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Thinking Of Vietnam Group Tours? Head For The Coto Islands!


At this time, you may start to plan a summer trip as a self-reward for hard-working days. Going by yourself is easy, but things get more complicated if you travel with friends or family because people have different interests! In that case, Coto islands may be the solution!

Today, I’ll give a Coto travel guide and you can consider going on a group tour to the island after reading this!

Coto island in Quang Ninh

Coto island in Quang Ninh (Vietnam)

About Coto

Coto is not an individual island but in fact, it’s the name of a group of islands, or you may call it Coto archipelago. Comprised of 50 islands, Coto is home to a wide variety of species with the flora and fauna being extremely rich and diverse. Here you can find natural forests containing valuable trees that have existed for many decades. Coming to Coto islands, you’ll be amazed by the alluring beaches, crystal clear water and the blue sky. Also, Coto would please any picky eaters, because the seafood tastes unparalleled! No wonder it has been among the top islands in northern Vietnam.

So you see, Coto islands is an optimal choice when it comes to group tours in northern Vietnam. Many participants? Don’t worry as the vast Coto archipelago will cater for each of you!

Coto, an island for relaxation

Coto, an island for relaxation

What would a three-day trip to Coto be like?

Imagine that you had three days (with two nights) on Coto islands, what would you do? Here I’m providing you with an ideal schedule and hopefully, you will find it useful for your future tour.

Day 1:

Early morning: the car/bus of the tour operator picks everyone up and take you all to Cai Rong Harbour in Van Don, Quang Ninh.

To reach Coto, tourists often go on high-speed boats from Cai Rong Harbour, which takes around 1.5 hours. Or you can just go on a normal boat which will double the time.

In the afternoon, you’re already on Co To islands, a masterpiece of the Mother Nature. Now you can get your rooms which were booked in advance by the tour company. Take a rest. Go for a walk on the charming beaches. Go swimming. Enjoy beautiful sunset.

Dinner time! You’ll have a chance to taste amazing seafood of Coto, including fish, crabs, shrimps, squids, blood cockle, mussels, and so many mouth-watering local dishes. You can join in some outdoor activities with your companions as well. Have fun!

Day 2:

It’s extremely likely that the tour operator will take you to the Little Coto island, which is often considered to be one of the most attractive islands in Southeast Asia.

As an island with no residents, Little Coto impresses the visitors deeply with its untouched captivating beaches. Wooden boats are available to bring you here from the Big Coto island. On the way, you can see through the crystal clear water shoals of fish swimming around colourful coral reefs and seaweeds. You may visit Sea Lion Mount, which is called the symbol of Little Coto. Also, the stones by the beach have interesting shapes, many resemble the shape of dinosaurs.

Dinosaur-shaped stones in Coto

Dinosaur-shaped stones in Coto

Many tourists coming to the island love to get up early to go to the local market and buy fresh seafood such as squids, oysters, etc., and then bring back for their own small parties by the sea.

Or, you can choose to get to see jellyfish instead, where you and your friends will be able to see how the fishermen catch, sort and process jellyfish – a famous specialty of Coto islands. To the local residents, jellyfish is just as precious as gold because it provides them with a stable source of income that can feed a whole family.

As the day is about to end, it’s time to gather around the dining table and taste best-on-earth seafood!  Jellyfish salad, for example, is a signature delicious and nutritious dish made by mixing jellyfish with vegetables and fish sauce. A lot of people call it, “a gift from the ocean”.

Day 3:

Time to go home. Wake up early to watch the sunrise and enjoy the fresh atmosphere. After having breakfast, you’ll be taken back to Cai Rong Harbour to return to Hanoi.

In this busy days, it’s always hard to find time to travel with your loved one. Therefore, you should opt for a good destination and a reliable tour operator to make sure that your trip will be as wonderful as it can be. Good luck with your journey to Coto!


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