Vietnam Tour For Family In April: Festival Land


In this occasion, you can join the festival Hue, Ha Long carnival, Da Nang Fireworks Festival and Hung Kings death anniversary. Refer to some information about the festivals in Vietnam in April and choose a family tour in Vietnam to join. Vietnam tour for family will make you happy with fun activities.

Hue Festival

From April 27th to May 2nd, Hue Festival will be held in the dream capital – Hue city. The community festival program is reconstructed in a large space, contributing to the revitalization of traditional cultural values of the land of the period.

Participating in the Hue Festival, visitors will enjoy many special programs such as Royal Palace, Nam Giao ceremony, Truyen ceremony, long dressing festival, kite flying, poetry, human flag, etc. What is more interesting when enjoying musical delights with a cup of tea and delicious crispy bread?

Coming to Hue this occasion, visitors not only visit temples, mausoleums with the poetic scenery but also have a chance to admire a new capital with nocturnal activities. Moreover, the light show from 1,000 LEDs will take place on the pedestrian street and a cannonball show will be performed at the station.

Carnaval Halong

The opening ceremony and Ha Long Carnival program took place at Ha Long Park on April 28th. With this event, the city of Northern Vietnam is considered as the highlight of the 2018 national tourism year. The program is presided over by the Vietnam National Administration of Tourism (VNAT), the theme is “Ha Long – heritage, wonders, friendly destination”.


Carnaval Halong

Brilliant and colorful, Halong Carnival promises to be an impressive coastal cultural feast for this summer days. Coming here, visitors will be immersed in the vibrant street culture, the joyful music and explore the island’s magnificent with the fresh seafood.

Da Nang Fireworks Festival

Danang – the city of the fireworks festival is always an attractive destination on the map of Vietnam tourism in the summer. This is also the venue for the most exciting event in Asia, voted by the World Travel Awards.

This year, Da Nang fireworks festival will last 2 months, from April 30th to June 30th. The event includes 5 nights with the teams: Vietnam – Poland (April 30th), France – USA (May 26th), Italy – Hong Kong (China) and Switzerland – Bo Dao Nha (June 9th). The two best teams will compete in the finale on June 30th.


Da Nang Fireworks Festival

In addition to the theme of “Legend of the Bridge”, each night also brings a topic of love, time, happiness, aspirations and friendship. The festival promises to bring a lot of emotional stimulation in the audience.

Hung Kings death anniversary – Hung Temple festival

“No matter who goes back on the tide, remember the anniversary on Match 10th” is the one every local people remember word by word. With the national atmosphere heading towards the National Day, the Hung Temple festival will be held in Viet Tri city in Phu Tho province from April 21st to 25th.


Hung Kings death anniversary

Coming to the festival, visitors will have the opportunity to experience the emotions to find the roots of the fatherland, attached to the legendary thousand years of the country. In addition to the solemn ceremonies with sacred rituals, the festival will attract visitors near and far with excellent food, interesting games.

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