Top 5 attractive seafood dishes make the name of Nam Du Island


Considered as “Another Phu Quoc of Kien Giang”, the romantic Nam Du Archipelago is the perfect tourist destination in the South. Not only from the natural and tranquil beauty, but the charm of Nam Du also come from various types of fresh and mouth-watering seafood in Vietnam. Grilled oysters, sea urchin porridge or blue bone fish are some of the must-try dishes when visiting the island of Nam Du, Kien Giang. To discover more about them, today, let’s have a look at top 5 most famous and delicious seafood dishes on this beautiful island.


Nam Du Island

Grilled oyster with onions (Hàu nướng mỡ hành)

Even though it has long been known as a luxury food, rock oysters in Nam Du, Vietnam will totally surprise you with the affordable price as well as the way how the local fishermen catch them. Therefore, if you have a lucky chance to follow them and observe, you will see people wait till the tide falls, then they set fire to burn the oysters until the shell pop out. Oysters can be eaten raw or grilled with onions, both of which are very delicious for a Vietnam culinary tour, and of course, it cannot be lacked a cup of salt pepper lemon served with.



Grilled necklace shells (Ốc mắt ngọc nướng)

The moon snails are also called the necklace shells. This kind of seafood is extremely popular on the island. The snails are crispy and have a sweet flavor like sweet snails. Due to their popularity, moon snails are made into many different dishes such as steamed, boiled, fried, etc. but the highlight and the simplest of Nam Du is grilled ones. On Nam Du Island, many people usually grill raw snails (without being marinated with spices) and then eat with lemon pepper salt. However, in some places, people can at times grill them with butter to have a much fatter flavor.

Blue bone fish (Cá xanh xương)

Blue bone fish is one of the best specialty on Nam Du Island Vietnam. It is called “blue bone fish” because when cooked, the fish bone has a blue color. Its body is long and round with a pointed head like a halfbeak fish. This special type of fish is processed into such a lot of dishes such as semi cooked with lemon or cooked with banana flowers, etc. so visitors are able to choose based on their appropriate taste.


Blue bone fish

But the most popular and delicious way to grill it. To have a delicious blue bone fish dish, first, people will wrap the fish in the banana trunk with a fiber carefully and then grill on the wood. When the smell is aromatic, the banana trunk turns color, it means the fish is cooked well. The blue bone fish is sweet, eaten with wild vegetables is very attractive.

Sea urchin porridge (Cháo nhum)

Sea urchin, or also sea – chestnuts, is often thought to be unpalatable because of its ugly, rough appearance but only a few people know about it as delicious Vietnam food and a characteristic product of the Nam Du Archipelago.


Sea urchin

The sea urchin porridge is not very sophisticated to process and it is sold in many places on the island. Many tours of diving and viewing coral reefs also bring this dish to the ship to serve tourists. The porridge is lightly sweet with the smell of sea urchin meat, which can warm you up as a snack meal at any time of the day.

Cobia hotpot (Lẩu cá bớp)

This is a specialty that visitors will see in the menu of any restaurants on the island. The cobia fish has a naturally sweet taste, not friable. The hotpot soup with a sour taste, slightly sweet along with cobia fish together has created the unique characteristics of the dish. Cobia hotpot is usually eaten with rice noodles, raw vegetables and fresh fish sauce. Having this dish for either lunch or dinner is definitely a good choice in the Vietnam culinary tours.


Cobia hotpot