snorkeling


snorkeling robinson island

Snorkeling is a favorite activity of travelers. This is easy to understand because snorkeling is a chance for them to contemplate coral reefs. There are so many coral reefs under Robinson Island that you can plainly see them just by facing down the water.

Hon Dam is regarded as the place where one of the most magnificent coral reefs are located. It ranks the first among all islands in Phu Quoc Town in particular and in Vietnam in general. Besides, Hon Dam is the natural habitat of thousands of diverse sea creatures. And snorkeling will give you an occasion to see them as close as you can.

You can even touch them if you want. Because there are not many locals living on the island, the inshore area is mostly untouched by people and the marine life here is still abundant.

  • Fishing

On Robinson Island, you can catch fishes anywhere. But it is best to ask some fishermen for the most appropriate place to fish. Normally, they will let you release your bait right on their boat or drive you to a large rock somewhere around the island to fish. There are not many spots in Vietnam where you can sit for hours fishing without being paid attention or bothered by other people like Hon Dam.

So don’t waste your opportunity!

  • Having dinner with your partner

The island named Robinson does not mean that you have to travel alone. A lot of couples choose Hon Dam for their vacation and they always seem extremely happy with their choice. The small cabins made of leaves on the seashore are where couples often have dinner. And it is always the most unforgettable moment.

Enjoying some seafood while listening to the sound of the ocean is one of the most romantic things that you can ever do with your partner. He or she will absolutely love this.

  • Watching the sunsets

Watching the sunsets on this unpopulated island is also a great experience in Vietnam off the beaten track tours. You don’t have to go anywhere to contemplate it. Just stay in your tent on the beach or in your bungalows facing towards the sea.

When the sunbeams start fading, the whole Hon Dam Island is filled with an orange tone. The clouds do not keep their purely white color anymore. The entire island becomes so quiet and peaceful. That is why many people usually say that the sunset on Hon Dam Island is surprisingly attractive. And once they have seen it, they can never forget it. 

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